MOUNT VERNON — The group responsible for removing cats from the cat shelter returned approximately 30 cats to the shelter Monday night.



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3 Responses to “Group returns cats to shelter”

  1. Mac

    Wow! You’ve got issues.
    Likening euthanizing cats to murdering people? Ridiculous!
    Cats are living beings that must be treated humanely but they absolutely are not even close to human beings.
    Are you a vegan or is “murdering” cows ok with you?

  2. Linda Matthews

    While volunteering at the cat shelter, (November, 1996 through January, 2001), I adopted several cats; 2 with ringworm. While integrating these 2 into the numerous cats I had at home, (all shelter cats), not ONE became infected and with a small amount of medication the ringworm was gone within a few days.

    The ‘dreaded’ ringworm is nothing more than a simple ‘fungus’; it’s in the ground; nothing more than a person having ‘athletes-foot’. KILL a cat for having a simple fungus?!

    Should we, then, begin to ‘murder’ people who have athletes-foot?!

    The PROBLEM is that we are not able, APPARENTLY, to ‘educate’ the IDIOTS who have cats and never have them spayed or neutered!

    I know, personally, a former co-worker who admitted to me that, she has 40 to 80 cats running on her property.

    She ‘selects’ the best looking kittens; keeps them inside; then, when they are adult cats, (and no longer, ‘playful, adorable’ kittens), puts them ‘out’–to fend for themselves?!

    This woman ACTUALLY ‘adopts’ kittens from OTHERS!!! While ALL those ‘discarded’ cats she’s ‘put out’ are breeding–AND STARVING!

    She TOLD me: “They eat goat food–or what ever they can find. I can’t afford to FEED them!”


    A SERIOUS misconception about ‘barn-cats’: that they won’t ‘kill’ rodents IF we feed them.

    Cats are natural predators. They WILL kill any and every ‘rodent’; even with their stomachs full; but they MUST BE FED! AND given ‘fresh’ water every day!

    AND THEY MUST BE SPAYED AND/OR NEUTERED! (They multiply like rabbits)!

    I am sickened by this County of ‘Knox’ and the ‘powers-that-be’–County Commissioners, In their regard and opinion of felines.

    Gee, thanks a bunch, ‘Sandy’ for antagonizing these IDIOTS; and trying to convince them to begin ‘murdering’ ALL the cats.

    I PRAY, ‘Sandy’ that, one day, when you die, you arrive at the ‘Pearly-Gates’ to discover that GOD is a CAT!

    And GOD HELP YOU, you WORTHLESS human-being!

    Linda S. Matthews