MOUNT VERNON — A former controller at Moundbuilders Guidance Center has filed suit against the organization, alleging fraud, wrongful discharge, racially motivated differential treatment, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.



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6 Responses to “Former employee files suit against Moundbuilders”

  1. research more

    Kind of misleading headline or at least byline on the front page. The bigger part of this story is the alleged financial misconduct. A more informational headline/byline would have been something like “Lawsuit alleges ‚Äúoff-the-book‚Äù records used for financial fraud at Moundbuilders” or something that sounds less like a case of “sour grapes” and more relevant to the core of the story. Seems like it is not uncommon to see bias in the reporting from this “news” source. What a club atmosphere around here. Haven’t financial crooks hurt us all in this country enough yet to warrant a bit more vigilance?

  2. hazeleyes

    I was married to a man who abused me and his punishment was to attend Anger management classe’s verses going to jail. What did he do after he was done with me? He continued to abuse other women! He learned nothing except that he could get away with abusing women and the court would just send him to Anger Management! It was not Moundbuilder’s fault, they can see a repeat offender coming. I was there one afternoon and wittnessed an event where a nurse had to go after a client in the wooded area who had a gun! She knew this, the police were called in, but she was the one who retrieved it and him. Now that takes GUTS!!!! This was many years ago, but it did happen. There are extraordinary individuals who listen everyday to hurting people who have problems and they try to teach them techniques to cope with life. But some of those individuals just don’t get it,, they need constant reassurance on a week to week basis. It is sad but true. These are the same ones who bad mouth the very ones that are attempting to help them! Go figure!!!

  3. hazeleyes

    I think we should wait for the TRIAL before you all pass judgment on MOUNDBUILDERS! Why on earth would this person want to go back in the same environment that was so hostile towards her? I believe that there are some discrepancies in what this individual is claiming what happened?Also there always seems to be a racial issue these days. A fine example was set by Our OWN PRESIDENT ON NATIONAL TV! Frankly speaking I am fed up with hearing people scream RACE! That is a two way street! Whites and Blacks, Hispanics, and so on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Who do you hear crying the most? Who gets the most attention? Back to the point,,, Moundbuilders offers services to many Knox Countains and surrounding counties and this to me will hurt a lot of individuals who really want help, and those who don’t, then go somewhere else! Stop complaining! Make room for the one’s who really need to get in and see a therapist and a doctor they can afford! There is a long waiting list and not enough doctor’s to fill the bill! the Judicial System should lock up those people instead of sending them to Moundbuilders! That is the Court’s fault! That just goes to show you how messed up our system really is! THIS IS FOR ASHLEY, IF YOU DON’T LIKE GOING TO MOUNDBUILDERS, GIVE UP YOUR SPOT FOR SOMEONE WHO NEEDS TO GET IN! ITS ONLY FAIR!

  4. TakeADeepBreath

    Sadly, the local judicial system more than frequently uses Moundbuilders as remedy for punishments handed down.

    This should raise an alarming eyebrow to all with a collective mind.

  5. Ashley

    bout freakin time someone did something THAT PLACE IS A JOKE half the time i wonder if the people who worked there had a mental problem and not me lol

  6. Ed

    The love of money is truly the “root of all evil” this is just one local example.