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37 Responses to “How do you feel about all the cats being removed from the cat shelter?”

  1. Voice For Them

    It’s at least some consolation to know that what goes around comes around. . . .

  2. Voice For Them

    But look at the unconditional love you received. It’s a shame you had to put a dollar sign on your cats’ loyalty and love.

  3. Voice For Them

    Amen! I’m hugging all of mine as I read some of these opinions. It’s all very, very sad.

  4. Voice For Them

    Are you for real?? If you’re not a cat person, fine, but your opinions are getting tiresome.

  5. my2centsworth

    They should have been dropped off at your place. You cat people dont want any put down, you dont care how overrun they get,……so you keep them.

  6. luckylady

    Hey Frank..I hope to Heaven nothing happens to you..because those same immgrants you are complaining about could be the very same ones to save your life.

  7. PL

    If people take care of their pets, we wouldn’t be up to our knees in cats. Maybe if the government were to hand out free money to the people that had way too many cats (like the people that have way too many children) they might want to keep them. Just imagine how overcrowded the ‘Childrens’ Shelter’ would be if there was no free money to be had after knocking out a few kids. People can’t have the best of both worlds if you abuse something, cat shelter, it will be taken away. I pay enough tax dollars to people who don’t take care of their kids, now I’m paying for their cats too, no thanks. I heard their is government assistance for pet food, wow, our priorities are screwed up.

  8. sara g

    I think we all should be entitled to know what happend to all these cats.Something isnt right .I had spoke with a woman a few months ago who worked there on a situation where she had said they were being told they wouldnt get the small amount of cash from the county if they didnt kill the cats.She had told me they were going to raise thier own cash to avoid the whole mess.Now these cats are gone,where and how?I say better look in the freezers there ,i was also told by her any cat that had to be put down would go into freezer until enough were built up and then off to a college for experimental purposes.

  9. Nancy

    my2centsworth says: “As for all the barn cats that were dropped off‚Ķ.Thats what a cat shelter is for!”

    What in the world makes you believe a cat shelter is a place where owners should drop off kittens that were born simply because the owners failed to take responsibility for neutering their animals?

  10. B. Smith

    I am completely appalled and disgusted by the so called “Humane” Society. If they were truly concerned about the location of the cats, they would’ve initiated an investigation the following day. But No!….they started plans to renovate the building instead. That doesn’t look suspicious at all, I think the volunteers need to start talking. If this was the dog shelter it would be handled differently, thats a cozy new building. Somethings going on here, the city of Mount Vernon should be checking this out.

  11. Diana

    Why dont the people who took them just leave a unsigned note as to what happened or how they are so all the cat lovers can rest a bit easier well i do not like abuse in animals at all so id like to know what happend too Diana

  12. Jane

    Kudos to KH for mentioning the TNR program. Something I have been doing on my own to alleviate a problem in my neighborhood. I know with all the feral cats in the county it is not the total solution, but right now I have one female cat in my block and she is one I trapped and returned but she comes nearly everyday for a bowl of dry food and milk or water. Something I have found also feral cats are hard to trap unless they are very hungry and the trap needs to be covered or disguised have had better luck by shutting the door on an enclosed back porch.

  13. my2centsworth

    Here is my solution……To all you cat lovers…I think you all need to give your addrress, & directions to your homes, & we can all drop off the cats to you.
    You dont want the mutts put to sleep, you complain about everything & everybody, but still want the shelter to permanently house these cats.
    You people should take them in.
    A shelter is a “temporary home” until the cat is sold, or put the sleep if not sold. (yes, I said sold)
    As for all the barn cats that were dropped off….Thats what a cat shelter is for! Try to sell them(I’ll say it again), or put them to sleep.
    You cat lovers are the problem here, not others.
    I just hope none of you ever develope a love for bats, rats, or poision snakes. If so,….Mt vernon is in trouble.
    Geeesh people!

  14. Secret Santa

    God knows. God is always right. People only act when the pain exceeds the fear!

  15. Secret Santa

    Ha ha ha!
    Mt Vernon city officials are a bunch of ye-haws! This whole mess could have been saved had they and the Mt Vernon News attempted to report the actual issues at the shelter. Yep, the new “paid for elected board members” are “dog people”, and the outgoing staff were “cat people.”
    So lets put out an APB on 300…..not 100 cats!
    Knox county residents have no concept that feline control is a community issue. So….if the city officials and the local yocals can’t understand the problem and the resolution….the problem will just exist again and again. I heard there is $130,000 that was a personal grant to the shelter that the dog people can’t wait to get their hands on!
    We’ll see soon! Same time…..same CAT CHANNEL!

