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17 Responses to “What are weather conditions like where you live in Knox County?”

  1. itsjustme

    I was just out on SR 205 and salt a state truck plowing out there???

  2. Jerry

    I slid right through a stop light in a busy intersection. Didn’t see one salt truck all the way home. They are doing good.

  3. Cary

    Ive never been satisfied with the snow removal in the Mount Vernon City limits. Im not judging the performance of the day the snow comes down because I realize they have to get the main roads clear. The problem I have is days and weeks and sometimes never after a big snow they never go down my street and it continues to pile up so that when they finally do plow it plows everyone in. Many times the neighborhood has gone out and shoveled it ourselves which is not an easy task. We pay tax dollars like everyone else and we deserve our street plowed in a timely manner. As of today my street has not been plowed the entire season from the very first snow.

  4. retired Ohio native in Montana

    Mount Vernon has always had a poor snow removal policy. Years ago the head of the street department told me they pour the salt and grit down to “churn” up the snow. I told him to plow the snow off the streets then lay down the salt and grit. That’ll give the salt a chance to melt what is left on the streets. The streets and roads in Montana are plowed leaving a snow pack. Salt and grit are placed at intersections. The roads here are like the roads used to be in Ohio years ago. You either need studded tires or chains. Also you need to drive slower. When Jim Rhodes was governor, he had the “clear road” policy. Ohioans are spoiled from that.

  5. itsjustme

    WOW, do you really have to be so harsh? Until you have done that job, you can not knock them. Do you know the hours these men and women work? They do the best they can!!! Be thankful they get up out of bed in the middle of the night and leave their families to come out and try to make the roads safe for you travel on!!! So, please don’t be so rude to them, and personally I know several of them that work there and they are NOT fat nor lazy!!! So until you do the job, don’t knock them, and if you are not comfortable with the job they are doing either stay home or perhaps you go out and apply for the job and do it better yourself!!!

  6. Sam

    Wow, you people are an embarrassment. The roads are fine. It’s winter; deal with it. Just drive slower and don’t tailgate when the weather’s bad. No one is going to take your negative incoherent ramblings seriously if you can’t spell or make a meaningful sentence. My excellent Mt. Vernon teachers taught me much better than that!

  7. mom of 3

    We live down a deadend street off Mount Vernon Ave., they plow that street quite often and never ours. Really, it would take them less then 5 minutes to plow.

  8. thughunter

    they have been putting salt down but didnt start plowing untill about 4pm on the eastern edge of knox county on rt 36!. when you go into coshocton county on rt 36 its always cleaned off better, them boys at the millwood garage are fat and lazy and hardly ever do anything, the state roads in eastern knox county are always the worst than surrounding areas, ive driven them for years to columbus. we have around three inches out here!, and traffic is at a crawl, 25 mph. im glad i dodnt have to drive to mt vernon thier snow removal plan sucks!.

  9. tm

    I work on Coshocton Avenue and left work at 5:15 and there hadn’t been a plow with blade down out there all day. Saw several of them drive past, but that was it. Hope the roads look a lot better before they expect these kids to go to school in the morning!

  10. MJ

    They’re out plowing…I saw several plows on Coshocton Road & 36 East toward Howard. The snow is coming down fast, I’m sure they’re doing the best job they can based on the conditions. Stay safe everyone!

  11. going to be home with out a home

    ha the road are bad on 586 I seen some takeing it slow than there the one that think they have snow mobile for car and truck the plow were out but the roads are still bad I cant see the pavement at all

  12. Rose

    586 way out off town does not look as bad as it could be the plows have been out but the road still has alot off snow on it I can not see the pavement but it passable if you take it slow and some people are takeing it nice and slow but there are some think the got snow mobile for car and truck there going way to fast I suprise I not see any one go off the road yet her then the road are this bad I all way see one car go off the road befor my house or after the past the house be for you get to curtis rd but people are driveing fast any way

  13. Elizabeth

    This town hasn’t changed in twenty years. No plowing until the Mt. Vervon patrol is out on the streets and issused several tickets to the citizens that have wrecked our cars and trucks!We pay for all the plow jockeys to clean our roads. Wow what a great job they do!!! lols

  14. john

    there out plowing where the peoples got money been that way for years if your not someone in this town u wait till last gotta love good ol mt.vernon

  15. alyssa

    I wanna know where the snow plows are too!! Coshocton Road is slowed to a crawl and the square is crap and Gambier Street(299East) is slicker than heck!! The crews knew this was coming why didn’t they start earlier on this?

  16. jessica

    were the heck is the plows????? they new this was coming. Love our tax dollars at work