MOUNT VERNON — Knox County Prosecutor John Thatcher said Monday that he was concerned some things may be unclear regarding the affidavit filed Friday by local attorney Scott Pullins.



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10 Responses to “Thatcher counters distortions”

  1. The Rooster

    You mean like the time where you subpoena’d people in a closed case? Or how about the time you smeared the Governor and his wife in 2006 with misleading information? (Which he’s removed from his blog, funny stuff huh folks?)

    If you’re going to call on every lawyer to improve the legal system, maybe you should improve your self.

  2. Scott Pullins

    That fact that I know about it and understand it does not make it right. When I was sworn in by the Ohio Supreme Court I took an oath for which I will uphold. Part of that entails standing up to apparent abuses of the legal system like these.

    Every lawyer is called to work to improve our legal system. Too many have given up. I will not.

  3. ForwardinReverse

    How interesting is that, the report was never ‘forwarded’ to the prosecutors office. Finally an open admittal that the local law enforcement is lacking in their duties to protect and serve.

    Don’t let Tatcher fool you. It is a felony to walk into a bank and make threats such as Wise did. This is another example of how local officials in Knox County see themselves as above the law, and will manipulate the system to their benefit.

    I for one, am sick and tired of silently watching this happen, and can’t wait for the day to come when it all comes crashing down!

  4. Miriam St. Jean

    Mr. Baker, the Ethics Commission DID find Mr. Wise guilty of ethics violations – they found “mitigating circumstances” regarding one of Mr. Wise’s actions, and recommended no prosecution – they also stated that in the future Mr. Wise should be VERY vigilant about avoiding further incidents, and that if he continued to violate ethics laws, they would recommend prosecution to the fullest extent of the law……have you even read their decision, sir?

    The Prosecutor wasn’t compelled, by law, to follow the Ethics Commission’s recommendation – and I can’t help but wonder how the Ethics Commission would rule if they had the entire history of Mr. Wise’s actions in front of them….not just the Airport Authority, but the CES Credit Union, the Fair Board Contract, the recent Wilhelm situation, etc.

    My bet is that they would rule far differently ……..

  5. john baker

    The whole complaint looks like sour grapes to me. I mean, the Ethics Commission is not a Knox County agency – they’re with the state. If they did not find a problem, then it seems we are just trying to make something out of nothing.

    Maybe Scott should stop wasting taxpayer money on this one…..

  6. John C. Davidson

    Pick and choose which laws to enforce has become an integral part of the dispensing of the laws of the state along political lines, Scott. You ought to know that better than anyone. I call it selective justice.

  7. Just Plain Jim

    2010.02.16.1858 -0500

    Scott Pullins February 16, 2010 at 11:16 am

    “…., This is how it is done in most every other county in this state, except for this one.”

    At least Knox remains unique.

  8. Scott Pullins

    Propane gas is easily obtainable elsewhere at a same or lower price. That is why this section of law is not applicable.

  9. Scott Pullins

    John Thatcher should not have been involved in any of these investigations in the first place. He should have asked for a special prosecutor to be appointed because he had a conflict. This is how it is done in most every other county in this state, except for this one.