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14 Responses to “Who should keep sidewalks cleared of snow and ice?”

  1. J Martin

    I think that it is both the city and the property owners responsibility. From the door to the actually sidewalk should be the owners responsibility. As far as the actual sidewalk I feel the city should be responsible for it, if its considered public property. But since that is never going to happen, people should look out for one another and atleast try. I know dozens of little kids dying to make 5 or 10 bucks to shovel snow.

  2. MoMo

    This question goes beyond the obvious answer of the property owner. What about the Main Street bridges? These get lots of foot traffic all times of the year. In many areas of town a property owner could shovel only to have it buried under snow when the plows come along and cover it up as many sidewalks are close to the streets with little or no tree lawn area for a buffer. oftentimes it is “safer” to leave it alone and walk in the snow than to shovel; only to have the sun come out and melt during the day, then freeze up with ice overnight.

  3. Gabriele Bales

    It is the Proberty owners responsibility. If they don’t clear the snow and someone falls and hurt themselfs, they will sure be getting a lawsuit for it. Which will cost a hole lot more then hire someone to remove the snow.

  4. Jonas

    It doesn’t take much to pick up a shovel or often times a broom to clear a path. If everyone just took 10-15 minutes out of the day to clear their own, problem solved. In our neighborhood in Fredericktown we all pitch in and make it work.

    I pre-treat using a brine spray, we have salt, grit, and run the snowblower through the block. I don’t always have time to do it, but our neighbors…we all help each other.

    Give a little, it works

  5. jt

    this would be for mr. davidson. you asked! that was part of the problem. do you think if you would have just gone out and done it someone would have stopped you? i’ve had the asking problem where i work. so i quit asking and just do it. no checking with other bosses, other shifts, other employees.
    and if they don’t like it too bad. they shouldn’t have hired me to do the job if they did not want the job done!

  6. Sammy

    I have wondered whose responsibility is the sidewalk that runs on Taylor Rd between the crossing to the ball field/Dan Emmett school. The city or the school? It never gets plowed and people have to walk in the roadway.

  7. Brady

    I live in an apartment in an alley and if its not cleared of snow my daughters preschool bus will not come down it to pick her and since ive lived here ive never seen the city do it so this year i bought a plow for my mower and if the city wont do it i will. thats how it usually works in this town if its the city’s responsibility they push it off on you but if its your responsibility and u dont do it they fine you.

  8. dave

    i don’t think anyone meant go out and walk in three feet of snow steve. but i could be wrong.
    when i drove truck and did home delivery we were told not to deliver if we deemed it unsafe.
    that was 15-20 years ago in northeast ohio where it REALLY snows.

  9. Mike

    By city law #521.06 it is the land owners responsibility. Even if there is an agreement between the landowner and a tennat the final responsibility still falls back on the landowner.

  10. John C. Davidson

    I don’t think anyone cares about the welfare of others, anymore. I offered to clean the sidewalk at an apartment complex and was told not to, insurance regulations forbid it. Always a detriment exists when you want to do something extra. Eventually, you give up helping. I did.

  11. jt

    this is simple people. in big cities(which mt. vernon is not) it is the duty of the land owner or resident/
    tenant. i use to live on a corner, a school bus corner no less. i had more than one notice on my
    door about shoveling the sidewalk for the safety of the children(that were always in my yard anyway).
    i explained that when i got home at 4:30pm i took care of it. in columbus that wasn’t good enough.
    i shoveled at 5:30am and 4:30pm monday thru friday just to find out that when i left for work the
    city plow truck buried the corner anyway.
    but over on coshocton ave. that probably would not work. apartments/dealerships/multiple businesses at one biulding. not likely

  12. Steve

    Where I came from in Michigan, and could probably say most of Michigan, whoevers property is touching the sidewalk is responsible for keeping the sidewalk clean. Personally, I even had the USPS deny delivering mail to my house because of unsafe condition of snow and ice on the sidewalk.
    We keep hearing complaints about not getting out and walk to prevent the obesity problem that’s now affecting the US, but with sidewalks not cleaned, it doesn’t make people want to get out if it’s unsafe to walk on it.

  13. Joshua Morrison

    I can tell you that I put the poll together and I didn’t do it in a partisan way. I’ve overheard people talking about how the sidewalks along Coshocton Avenue are horrible with ice and that the “city” should do something about it.

    But thank you for participating in our poll/blog. We like to hear from our readers.

  14. Bill

    I can’t believe the village or city would be a choice. This must have been put together by a democrat expecting big brother to take care of them in another way.