MOUNT VERNON — After making an investigation into the shooting of Jesse Ervin in Riverside Park on Sunday, Detective Craig Feeney of the Mount Vernon Police Department has determined Ervin was injured as the result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.



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8 Responses to “Shooting ruled self-inflicted”

  1. SoundofSilence

    Let’s pretend everyone in Knox County are fortunate enough to live where law enforcement does not lie or mislead.

    This is reallity we live in. Perhaps certain un-named law enforcement officialls have disrupted enough open and shut cases. And now it has become quite catching to the eye?

    In the summer when you are tending your garden. You must pluck the weed by the root.

  2. genni

    ok.. the boy was in a gang, he was at the park buying drugs or fighting. probably both.HE knows what happened and if he dont want to admit to what his part was then yes charge him as hard as possable…send a message to these duece duece boys as they call them selfs…we will not stand for any type of gangs in our town. let the police do thier job. tell what you know so they can try to keep our streets clean of the trash

  3. am

    To Desaray, REALLY??? So…the police are lying??? Why would they do that? There are plenty of unsolved crimes in Knox county, but they are going to lie about your relative.
    You are a beauty.

  4. slick

    Jesse is obisouly innocint if he had shot himself why would he lie mount vernon cops just dont know what there doing becuase they are not used to these situations yet and if the police cant find out who did it there gonna do the easiest thing they can to put the case behind them

  5. jt

    this kid should be charged with SOMETHING! falsifying a police report, possession of a gun by
    a minor, discharging a weapon inside city limits, or my personal favorite, shear plain stupidity.
    if it was an adult there would be charges.
    biggest question of all,,,,,where did the gun come from? taken from mom or dad, or taken
    (stolen) from somewhere else???
    charge him


    IDIOT?? You should not judge if you dont know the WHOLE STORY. Jesse did NOT shoot himself.They can say he did but they just dont know who did and there is so much crime up there in the month they dont want to take the time.He was shot by someone else & my family will figure out who.Pretty funny he shot himself but in the paper there was another man shot in the right side of his chest while being robbed.Jesse was shot in his right side of his chest by someone in that park.Is he just not important enough bc his last name?Why would he want to shoot himself he just won his first UFC fight & their saying he may never be able to use his right arm why would he throw his chance at being BIG one day down the drain?WE love Jesse & we will seek Justice for him.PRAYING FOR HIS FULL RECOVERY :-(

  7. John C. Davidson

    We seem to have many answers to everyone’s problems, but none that make any sense.