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Miscellaneous Farm

Farm Ground to Rent
Call 740-627-0587
for more information

Square bales of mixed grass hay $4.50-$5.00 per bale. Call 740-668-3414.

Tired of farming around the old fence rows? We will...
• TEAR OUT & HAUL AWAY fence, briars & old fence posts!
• Repair or install new field tile and provide all labor/materials.
• Install culverts and clean out creeks!
Cattle & horse burial

Guaranteed work, bonded
& insured. 740-397-0227

Round bales and square bales stored inside, Butler area. Call 419-512-1649 or 419-512-3523

Hay, 1st & 2nd cutting, squares and large round bales. Call (740) 397-4429 before 8p.m.

Grain Farming:


Tillable farm ground for rent
for agricultural farming.

• We pay top dollar rates and provide unmatched customer service.
• We use the most up-to-date agricultural software to provide you information regarding your farm ground.

Call 740-263-2164
to get your rate today!

Farm ground to rent.
You get:
clean fields, mowed field
lanes, and right of ways.
Top rental rates.
We use chicken litter
to build your soil.

Round bales of straw, kept inside. Call 740-967-4208 or 740-403-7064.

4x5 round bales, grass hay, 1st cutting, net wrapped, stored inside, slight rain, 50 available, $40 each. Call (740) 501-3896.

April 10th • 7:00pm - 8:30pm
~ ~ ~
All Standard Pullets
$1.50 each

All Rare Pullets
$2.50 each

Pre-order Meat Chickens
for pick-up that night...
$1.50 each

Call with questions and to make sure we have your
breed on order!!!
~ ~ ~

Cattle quality, 1st & 2nd cutting HAY, small squares, $3.00/ bale; Horse quality, 1st cutting, $4.50/bale. Call (740) 398-9002.