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Miscellaneous Farm

Looking to rent farm and pasture ground in the Utica, Martinsburg, St. Louisville, Homer, Bangs, Mount Vernon areas. Very competitive payments with top of the line farming practices. We have received county and statewide recognition for our conservation practices. Let us help you take care of your farm and improve it for the future. References available. Call Andy 740-398-7538.

Grain Farming:

We Rent Your Farm Ground
We pay you top dollar to rent your tillable farm ground. We pride ourselves on not only maintaining your farm ground but also improving the quality of your land as well. We work closely with you, the landowner to ensure you are receiving the quality customer service you deserve! We look forward to building a successful relationship with you for years to come!
Call us for your rate today!

Farm or House Sitting...

Tired of farming around the old fence rows? We will...
• TEAR OUT & HAUL AWAY fence, briars & old fence posts!
• Repair or install new field tile and provide all labor/materials.
• Install culverts and clean out creeks!
Cattle & horse burial

Guaranteed work, bonded
& insured. 740-397-0227

Hay, 70 round bales, 2nd cutting grass, wrapped in plastic, $70. Call (740) 507-0178

Hay, 1st & 2nd cutting, squares and large round bales. Call (740) 397-4429 before 8p.m.

3rd cutting Alfalfa Orchard grass hay, $6.75/bale.
Call (740) 504-6967.
No Sunday calls please.

2013 wrapped HAY, grass mix. 56- 4x5 bales available. Good steer or heifer feed, $25 per bale. Call: 740-599-7978

Farm ground to rent.
You get:
clean fields, mowed field
lanes, and right of ways.
Top rental rates.
We use chicken litter
to build your soil.