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6 Responses to “Is it time to legalize marijuana?”

  1. sara gunther

    Well it didnt happen in the 60s and i dont see it happening in my days.I say go for it tax the heck out of it and everyone wins!

  2. Juston

    I am just curious. If it were to be become legal would you be able to tell if someone was driving under the influence. I was under the impression that if you smoke it, it will be in your system for days after the effects have worn off. So if someone is pulled over how will the police know if they are under the influence. Its not like there is a breathalizer for weed. I have known plenty of people over the years who act like they are stoned all the time and never touch the stuff. Of course I also had a friend in college who I will swear to the day I die, actually drove better when he was drunk. But thats a story for another day.

  3. John C. Davidson

    Smoking a cigarette is almost illegal, but it is taxed beyond belief. So let everything be legal, tax it and support our government properly.

  4. woodyj

    I disagree with your statement about being able to fire an employee. Just as one coud be fired for being drunk at work, you could still terminate someone who’s usage jepardizes work or safety. And having it on you would be like having a six pack.

  5. jt

    probably never happen. can’t fire an employee for having it in their system if it is legal.
    and that’s just the beginning. no more possession charges for “personal” use. can’t really call it paraphanalia if what is in it(pipe or paper) is legal. and driving under the influence of pot would probably
    not change, besides it would be legal to have on you.
    i don’t even think the hippies would go for it. but good luck

  6. woodyj

    Funny that this is mentioned the same day the article about media and police make good partners. lol
    Yes I think it is time to legalize it. The fact that the question is even phrased that way suggests that it will happen, it ‘s just a matter of when. This is one of the situations where there are degrees of usage in which there can be benefits or abuse. While i would never encourage irresponsible usage, i.e. giving to a minor, driving under it’s influence, etc., I also look at people who have a moderate ussage and are productive members of society who, because of the laws, could have theri entire lives ruined. Now usually that could be an argument for not doing it. But i believe it is more an indication that our justice system is outta whack and the laws don’t fit the crime. And if our legal system is based on the bible then it should be legalized since the Old Testament references cannibis 5 times. 4 times as a part of the burnt offerrings offered to God, and once as an aphrodisiac.(for those interested the Hebrew word is Kanebosm)
    Just my opinion