MOUNT VERNON — If two pieces of legislation pass — Ohio Senate Bill 210 and Ohio House Bill 373 make up what is named Healthy Choices for Healthy Children legislation — school districts throughout Ohio will be required to measure their student bodies — literally.



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16 Responses to “Legislation would require students to 'measure up'”

  1. Nick

    I asked a teacher today, ” what is the job of our schools?” She replied to teach to the test….They don’t educate, they teach the answers to the goverment mandated tests. Since when has it become the schools responsibility to provide health care. Is it because of the teachers unions? Witch are liberal. Whom are backed by the demacrates. And the sell their souls to the demacrate party for power and control. I think it is time to have a seperation of education and state. The goverment has not run anything successfuly. They spend to much money and are extreamly inefficient. If goverment was a business they would have gone bankrupt many moons ago. They use our taxpayers money. What happens when people spend money that isn’t theirs. Money they didn’t have to work for. They blow it on all kind of brain fart ideas that are made up by people with no commonsents. Some times I wonder how people can be so smart and so stupid at the same time. Doesn’t our constitution protect use from goverment invadeing our right to make our own health choises. Isn’t that part of being free. Simply educate all children about the importance of being healthy. Wham! Promblem fixed. Look at that.

  2. John C. Davidson

    Every time I write a letter to a government official, they claim it is unreadable. Makes me think they really want people to remain ignorent of their intent.

    Why they even bother to send us propaganda flyers when they think we’re illiterate?

    I got one in the mail a few days ago about VA Health Care that reads like a comic book.

  3. Paul

    You could not be more correct.
    As a matter of fact, the education of children is the responsibility of parents – not the state.

    When you make the decision to hand your children over to a government school, you get everything that goes with it, like it or not.

    Parents have the right and responsibility to educate their children by hiring someone to do so, or doing it themselves.

    The government schools have been out of the education business for a long time, and are very skilled at indoctrination.

  4. Dumb Dumber

    SAT scores peaked in 1964 & dropped ever since,I read. Some huge proportion of kids know nothing about the civil war or Vietnam and think the south won both. Presidential appointees laud Chinese communist leader Mao as a “favorite philosopher”in front of USA school kids & the kids know nothing about Mao’s mass murder(surpassed Hitler’s) or about the thousands of Americans who died fighting Mao in Korea. Now this. Dark Age.

  5. kirk shelmerdine

    Isn’t this the responsibility of the parents? This is just another way that our government wants to control us.

  6. Paul

    So you want the State of Ohio to be your Mommy, and the Federal Government to be your Daddy.
    So much for independence and self reliance.

  7. Formerly Known As

    I, for one, am happy about this. Care to share your BMIs or the body mass index of your children? I’m overweight, and I was close to overweight in elementary before marching band, track, and a more active schedule. I was my thinnest in high school. I don’t have a problem with incorporating more awareness of weight management techniques in to children’s educational programs – it’s what HEALTH class is for. As for gym requirements, most kids take 1 credit over the course of their high school career. As for not allowing sports to count as this credit is a little silly. I’m guessing the schools can figure out a way around that – like making giving students “credit” for the sport as if it is a Pass/fail course.

  8. Nathan

    What happened to going to school to learn??? I didn’t know that it was the states job to be a personal trainer. How about spending that time on teaching the kids about the constitution and the founding principles of the nation instead of perpetuating a nanny state.

  9. JPE

    Teach ’em young that big brother is watching them. George Orwell was a prophet…

  10. hazeleyes

    I do NOT want the government having anything to do with how MY grandchildren are being raised! I know they are healthy, and their parents take care of them. Next thing they will be putting all of these children on diet’s ,d/t the problem with obesity in America today! Our children may think this is GREAT because the % of younger adults do not read any form of news whatsoever and are not aware of what is going on in today’s society! So as a Grandparent I will do my best to educate my children as to what is going on, I would hope that most of you would do the same!

  11. Anne

    This is just another attempt by the government to tell us what we can and can’t do. School fees will go up, taxes will go up, home schooling looks better every day!

  12. Paul

    The state of Ohio is playing doctor now. They are clearly getting into things that are none of their business.
    I see how this will work – the state sets health standards and monitors them while the Feds decide, what treatment you get, when you get it and who you get it from, and who will pay for it.
    About all that is left is total government control of the food supply.
    Welcome to the USSR.

  13. Tony

    As if our over worked and under payed educational employees don’t have enough to do already.

  14. country boy

    I beleive as it is now that the government is in our business too much.