GAMBIER — An institution closely identified in its first century with the Republican Party, Kenyon College has become regarded as Knox County’s liberal haven in its second century. But the mood of the supporters who crowded into Peirce Pub on Wednesday to listen to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address was initially fairly cool.



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15 Responses to “College crowd warms to presidential speech”


    The government doesn’t have to take care of the country.. The ‘too big to fail’ banks have already taken good ‘care’ of the USA. I don’t care who grew them too big — all I care about is that the big banks got us. They can screw up and we pay to clean it up or we suffer the consequences.
    The bank execs that screwed up get a golden parachute and tell the rest of the country that they are ‘sorry’

    I don’t care if George Washington, Mao or Hitler is in the White House. It doesn’t matter worth a darn when you lose your sovernty. In our case, we lost it to Wall St.

    No 16 months of White House policy can save America from 30 years of greed and corruption — or make it a whole lot worse for that matter.

    Bush and Obama chose to spend rather than have a Great Depression on their watch. They are Politicians. Do you blame either one for not wanting to be another Herbert Hoover? Bush and Obama reacted to Wall St the only way politicians could.

    Does anyone remember what it was like to look over the edge of the valley of the unknown and being told by Bush that we had to save the banks? He had no choice. Neither did Obama.

    We are talking economic recovery right now. If Bush and Obama had not done what they did, who knows where we would be.

    Bush and Obama inherited the big banks. What can they really do about it, except to wait for them to screw up again.

  2. Philosopher Mao

    Paul, you say Obama is “the reincarnation of George Bush” rather than a marxist or socialist.Why then,do the VAST majority of democrats still SUPPORT George W Obama while independants desert him in droves & republicans oppose him overwhelmingly??? And according to the article,why did the Kenyon students save their loudest applause for Obama’s pro gay rights position(Bush for that?)??? Why’d they “vigorously” applaud Obama’s speech and leave before the republican response? Obama is GW Bush??? Explain please. While you’re at it, explain the effects of Obama’s upbringing by his marxist mother & Chicago marxist activist mentor. Have anything to do with appointing marxists & maoists to his administration? Bush do that? When did a Bush appointee ever recommend Mao,the murderer of 10s of millions & the one responsible for 60,000 US combat deaths in Korea, to US school kids as Obama’s appointee did? Paul, maybe switch over from MSNBC now & then & see what Glenn Beck is saying. “Other voices”,you know. “Diversity”,you know. You surely don’t want to be a narrow evangelical lefty(Kenyonite),do you?

  3. anne robinson

    for the person condemning Kenyon College as what,Marxist??? This is pretty funny actually…about as funny as the suggestion by same that President Obama is a Marxist…don’t you understand that we need to understand all forms of government extant in the world? Don’t you understand that in order to make the world free,we all need to understand eachother? Don’t you understand that educating our people and those of the rest of the world about eachothers’ beliefs and economies is the only way we’ll all finally get along? And don’t you know that stupid is spelled as such,not stoopid!

  4. John Nist

    I’m confused ! Where is the hope ? Where are the jobs ? Where is the change? BLA BLA BLA
    Just another Rockefeller CFR puppet. Ever wonder why Kenyon invites CFR members to speak ?

  5. Paul

    People think Obama is Marxist? Socialist?

    Do you even know what those words mean?

    He is the reincarnation of George W. Bush and we certainly didn’t hear Bush described that way.

    What exactly has he done that Bush would not have done or didn’t do? What has he done to be called Marxist?

    Anyone have anything to say that they didn’t see on Fox News?

    Republicans are Democrats and Democrats are Republicans.

  6. Chrys bennett

    Either way, that crowd must have been drinking or on drugs, for Obama is Hillary’s puppet. Socialism at it’s finest. All those rich little know nothing people will someday dread the day they supported these political donkeys.

  7. Philosopher Mao

    We elected a marxist ideologue president who came from marxist parents & appoints marxists & those who’s “favorite philosopher”is Chinese comminist leader Mao—who killed about three times as many inocents as Hitler—and it barely gets any notice. I understand Kenyon’s history dept now concentrates on multicultural education to the detriment of US & western history education and that Kenyon now is undertaking Islam studies to boot. We educate ideologues who elect ideologues. It’s just getting started—- and republicans are too stoopid to do anything about it.

  8. a real american

    Utterly disgusting. It seems i am wrong. I thought people went to college to get educated! The politcal science proffessor must think lies are interesting he must be one heck of a teacher. What a joke. it had to be painful to interview these people i dont think i would have the stomach to do it. the last student in the story takes the cake ” I think he presented what can be a unifying vision,‚Äù then quotes Al Gore of all people HAHA the poor kid. He should of used the Gore quote of inventing the internet. On second thought the kid is right socialism is unifying.

  9. John C. Davidson

    Many colleges depend on Federal or state funding to remain open and this has a lot to do with them orienting their students to think the government should take care of all of us.

    Evidently, their courses on economics fail to explain where that money actually comes from.

  10. CSD

    The young (and naive) always start out as Dems, then they grow up and learn how the real world operates….bills, mortgages, paychecks, responsibilies, etc. Then they join the GOP. Most all these kiddies votes will be offset by their conservative parents. I would like to see how these liitle children vote in 20 years.

  11. JE

    “He was actually pointing fingers instead of playing politics.‚Äù

    And what exactly is the difference oh learned sage. I can’t believe my taxes bankroll you idiots.

  12. Glen

    When I was the age of the students, I thought that Lyndon Johnson’s great society was a good idea. But the net result of the program was to drain the social security fund, run up the national debt, and encourage folks to be happy on welfare looking to the federal govt for their livelihood instead of rolling up their sleeves and working for themselves. It was a huge failure that took several years to correct ending with the welfare reform of the Clinton administration. Obama is a liberal socialist who believes in big government and wants to run us down this road again. But the people of the United States are waking up and we are looking at the huge revolt in the fall elections. Hopefully the voters will remember that Zack Space vote for a tax on farm animal flatulence (cap and trade) and vote him out of office.

  13. Ron

    These libs need to wake up and join the TEA PARTY before Barry spends them into poverty.