HOWARD — In order to forestall a projected $1.2 million deficit for fiscal year 2011, the East Knox school board on Wednesday passed a resolution to place a five-year, 1 percent earned income tax levy on the May 4 ballot to help pay for the district’s operating expenses.



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8 Responses to “East Knox to place levy on May ballot”

  1. Becky

    Do you realize what this levy really is? It’s a ploy to get more money by pitting people against each other. The school district is saying “If you vote to take tax money from people with jobs, we won’t come after your retirement or investment income.” It’s a neat, dirty trick. I won’t vote to take anyones money!!!! We pay way to much to the schools as it is. They whine about their costs going up, join the club. Who do we turn to when our costs go up, NOBODY, we have to adjust our way of living and spending. The district needs to do the same. I’m sick and tired of paying outrageous property taxes on my home, which dropped in value, but not in the eyes of the auditor! Now, they want part of my skimpy paycheck too? What are they going to do when we all end up on unemployment and/or welfare? Who’ll pay for their excesses then?

  2. Angry Overtaxed Citizen

    I find it odd that the people that teach our kids,can`t balance their budget without running to taxpayers for another handout.They need to do like all the rest of us and make cuts.A school board that actually cared about the education of our children would realize were just taking money from the children`s own family`s and putting more stress own our already poor local economy.Let`s start teaching common sense,I`ll lead by example and VOTE NO! I`ll ask you to do the same.

  3. Learn B4U gripe

    At least the board members have realized that the constant levies that go to property tax are hurting those of us who are on fixed and very limited incomes. The income tax method of paying for our schools is the most fair way possible to support our schools and although it still will cost us money, it will be on a much better basis than on our property. I plan on voting FOR this levy and if you will think about it and do what is best for our kids, you will too.

  4. JoeB

    Well, well, well…so ‘somehow’ we’re $1.2M short on the operating budget? Can you say ‘why did we build the new middle school if we were going to run short of funds to run it?’!!!

    VOTE NO!!! This is NOT simply a matter of what is ‘right’ for the students – WE DON’T HAVE ANY MORE MONEY!!! Ok, so that plays into what is ‘right’ for the students. It is time for them to learn how to save money and SPEND WISELY – something the school district apparently hasn’t learned to do!

    I ask the East Knox Administrators and the East Knox School Board – what do you do when your own personal bills are raised? If the food budget is too high, do you cut back, find little ways to save a few dollars here and there? Or, do you put it on your credit cards, hoping that ‘some day’ you may be able to pay them off? If you can’t afford the fancy car payment, do you still buy the car? Or, maybe you look at a smaller, less expensive model – telling yourself it would be nicer for the family to have a bigger, fancier car; but, since we CAN’T AFFORD it, we’ll LEARN how to make do with what we CAN AFFORD? Hmmm…

    You cannot pick our pockets when there is nothing left in them to take!

    This is absolutely the stupidest thing I’ve heard, especially in light of the worst economy our nation has EVER experienced!

    HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    VOTE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. John C. Davidson

    Everybody wants money failing to realize we’re maxed out.

  6. Ann

    East Knox needs to improve the behavior of its students which, in turn, will improve the education of the students. Over the past three years the OGT scores have steadily declined. Once the behavior issues are addressed, then ask for money. Discipline costs nothing. They need to give it a try. East Knox has a “Party School” reputation which is completely unaccaptable. There is absolutely no reason East Knox should not be the best school district in Knox County. The behavior of the students directly reflects that attitudes of the administration, school board and teachers. There are some great teachers at East Knox but all of them need to step up and eliminate the ugly behaviors that take place in the school. If the School Board and Administration can not bring about a change, then they should be replaced. In the meantime РNO MORE MONEY until you are doing the job right.

  7. Concerned Citizen

    Looks like they should not have built the new middle school. VOTE NO…….