MOUNT VERNON — A six-month phase-in period for a new law requiring drivers to use their headlights any time they have their windshield wipers on, ends today.



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9 Responses to “Wiper law to go into effect”

  1. Richard Wente

    I’m wondering when the people of the U.S. are going to wake up and see what is going on in our nation. We are no longer a free nation governed by the people, we are prisoners held by the government. They don’t make these laws for your safety such as the seatbelt law and the headlight and wiper law. They dream these things up to generate more reveneu. They could give a rats butt about your safety. Law makers say that seatbelts save lives, and in some instances that might be true, but as a traveler I have seen many times when wearing a seatbelt have killed people because they could not get out of a burning automobil. That statement is an oxcymoron. As for me, I am sick and tired of the government trying to run our lives when they can’t even take care of themselves without messing everything up, and the American public being afraid of them or just plain naive. Thomas Jefferson once said; “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. Come on people, how long are we going to stand for this? Are we going to allow the government to controll us like puppets on a string, or are we going to tell the government to back off and allow the people to run the nation like it was designed for? “WE THE PEOPLE”!!! Accually I think the people have a big YELLOW STRIPE up there back where the backbone used to be.

  2. mike wazauski

    Uh, that’s whay I’m saying Frank Furter a.k.a. “hot dog”….It’s time for a revolution against our government and to make them STOP the many ways they’re taking away the FREEDOMS that our soldiers fought for in wars past. Including my son who’s in Afganistan fighting to bring freedom to that country. Did u not read what I wrote?? Please re-read what I wrote. I dont recall praising Mao or Hitler. U forgot Stalin, and Imperor Hirohito they murdered their fair share. I didnt know Tao was on the National Tree…I didnt go see it, Did u??? Happy New Year!!! to all.

  3. Jack

    Another brainless government regulation that will accomplish nothing.
    Did anyone notice the part in the article that says: “Hartz and McCruter both said the new violation is a secondary offense, meaning drivers cannot be pulled over for not having their headlights on when their wipers are on, but they can be cited for the offense when they are pulled over for another offense.”?
    So it applies only to the miniscule number of people who drive with their wipers on while violating some other non-secondary offense. The lawmakers should spend their time and our money doing something more productive.

  4. Frank Furter

    mike wazauski, on our NATIONAL CHRISTMAS tree at the whitehouse is a portrait of Chinese communist leader Mao.Thousands of Americans died fighting him & he’s on our CHRISTMAS TREE! He murdered more than HITLER.And he’s on our christmas tree.Where’s the “revolution”? This headlight law is just a symptom. We have lost America.

  5. mike wazauski

    It’s honestly a good idea to use your headlights, but to make it crime punishable by a fine is ludacrice!!!! As usual we r loosing our freedoms as other countries are gaining theirs…viva la revolution. When will it ever end? When we loose all freedoms??? The freedoms we have, fought by our soldiers for the citizens of the U.S.A. is slowly being lost, that’s a waste of American Lives!!! This is getting rediculous….

  6. mongo

    so when i turn on my window washer driving down the road and don’t have my lights on, by law they can ticket me?

  7. Frank Furter

    Something’s very wrong with our methods of choosing elected “leaders”. They meddle with & tax citizens, bend over backwards for illegals & non-citizens.Pass laws Americans don’t want. Not our country anymore. That’s for sure. Can we recall state reps?

  8. Knox Resident

    Sounds just one more way to collect “tax” revenue, under the guise of ‘big brother’ watching out for us.

  9. John C. Davidson

    Common sense should prevail, but lawmakers want to give law enforcement another task to perform that the justice system won’t enforce.