MOUNT VERNON — A joint law enforcement operation over the weekend has resulted in the largest drug seizure in Knox County’s history, according to Sheriff David Barber.



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12 Responses to “Operation results in largest drug seizure in county”

  1. Luvlizards2726

    I agree with Crystal, if you are going to assume you know what is going on you should get all the information first. I’m sure most of you that are doing the bad mouthing are perfect people, or at least you believe you are. More than half of you probably drink and drive don’t you know that’s against the law!? This is just something for all of you small town people to gossip about because you have nothing better to do than meddle in other peoples business. Jeff and Cindy are two very great people and they always have been!!!

  2. greeneyedgemini

    The ignorant one is the people who thought you can keep bringing this amount (500lbs/21bales) of marijuana into our counties, live high off the illegal marijuana, and never get caught!! Jeff and Cindy have been doing this illegal stuff for years!! How do you think they have what they have on a bars income? When the bar is empty more than being occupied the money has to come from somewhere!! Jeff is man who thinks he has always been above the law!! Question! Jeff and Cindy has a daughter named Crystal, so are you their daughter???

  3. smoke em if ya got em

    One of the biggest shysters in the area. Took money from everybody for his grandson. Hopefully, this goes federally and they seize everything including the Cedar! When your dealing drugs, everyone gets a turn in the bucket!

  4. Crystal

    Wow, some people are truly ignorant and should really get their facts straight before making any comments. You people that bitterly make these comments must have never been in a situation to have to do whatever it takes to get by. Jeff Justice has the biggest heart and more integritity than anyone I know, and he would do anything for his family. Jeff never asked anyone for money for his son who was hurt in TEXAS…Jay’s girlfriend threw that benefit and it was for their son’s medical bills who was also injured in that accident. Furthermore, marijuana is not nearly as dangerous as those other drugs and is even being considered for legalization in some states. When is the last time you heard of someone getting hurt from a marijuana overdose.

  5. wouldnt you like to know

    Marijuana may not have killed anyone but it is illegal, and the law is the law….

  6. kfrbbd

    Leaves from trees are all natural too but would you stick your head above a pile that was burning and inhale? The pro dope movement is a crock. We hear all the time “tax it” and the state could make millions. Who in their right mind would tell the state how much dope they were selling and pay taxes on it and not just keep the illegal outlets going and make more money? Ever heard of moon shining? If dope were non toxic it wouldn’t get you high and if you haven’t noticed all the heroin articles have started out with “he/she started smoking a little bit of weed when he/she was 16 then it moved on to pills then heroin” The gateway theory seems to be spot on to me. What happens when your beloved EPA says that weed emits carbon dioxide when burned and is bad for you? going to quit? Wait growing it makes it carbon neutral I bet..

  7. farmer guy

    No matter what anyone says it is against the law and he knew it. He and his wife took chances and after 20 years got caught. Check on what they own – I don’t think it was bought from profits from that bar….

  8. Dave

    Marijuana has never killed anyone in recorded history. It is non toxic and impossible to overdose.Gateway drug theory has been debunked years ago. Alcohol and tobacco kill thousands every year but are still legal. Before responding to this post check out my statements

  9. kfrbbd

    Jeff Justice should be ashamed of himself. He asked for money from the public when his son was hurt in a motorcycle crash in Florida. People gave freely just to find out he has probably worth millions in cash from drug dealing and probably spent very little of his own money for the bills. I would love for someone to look into how the money was spent that they received. Should tell you all you need to know about his character. Bet you see Jay (Justice) wraped up in this before it’s all said and done.

  10. Dean

    5oo pounds of dope and connections to California, evidently this guy was not just another small time dealer. Hopefully they can tie this guy in with other people.

  11. greeneyedgemini

    Jeff and his wife are the owners of The Cedar Grill bar in Newark where drugs have been being sold for years!! So this will help at least two counties with the drug problem!!