GAMBIER – The Knox County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the death of an unknown person on Dennis Church Road.



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14 Responses to “Sheriff’s office investigating death on Dennis Church Road”

  1. kinddyke57

    The loss of Jean was terrible, I enjoyed reading your response Having known Jean for many years, since we were in out teens her faith in our lord has been steadfast. She spent many hours listening to those who needed to talk as well as talking to those who needed to listen~ and the lord used her to bless many and to bring many one step closer to himself~ there is no understanding to a crime such as this,my thoughts and prayers go to law enforcement in their investigation, my prayers go out to all her friends and family, I dont believe she would want us to move foreward in anger but in support for one another~~ and to continue to pass along Gods love~ Blessings,

  2. Boggieman

    it wasnt long after deputies arrived to the crime scence that they put out an APB out on her vehicle, and that it was involved in a possible homicide. we listened to the APB go out across knox, and coshocton sheriffs radios to all the crusiers on duty, we new then it was serious!. i called some friends and alerted them to the description and license plate of her vehichle, it was a long time before the paper put this info out. there has been so much crime in this area in the last yr, and getting worse!. the problem is you only hear maybe a third of it!, we hear it all and it would blow your mind to what is going on in the we hrs of the night! in these two counties. myself and my close neighbors inform each other when something is going on cause some of us arent always at home or at work, but we all know what is going on, or what to look out for!. the papers dont cover everything that goes on out here, and they never will, and the info they do print is way after the fact!. believe me the sheriffs dept. is doing everthing they can to find the killer(s), and i whish them all the luck in this case!. to close to home!

  3. Standing on the Promises

    The community has lost a truely awesome individual. Everything Jean did was done with passion. Just as she loved our Lord, her family and friends, woodworking, flowers, faithful dog, ‘watch-llamas’, and flock of sheep, she had genuine love and concern for the wellbeing and betterment of all people she came into contact with. I don’t doubt that she was praying for her killer(s) salvation, as he (they) carried out this heinous deed. May her family and friends be comforted by the knowledge that Jean is undoubtedly with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Our family has been immeasurably blessed by her friendship. Until we meet again dear friend, you will be missed, but not forgotten–
    Justice WILL COME to those responsible–
    We ask that the Lord watch over and bless the efforts of our law enforcement personnel, as they strive to apprehend those capable of such cowardly acts- while also sorting out all of the petty conflicts that ‘we the people’ burden them with. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”-pretty simple! Let us all watch out for one another- As Jean would sign off:”BLESSINGS-“

  4. ASA

    I wondered about the possibility of this being the same people that attacked Nick and Frank also. It certainly sounds a lot alike. My thoughts and prayers to Jeans family. I hope they catch who did this awful thing soon.

  5. Crystal

    I am deeply sorry to the family and friends of Jean, This is an eye opener for our small communities, that this type of thing does go on around here, and we all need to watch eachothers backs. could this be the same people who tried to rob Nick wallace and his friend, and nick ended up being shot as well? There has also been burgluries in fredricktown area as well just over the richland county line. always remember to lock all your doors and as neighbors lets look out for one another. you see something suspicious call the sheriff or police departments….. God Bless everyone and Be safe.

  6. Hometown Girl

    My thoughts and prayers go out to this family. So very sorry for your loss. Having lost a family member to violence, I can only tell you that my faith carried me through.

  7. Formerly Known As

    Jean was my grandpa’s niece. My father died two years ago tomorrow. This is just a terrible thing to associate with the week of Christmas for our family. I’ve never had a family member go missing or die of anything but natural causes, but I can understand now how families feel about wanting to see the person who committed a heinous crime like this come to justice. PLEASE if anyone sees Jean’s truck or knows anything, help put them away!

    Merry Christmas (and Happy Holidays to those of you who do not celebrate it) – please tell your families you love them and call someone you haven’t talked to in a long time.

  8. Boggieman

    this is why we have loaded guns in our house, we will shoot first ask questions later, todays soceity has made us this way, and thanks to the Castle Doctrine we are with in our rights!. there has been a lot of break ins around here recently and the sheriffs department doesent seem to have any luck catching these thugs!. lets hope they have some luck in catching this womens killer. i had a person come by and tell me the break ins around martinsburg and surrounding area might be the work of some thugs living up on rabbit ridge rd. some of them orginaly from martinsburg, and one of them recently released from prison. its just hear say!. three black men pulled into my place while i was at work they talked to my girlfriend about buying a car got the number and left, they called back harrasing her and threating her and i got on the phone and he threaten me as if he owned us. little did they know when they were here they had semi-automatic 9mm pointed at thier heads in her pocket at the time. we turned everything over to the law directors office. i really hope they catch this thug or thugs.

  9. Joshua Morrison


    To clarify your statements about reporters covering the John Freshwater termination hearing, we’ve had one reporter covering that. We’ve had two stories about the break-ins in and around Martinsburg/Bladensburg. This story, “Investigation continues in shooting“, appeared on December 2nd and this one, “Bladensburg, Martinsburg area burglaries remain unsolved” appeared just last week.

    We do our best to keep people informed about what is happening in their community.

  10. Jonas

    Likewise Nancy, we need to be an informed community by our media investigating reports of crime in the area. Don’t hang all of this on law enforcement when the local media has dedicated several reporters just to the John Freshwater trial with hard news being overlooked. Not that reporting the local break-ins and vandalism throughout the county would have prevented this, but being informed makes people aware and prepared.

  11. Debi

    What an incredible tragedy. She was such a wonderful woman. I was so shocked when I found out about this today. I feel blessed to have known Jean and I have no doubt she is in heaven right now. And I would speculate the reason they are not releasing more info is because of the circumstances surrounding the death.

  12. David

    Hey Bill, it might be because the next of kin hasn’t been identified yet.

  13. Nancy Justice

    So sad and unnecessary. This was a wonderful person who devoted her life to serving the Lord…she would give this person or people anyone anything they wanted..they DID NOT need to take her life…..This needs to stop..The sheriff’s department needs to increase their investigation of the crime in our small community!!!