MOUNT VERNON — Figures released Wednesday by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles show that 329,000 people have been hit with a new late fee since it became effective in October.



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8 Responses to “License late fees go to highway patrol”

  1. Charles Robert

    OK folks, Most of you are missing something here. Think about this; When you, as a “citizen”, REGISTER a MOTOR VEHICLE, and ask permission to DRIVE, you submit (subject yourself) to the authority of the State under Admiralty/Maritime jurisdiction! Once you’ve done this, you’ve relinquished your right, as a man or woman, to travel upon the land in your private conveyance along with your right to complain when these privileges are withdrawn, or fines imposed. I know this sounds bizarre, but as “14th amendment “citizens” we have squandered our Constitutional bill of rights and our freedoms for a bill of privileges and benefits.
    — REGISTRATION means to grant ownership. (You have a “Certificate of Title”, not the Title)(exclusive usage)
    — MOTOR VEHICLE means a commercial vessel, licensed and operating for prophet under State jurisdiction.
    — DRIVE means to profit by transporting paying PASSENGERS or merchandise upon the roadways.
    It is possible to travel in your private conveyance by yourself or with with guests upon the public roadways not as a “licensed citizen”, but as a free man or woman without justifiable intervention or detention by any officer or agent of the State.
    Don’t believe this? …Good! …Do the research and prove me wrong,

    — Charles Robert

  2. jimmy truman

    Seems to me that the $20 is a far cry cheaper than the $120 traffic citation we could get by driving on expired plates ! If you renew your driver’s license and plates BEFORE they expire…then you’ll never have to pay the $20 !

  3. Yup

    I wish I could just go out and say to the citizens that since I’ve lost my job and have much lower revenue, I deserve to have my unemployment doubled and only pay half the ticket price for everything so that I can maintain my same level of living…that’s what it would take.

    When I lost my job, my family parked 2 of our vehicles to save on expenses, now they are going to penalize me for this?

    Governments are full of mismanagement and people who don’t have or fail to recognize their obligation of accountability. This has been the case for decades now. They have forgotten that they work for us and are responsible for representing our wishes and not what they think is best…….it is called a “representative government”…….where has it gone?


  4. Aron

    I just found out about this, I have older cars with a December birthday in the past I didn’t renew the cars till the start of warm driving. I also hear people that own campers are also in the same boat…vote out the idiots that put this “fee” in place.

  5. John C. Davidson

    They tried to increase revenue by harrassing drivers coming in and out of our shopping areas, decided that was causing a PR problem, so now, like every other government agencies, found another way to tax us for their own personal gain.

    If these politicians aren’t taxing us to death, their asking us to do their jobs, voluntarily.

  6. ghostrider