MOUNT VERNON — Ricardo Warren was the first witness during Tuesday's session of the contract termination hearing of suspended Mount Vernon Middle School science teacher John Freshwater.



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9 Responses to “Validity of e-mail questioned in Freshwater hearing”

  1. M Baker

    I completely agree what Sconner wrote. Freshwater has taken advantage of the system and after hindsight, has obviously decided to changed his answers to better defend himself against the school board. If Freshwater had wanted and was expecting a second hearing, wouldn’t he like most people, ask about it after a certain amount of time had past. He has no excuse for coming back later and to complain about not getting a second hearing after the fact, when he should have questioned it at the time. This is just another problem with his defense. I have no doubt that this case is no longer about his teaching position, but is about him trying to give the best possible defense now, so he can come back later with a Federal case to fight for allowing the teaching of creationism in the class room, which our Constitution forbids. He is a religious zealot, who would like nothing more than to make a name for himself in the evangelical community and press for creationism in the classroom.

  2. John C. Davidson

    If anyone wonders how legal firms pay for the extravagant advertisements on television and the rear cover of telephone books, this demonstration explains how they can affort it.

  3. Yikes

    Too many people inside the community have made Mr. Freshwater out to be the one getting the short end of the stick here but he’s not.

    How much money has the school board spent on legal fees associated with this whole thing?

    The district, the board, and Mr. Freshwater all should do what’s best for this community and end this NOW before any more money is spent on this infantile argument.

    Come on — Mr. Freshwater keeps implying his love for teaching but if he cares so deeply why is he prolonging this whole argument and wasting district money that could be spent on the kids?

    Where’s the community outrage about that?

  4. David

    If he’s contradicting his previous testimony, his federal testimony and his public statements, why has the referee not stopped this?

    It’s blatantly criminal that Freshwater continues to lie, obfuscate and even obstruct justice.

  5. Sconnor

    “Well all I know is I‚Äôm getting of hearing about this Freshwater thing! Geez! Lets end it already!”

    Yes, I agree.

    Freshwater should have marched his his delusional, guilty butt out of the classroom and become a teacher at a fanatical evangelical christian school that ignorantly teaches creationism, where they would tolerate lunatics burning crosses into peoples arms — thereby foregoing this lengthy and costly trial.

    Additionally, you should understand that Freshwater’s attorney is responsible for the the majority of the postponements that has dragged this case on.

    “It seems that the Ohio Revised Code provides that in such a hearing, the subject of the hearing, in this case Freshwater, can elect to not have hearing days scheduled when the schools are not in session, and through his attorney, R. Kelly Hamilton, that choice was made today. In interviews after the aborted hearing Hamilton made it clear that it was his decision as Freshwater‚Äôs attorney, not Freshwater‚Äôs.”

    The reason Freshwater is being prosecuted is because he’s a sick, deluded zealot, that harmed his student physically, by burning a cross on their arm and by NOT doing his job, in teaching the REQUIRED curriculum and instead, went rogue and taught ignorant, superstitious, religion-saturated creationism, in complete insubordination to his administrators and a blatant disregard to the curriculum set by the state of Ohio, because (he) deemed it appropriate

    Freshwater also promoted Christianity by hanging christian posters in his room and proselytized to students which violates the Constitution.

    The laws of this nation and the Constitution forbids a government endorsement of religion and forbids having public sponsored programs, favoring one religion over another, which, otherwise would send a message to all the other faiths or non-faiths and belief systems that they are not welcome. Also, you need to be reminded; the Constitution exists to protect the rights of the few, or even one, against the tyranny of the majority, which includes the Christian majority. Get it?

    Freshwater is a delusional whack-job — supported by the morbidly ignorant and gullible.

  6. hazeleyes

    They have taken this way to FAR!!!! A WITCH HUNT!!! HANG IN THERE Mr Freshwater!!!!

  7. bobo

    Well all I know is I’m getting of hearing about this Freshwater thing! Geez! Lets end it already!