1. Gay Street Improvement Project

  2. Controversial float meant to inspire citizen voices

  3. Centerburg cancels graduation ceremony

  4. Plea deal gives attacker 10 days in jail

  5. John Freshwater Termination Hearing

  6. Fredericktown makes a run through the playoffs

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5 Responses to “What do you think was the local story of 2009?”

  1. Fred S.

    How about Dave Daubenmire and Minutemen harassing the Congressman Space fundraiser and the Smith’s house in Gambier. Those trespassing kooks should have been arrested.

  2. hazeleyes

    John Freshwater should be considered the Top local story of the year! It has been going on for what? Over a year now and still is not close to being finished?! Secondly next year I hope Jane Doe gets her say and Due process in a Higher Court, not in this county and certainly not by our local judges!

  3. John C. Davidson

    It is very obvious to me that the Freshwater controvesy takes top honors for is is still making front page news and mirrors how our government works solving problems.

  4. George

    I think the controversial float is the local story of 2009.There are some people that believe that Obama is like Hitler because they are both socialists . That doesn’t mean Obama is like Hitler. It just means that Obama is for everyday people like you and me who are trying to find jobs so we don’t freeze to death in the winter. We’re trying to find jobs with benefits so we can take care of our children, stay off of welfare, and just lead normal lives again. The days of high paying GM factories are over with and it feels like you can never get ahead. It’s easy to not like Obama when you’re fortunate enough to be rich. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

  5. Cherie Gallagher

    The top story should be justice for Jane Doe. When Mr. Eyster states there is no merit in Jane’s
    complaints, thats because the individuals handling the investigation did not do their jobs properly.
    The preditors hand writing has not been proven to be his. The local county prosecutor did not present the case properly. With the questions he asked,the victom was on trial in front of the grand jury not the molesting predator.
    Stand up and protest for Jane Doe and you will be saving his next victim.