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Miscellaneous Services

Childcare in Apple Valley
Offering educational, reliable, loving care. Excellent references. Experience in teaching and working with kids that have special needs.
Openings in June.
Call (740) 398-9246

• Very Experienced • Quality Work • Very Reasonable Rates
• Excellent References •Interior
•Exterior • Year Round
Bill Bradley, 740-392-3154.

23 years experience

• Repair/replace pressure
tanks, plumbing, well pumps

• Install new septic systems,
all sorts of repairs, replace
distribution boxes with new
plastic ones

• Backyard cleanup & hauling
(No extra charge for TIRES)

Removal or demolition of
old buildings
Repair existing buildings
Removal of old fence/brush
• Downspout drains, water,
electric lines
• We install sump pump pits
and pumps

Repair plumbing & electrical
Repair wet basements,
cracked or damaged walls
Concrete work, block repair,
footers, driveways, retaining
walls, culverts, wet area
drainage, raised flower beds
• Clean topsoil, fill dirt, gravel
Yard leveling and seeding
Dump truck, Bobcat /
Backhoe services
Driveway Grading & Repair
Limestone/Gravel Hauling
Smaller trucks - perfect for
residential driveways

Own all equipment. Guaranteed work, bonded & insured. Free estimate (740) 398-1806 or (740) 397-0227

Pressure Washing
Homes & Decks,
Gutter Cleaning,
and Exterior Painting
Call 740-507-3847

Willing to Haul All!
Gravel, Sand, Trash, Firewood,
Mulch, etc... Clean-outs and FREE Appliance Pickup
Service Available.
Call for
Free Estimate Appointment

740-263-8279 or 740-358-9472