MOUNT VERNON — In 2008, there were five accidental overdoses from opiates, according to Dr. Jennifer Ogle, Knox County coroner. The count for 2009 surpassed that, with seven as of Dec. 23. One was from an overdose of heroin — 27-year-old Carl Culbertson.



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4 Responses to “Education key in fight against drugs”

  1. Dave Culbertson

    I’m with ya dirt rider. Just because I was interviewed as part of the story, I did not write the headline, nor the story. Education is a small part of the mix. I agree on getting tougher and fighting a true war on drugs.

    I would like to see a true, WAR ON DRUGS.

    I don’t give a rat’s fanny about Afganistan’s economy… and to hell with Columbia’s economy…and Mexico…

    Let’s go in and spray their poppy fields and their cocoa plants and pot crops and destroy the supply side of the equation. If one of them fires a shot at our planes, then we drop 15,000 paratroopers and special ops forces in and wipe out the drug cartels.

    If these Afganastan, Columbia and Mexico were building nuclear devices to detonate in our country, we’d be all over them…or at least I would hope so…Well, the drugs that they grow and harvest with intent to deliver to our nation and to our small towns and big cities, are destroying our nation worse than a nuclear weapon would. They are destroying the fabric of our nation, one family at a time.

    And say what you want about pot, IT IS A BRIDGE TO THE NEXT LEVELS OF DRUG USE. Kids are always wanting to try the next best high. We’ve got to eliminate it, too. I don’t care what the potheads of the sixties and seventies, who are now running our government say.

    They are bringing heroin, pot and cocaine into our nation by the tons. We need to seriously close our borders and put an end to it. Put a double wall on our southern border, 200 feet apart from each other with guard towers on the inside wall. You set foot between the walls, you are shot. It’ll only take two or three times before they get the idea.

    Also, our law enforcement and judicial officials have to know we’ve got their back. Tougher laws, tougher enforcement, easier search and seizure laws, stricter enforcement and penalties.

    Drugs… The hidden terrorism against our nation that nobody really addresses.

    More education IS needed. More safe alternatives to drug use for kids need to be developed and promoted. Kids need to feel good about themselves and their future. More treatment facilities need to be opened. We need to crack down on doctors who over-prescribe pain meds that get decent people hooked. Also need to crack down on doctors and parents who too easily turn to meds to “control” their hyper-active children. Maybe hyper-activity can be channeled as a positive thing or a quality to be nurtured, rather than dumb or numb them down. We too easily look for a pill to solve anything.

    In part I of this two part series, there were comments attacking me. Please don’t attack me and my parenting skills for having a son who died of a heroin overdose. It can happen to anyone. The powers and tragedy of addiction are horrific. It’s out there, everywhere in Knox County. At least I’m trying to help prevent it from happening to other families in the future. I’m putting my time and money where my mouth is. Let’s work together and put pressure on our elected officials to stop this madness.

    Please check out

  2. Dave Culbertson

    In the state of Ohio this year, accidental drug overdoses passed highway traffic deaths. Where is the outrage?

  3. dirt rider

    Education has been advocated for long time. The drug problem has grown the same amount of time. Education has failed(in many ways?). If persuasion doesn’t work,force is all that’s left. If there is a war on drugs,fight to win it. Drug dealers should not be subject to the death penalty why? Long term fines on income levied aginst users would not empty our prisons and deter drug use why?Our borders should not be secure now & forever why? Because we aren’t serious & have become a nation of whimps & pervasive drug users,even in the whitehouse. United States of Whimps.Gets old.

  4. John C. Davidson

    Enough about education, the justice system isn’t working properly, that’s all folks.