MOUNT VERNON — The age of intensively organized modern politics has filtered down to the local level, or so one might conclude by discussions unfolding between a young Mount Vernon politician and the Knox County Board of Elections.



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5 Responses to “Election board asks for expenditure explanation”

  1. Joshua Morrison

    I think the 2009 elections showed there are a lot of rules in running for office and even when the election is over, the money doesn’t stop coming in or spent.

  2. John

    I should rephrase my original sentence…. not so much the article here – Mark Jordan is good. But, whose idea was it to cover something that isn’t even an issue? This one is similar to the yard sign story they ran on Fehrman last summer during the county fair – there was a problem, it was fixed, and wasn’t a problem any longer. Why cover things that are non-issues?

  3. Joshua Morrison

    I read the article and I didn’t think it was an attack upon him, it was more of an explanation of how a new campaign works. But thank you for your commentary.

  4. John

    Alright, I haven’t said anything for a long time, but… just a question… when will the MV News stop attacking Mr. Fehrman on non-issues? Thank god that Mark Jordan seems to be at least somewhat unbiased!

    The article about Fehrman finding his “passion early” was great – Mark: if you can see this, thank you for being fair. But why do so many people seem like they are out to get someone who just wants to help his community? Is this whole “plane ticket” thing really an issue? The Secretary of State’s office seems to think so!

    Folks, we’re in an age where politicians don’t thank the people who help them, spend their money on personal trips and gifts, and are more corrupt than probably ever before – on BOTH sides of the aisle (I’m a professing independent. Voted for FEHRMAN and JORDAN!). If anything, the MV News should be praising Fehrman for showing his appreciation to his volunteers by treating them to dinner or a movie – and for bringing in some experienced campaign personnel (I really think this shows that he wanted to do things right!) – not crucifying him for non-issues.

    By the way, Jacob – Maybe you should look at Fehrman’s personal activities. While he is very highly active in the Republican party (that tends to happen when you make a good name for yourself by spending time serving people who are running for office – it shows you believe in something…), he is also active in the community. I don’t know if I know someone who has more healthy, close relationships (not those cold, political fake ones) with local business owners than Tyler. I was downtown one day and ran into him. We started talking about his race and what could have been done to be successful – and while we were talking we had people from different business coming and saying hello as they passed, asking how he was, and vice versa. He’s a solid guy who truly cares about this community.

    Remember the Food for the hungry drive that took place in December? Fehrman was there working – I saw him when I took my canned goods to donate. you can find him at community events – like MVNU games, MV Football games, the occasional Basketball game, “Let’s Chat” meetings at Sip’s coffee on Mondays and Saturdays, all kinds of things!

    One last thing. Election results. Fehrman lost by 140 or so votes, after the absentee votes were counted. I asked him if he was surprised. He said yes – but not that he lost. Rather, he was surprised that he came that close. Here’s why…
    He told me that he and his committee expected, based on previous elections, to have 1400 people come to the polls. So, they targeted those 1400+ voters. Not JUST Republicans, not JUST Democrats, not JUST independents. ALL of them (want to talk party-lines now?). Then, on election day, about 3800 showed up (school board election boosted the turnout?) at the polls… and Fehrman came within 140-some votes. NOW try and tell me that Fehrman isn’t appreciated by the people of the city… or that he only runs in Republican circles. It really couldn’t be further from the truth.

  5. Jacob

    Yeah, and he still lost.

    Tyler might want to look at trying to serve the city, rather than himself, if he wants to have a future political career with the city. There are plenty of city boards, committees, and volunteer opportunities that do not have “Republican Party” in their title.