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18 Responses to “What is your favorite thing about Christmas?”

  1. The Mac

    My son was able to call home this morning at 6:30 from Marine Corp. boot camp….very awesome and unexpected gift…I am forever greatful to the USMC…Semper Fi!

  2. Sparkles

    Not being stuck in the hospital at the side of a loved one.

    Oh, wait! Never mind. I am stuck in the hospital. But it has given a sense of great relief. No stressed out shopping trips, no stressing over where the money comes from to buy gifts. Just a simple phone call to friends, neighbors, and loved ones wishing them a blessed and joyous holiday season.

  3. LEA

    to answer the poll question, I enjoy christmas because I get more quality time with my family, just to reflect and remember about how simple things used to be, the true things in life that really have any value or meaning, and just as I do at Thanksgiving, I THANK GOD FOR ALL MY BLESSINGS, and without going into a spin about my faith, just know that society can try to take Christ out of all they want to make their sinful lives better, but no one will remove him from my heart. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT

  4. mike

    Well, this year my son is home for Christmas vacation from Afganistan and he’s able to spend it with the family. I able to buy gifts although not as many as usual because of my new job. Christ is the reason for the season unless u r in retail. Then is just all about the money “corporated greed”, grumpy and rude customers, U guys ruin it for the employees!! Merry Christmas….

  5. hazeleyes

    Oh yes, I have been there done that! My husband became very ill, nearly died, we had to use all his 401 K in order to survive, lost our insurance after he lost his job, paid the high cobra costs, I became ill as well. His ex sued for child support after they already had shared parenting, and he didn’t defend himself or allow me to. So I would say Yes I have been down that road! Prayer is a wonder thing, but you have to put some action behind the prayers. God can’t do it all by himself. My son got out of the military this year, no job in sight in this County/State that would support his family, so he had to take one out of State! It all depends on how much you really want something and how much effort you are willing to put forth to achieve it! I am really sorry for the families who have lost their jobs d/t the lagging economy, but I didn’t create it, none of us did! Thank the cronies on Capital Hill!

  6. PEB

    Spite the facts, that I have not been able to find work in over a year. My truck is going to be repossessed soon. And I’m fighting to keep up with my house mortgage. If I lose it all, so be it. The best part of Christmas is the thought that there is hope. Maybe December 25th is not the day Christ was born. Does it really matter what day we celebrate his birth? The main thing is, WE REMEMBER. For those of you, who don’t like the thoughts of someone saying something negative about Christmas. Have you walked a mile in their shoes? Don’t criticize them. Pray for them.

  7. hazeleyes

    I agree with you Ben! We have hit some rough times, but if we all stick together as most families used to do back during the depression,, they got through it TOGETHER! I was born in 59, but was poor growing up, didn’t have much ,, had too many sibling’s was grateful for what I had . I am not into material things, never was. When you start feeling sorry about what you can’t afford to buy, think about the ones who don’t even have a roof over their heads. Or for that matter our Soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq! They may not even come home at all! Think about the poor woman who was killed for what? A vehicle? She was going to church,, to serve God! What is wrong with this picture????

  8. hazeleyes

    Look at all this negativity! I thought I had it bad this year! I just wanted to spend time with my grandchildren and watch them open their gifts and am not allowed to even buy for them let alone see them. This is supposed to be a happy time of the year! What is going on with everybody for goodness sake? Christmas has always been around and you all know it! So don’t start this MASS MARKET BULL! If you need someone to talk to call 211 and there is always someone who will listen if you are depressed! Don’t ruin it for everyone else!

  9. Duncan

    Nothing. Bah humbug. My favorite thing when its over is that the horrid music stops playing in every restaurant and store and people will take their silly decorations down.

  10. Jon

    Maybe you guys should look at it from a different perspective. Yeah its the day we celebrate Jesus’ birth but we also celebrate St. Nicholas. December 25th isn’t Jesus’ exact birthday, or at least that we know of but its close enough. It doesn’t matter how commercialized it gets, as long as your giving from the heart and not worried about what or how much you get in return, thats what really matters. Even if you have only given and not recieved you should be happy. Thats the problem with the world today, its all about #1, and screwing veryone else over but as long as #1 is good thats all that matters, this type of thinking has to stop! Yeah I know its great to get gifts too but giving gifts to get gifts defeats the purpose all together. Besides why do we celebrate Christ’ birth? Isn’t his death what really free’s us? Either way, the first 3 posts have failed to even answer the poll’s topic. And my favorite part of Christmas is the time spent with friends and family since its the little time I do get off of work to see them.

  11. Ben

    I don’t think Christmas is as commercialized as it once was when everybody had money and jobs. I think people are starting to realize that everybody needs a little help and are more willing to help each other out. Everybody realizes that destitution could happen to anybody and they don’t hold their self worth on possessions like they used to. You have to look further into yourself and find what really matters at Christmas.

  12. Ann

    When it is all over with-it has become so commercialized that Jesus is completely out of the picture-false religion plays the biggest part–remember the narrow road that leads to life? Christmas is a MASS MARKET not the narrow road….deep thoughts. Think about that.