  16. Karnakrook

    I believe the incompetency and foolishness of this whole situation is a disgrace! Where are the cats? Who took them? These are reasonable questions which the Knox County public is entitled to ask and which need to be answered. I know there are difficult choices which need to be made and that is fine. It is when shady in the night solutions are taken that it becomes serious. When one reads the newspaper articles on this situation there seems to be some confusion on exactly what happened and who was involved. Is it too much too ask to have honesty and accountability in regards to what exactly happened. Come on Mount Vernon News, search it out and report this for the good of the community. If it is true these cats were euthanized and people lied about it, then there should be repercussions.

  17. John Q. Public

    To Kate, mewow to your owners that you do not wish to ever live in the cat shelter again. Your month there must have been terrible, especially coming from a “cat” that has never wanted for anything in your life. You seem very arrogrant, and quite foolish in your ability to reason, or to understand the basic human nature to protect those little things that are at are mercy of us. Don’t you have alittle bit of compassion in your heart? Do you think the cat’s care that maybe the place stinks somewhat if they are out of the cold, fed, and away from danger? I think the commumity should tear down your house because you stink at heart! Let’s see how far and for how long you make it out on the cold streets, without any help from people. Cats don’t have a credit card.

  18. M. Frederick

    I, too, would like to know how all of the cats simply disappeared without a trace, and I am distressed that there is no ongoing investigation by the Board of the Humane Society, or my your newspaper.

    Did the “crazy cat” people have the resources to enter a locked building and remove about 100 cats, with or without the cages, and without anyone seeing them? What shelters had room to take them? Where I live, our shelters are full to capacity because of the economy. If I was from that group, I would be proud to stand up and state the facts – that these cats have been rescued from deplorable living conditions and are in a better place. On the other hand, did the Director of the Humane Society, with or without the Board’s consent, take it upon himself to solve an overwhelming problem by euthanizing the cats and disposing of their bodies. I can’t help wondering whether the shelter is being sanitized from floor to ceiling, and will open its doors for business as usual in a few months. It seems to me that, either way, these poor cats are in a better place.

    What has happened to the cat shelter in the past 16 years? I was l living in Mount Vernon in 1994 when, thanks to forward thinking civic leaders, the cat shelter became a reality. I immediately volunteered my time a few days a week, and encouraged a friend to do the same. The facility was well run, clean, and the cats were well cared for. Unfortunately, night after night cages upon cages of Ohio barn cats were dropped off at the shelter. To those farmers who dropped them off, I ask you, what do you honestly think would happen to them? While you were dumping your overcrowding problem onto the shelter, did you ever dump a handsome check to help defray the cost? Did you ever take the time to have your Toms neutered?

    If you are a true cat lover, you have to acknowledge that every cat can’t be saved. Those that are sick, injured, antisocial and aged will be euthanized first to make room for for those more likely to be adopted. Who wants to adopt any cat from a shelter when your farm neighbor is mass producing free kittens?

    I have had six cats in my life – four of them from Mount Vernon. Only the last one came from the shelter. She was one of those Ohio barn cats with the long brown and black hair, and she was going to be put down after about six weeks, I believe, because she looked a site. Jessica is over 16 years old now, partially deaf, and my constant companion. I think I’ll go give her a hug.

  19. jt

    sandy, if you can’t afford vet prices you have two decisions. become one yourself or don’t be a pet owner. sorry. ellen, if you’re going to be a cheap-skate don’t own a pet. ALL PETS cost money to own, even the “free” ones. if you can’t support them maybe you shouldn’t own one. i agree with kims’, oops, kh’s last line fully.

  20. kate

    Personally anywhere other than that shelter would be better. I was there last month and the stench and the cats alone were unhealthy and the place stunk. I went about 6 years ago and adopted 6 cats at once. Three are still alive and cost me a fortune in vet bills curing ringworm, infections and general poor health. I would donate money and time but for what.. the place needs torn down and rebuilt. It’s truly sad,.I hope the cats went to a better place. They have been full for two years and just now they find homes for all of them.. Something is not right with this picture.

  21. John Q. Public

    I say hats off to the people who work at the shelter. They are truely heroes who love the cats more than their own personal interest in taking a risk of losing their jobs over this terrible situation that was thrust upon them by the Board. God Bless everyone of them. My faith in humanity has been restored.

  22. KH

    No one is a winner in this scenario. A true no-kill shelter is almost impossible to have, especially in such a small building. Mount Vernon/Knox County has a large feral cat problem but the KCHS does not understand, or want to learn about feral cats. Feral cat colonies can be fixed (called Trap-Neuter-Return or TNR for short) and managed by caregivers who feed and monitor the population. Killing is not the answer – more cats will just come in to take their place. If the cats undergo TNR they can live out their lives in the outdoor environment they have always known. Kittens can be socialized and adopted. I would like to see the KCHS hold monthly clinics just for ferals. The low-cost s/n program has been a success and adding another element could be just as beneficial. And yes, I would be willing to help with such a program both financially and otherwise but past efforts have only falls on deaf ears. Don’t believe me? visit or search for Colony Cat in Columbus. As for the comments about getting a “free” cat – no cat is truly free. If Regular vet visits (annually) are too much to ask – my suggestion is to reconsider getting a pet.

  23. luckylady

    It’s amazing how allllll those cats were at the shelter alllll summer long…then what? They dissappear? I guess the dog people got their way huh?

    It’s funny how people can view a situation, complain about it…yet the same people will not volunteer, or help the cause. Enough said!!!!!!

  24. Ellen

    If the cats were taken by volunteers or employees of the shelter, I have no doubt that they are still alive and hidden somewhere and will eventually cause problems somewhere else. Those people were “cat crazy” with a “never euthanize” mentality. They probably panicked thinking that new administration would see what a mess they were in and force their hand. In my opinion, there is a time and place to euthanize, and the overcrowding and disease could have been avoided if it had been used with discretion. The limited funds should have been used on the healthy animals with a better chance of being adopted. Five years ago, I adopted two cats from there (before all the bad publicity) who had no external signs of disease when I got them, but soon started losing patches of hair, sneezing, coughing and other problems. When I talked to a woman at the shelter about it, she said they always recommended a trip to the vet for newly adopted pets. I definitely got the impression that she was glad it was no longer their problem. That trip to the vet cost me nearly $300 to get rid of the ringworm, feline herpes and other issues that were caused by the overcrowding and unclean coditions. If I knew then what I know now, I would have found a “free” cat from a newspaper ad!

  25. kim

    I think this was needed 2 or 3 yrs ago. I do like cats but the life these cats was living was not a life. I could never let any animal live under those conditions. upper resp, ringworm, fip. the place was filthy!!And most of the cats lived in cages for 3 to 6 months some times longer. Let the new board do their job!!

  26. Jane

    Very upset with a certain group within the HS who removed the cats, records and meds. Then to find out the building that housed the cats was filthy and disease ridden is simply appalling. Hope the new board will pull things together and reopen soon before funding drys up.

  27. Sandy Tanner says:

    I feel sorry for the cats that were takin,I love cats and i have 2 of my own.What i want to know is where am I going to get my cat fixed at.The shelter was the best place to go without going to an vet.I cant afford vet prices to get a cat fixed its crazy.The prices were right in my budget too.Now what happens,are they going to let us know what happend to them.

  28. Frank Furter

    What good does neutering cats do? Really? Less cats. Seems to be what you “compassionate”types want. Wish they’d neuter these hordes of high breeding immigrants flloding our increasingly unemployed country. THAT would be HUMANE….for Americans.

  29. Joe

    First of all if anyone in a normal state of mind thinks that these cats were given to other cat shelters are just insanely gullible. That said, if they were, then the current administration would be using that as a bargaining point with the community. Right now it is hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil. No breaking and entering, the sheriff statement, nothing being done. How dumb do they think Knox County is? I guess pretty dumb. If this is how they want to treat the public, I would not trust them to take an animal. This administration has lost all creditability with me and many more people in Knox County. How sad, how ridiculous. I have more compassion for animals then people like this. Is this a tough problem? Yes. Have the guts to be honest and tell the real story not this I don’t know story. At least I would respect the truth.

  30. Pat Seward

    I feel it’s about time the whole place was emptied. The disease was rampant last year & they were over crowded. There are so many ferral cats in my neighborhood that I called the shelter last year about them & I was told to trap them & bring them in, BUT I was to come back & get them, turn them lose again after they were neutered. That doesn’t make sense to me at all. They still ruin my gardens, stinking the place up terribly.

  31. Squirrely

    When you say ‘removed,’ do you mean banned? I just received a thank-you for a donation I made to your shelter. If you are going to ban cats, then I will ban my donations.

  32. Yvonne

    Good! Something needs to be done with all those unwanted cats and dogs. They are not wanted so why keep them around. It saves unnecessary costs.

  33. susan miller

    the main question is— where did the cats and all their files go??? they werent adopting to many cats all summer then all of a sudden they are gone. gone where? alot of people are wanting to know. hope someone can answer this.

  34. J. R. Moreland

    I hate cats, but I don’t believe in being inhumane, and I would guess their demise was not humane.