NEW PHILIDELPHIA — Democratic Congressman Zach Space will be running unopposed in the May primary to retain his 18th District seat in Washington, D.C., following certification of signatures by the Tuscarawas County Board of Elections.



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22 Responses to “Seven Republicans line up for chance to take on Space”

  1. Bill

    certainly we can agree that Dave wont be the man for “all” people. since he thinks gays do not deserve to be apart of this country. and since he is not for helping poor people get better health insurance. Dave is a nut job, i hope he gets the nominee because there is no way he will win the general election. Anyone who stands next to a teacher who burnt a child, and think that person should still have a job is crazy.

    and for people getting upset that Congressman Space is not attending a Republican Primary Debate. This is a Republican primary. Why would a democrat show up to get lambasted by the party he is running against. The republican candidates should have a frank discussion about why he should be the nominee for their party. Once they have a nominee then Congressman Space should and will have a full throated debate with whomever the republican party nominates.

  2. John C. Davidson

    What’s you point, Tom. The Democrats controled Congrtess since 2006 and they make the laws and approve budgets. Both parties are complicit and it is ignorant to think otherwise. What is worse is to elect someone who promises to straighten out the mess but he hust joins in the spending spree.

  3. Tom says

    It was the Bush administration that put us in the hole and now the R’s are blaming the D’s for job loss. What has the R’s done in the last year except vote No. No does not make jobs. They are for a bill until it comes up for a vote and then they vote no. What a bunch of crooks. I see a family values senator from Ga just resigned. Then another family values guy got elected running on the family value platform. Then they found out that 10 years ago while his wife was pregnant he was making love with the mother-in-law. Yes, lets put more family value guys in office. A scandal everyday. Check out the crooks, pedophiles, on republican offenders before you call the kettle black.

  4. Gregory

    Thank God we finnally have a righteous man that fears God, Coach Dave Daubenmire is the only one that will protect all the people, and it is wonderful that more and more people see that we need such men to take back over the leadership of this country. I think that Governor Arnold from California, (even though is more Democrat than Republican) was talking about the Zach Space’s in the Democrat party when he said to the effect that they were a bunch of girly boys. If Zach Space is the best in the Democrat party for that position, we can continue to say good bye to our children.s and grandchildren’s future, as Zach, a Democrat puppet is helping to enslave them to the government. Coach Dave is the lone man in the Republican Primary that is strong enough to stand for God, family, and a constitutional republic. God be with you Coach Dave Daubenmire

  5. John C. Davidson

    I like Jacob; sometimes he’s an independant, then again, he’s Democrat. It must be the medication.

  6. Jacob

    Fred Dailey can’t separate himself from the lies of his national party. On healthcare, he calls the relatively modest reforms currently in front of Congress a “government takeover.” Total lie. He wants to overturn Roe v. Wade–an unnecessary pander to the reactionary right-wing base. He tells lies about the stimulus bill, saying it hasn’t helped the jobs situation when it clearly has. He’s another party-line hack, he knows no honesty, and he belongs nowhere near Congress.

  7. The Rooster

    This poll isn’t scientific. So I wouldn’t worry so much Miriam, but that’s your prerogative.

    As for Coach Dave, if you want to learn how to beat Coach Dave, just let him keep talking. The longer he goes the crazier it gets.

    Coach Dave has a gift for the gab, but he doesn’t know when to shut it off.

  8. Miriam St. Jean

    ALUMNI – thank you for your “concern”

    However I will continue to read each and every source of information provided to me, and not “put any one source down” as you suggest –

    Daubenmire is a fruitcake – who hasn’t been able to secure full time employment in years – whose finances are in the toilet – who lives off others’ generosity – I fail to see how he differs from those who take advantage of the welfare system to support their needs – he drains the finances of tax paying citizens to support his “cause”

    Although I have a (D) next to my name at the ballot box, I didn’t vote for Space last time, and won’t vote for him this time – my candidate of choice will probably be Dailey – a man who understands rural communities, their needs and concerns……..

    Oh, and I’ll be attending the meet at Nazarene College on the 6th when all (R) candidates will be presenting their positions – which is more than I can say for most voters in this county –

  9. Telly

    Seems to me with a full-blooded communist in the White House that we could use a full-blooded conservative in the People’s House. Go Coach Dave !! We need someone who knows how to fight and won’t back down.

  10. Nick

    I would be happy with either Hood or Coach Dave. Space is a Nancy Pelosi lap dog. I can’t believe he was voted in once. Hopefully he will be like Jimmy Carter and be a one termer, like Obama too.

  11. jd

    Oh, holy cow. At least spell “unopposed” right in the story for starters.

  12. ALUMNI

    Jacob, I knew you would catch on someday. Hmmmm——–Now, if we could just get you weened off that 2 party fairytale.

  13. csd

    I like how Mr Space belittles the primary process. One which he was part of in the past. That’s how little he thinks of the people in Ohio 18. He only takes orders from Nancy Pelosi to tell him how to vote. I look forward to his defeat in November and the election of a Congressman who will vote with the district’s wishes.

  14. Jacob

    And if those links aren’t kooky enough for you, perhaps you can go read up on the conspiracy to turn the Denver International Airport into a New World Order detention facility. I think the Illuminati are behind that one. Illuminati! Skull and Bones! FREEMASONRY!!!

  15. Jacob

    If I were to vote in the Republican primary (and I won’t, since I’m a Democrat and would never be caught dead casting a Republican ballot), I would vote for Crazy Coach Dave. He’s likely the biggest joke of the Republican slate, and he wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting elected. I’m not a huge fan of Zach Space, but he’s head and shoulders better than the five clowns running for the Republican nomination.

  16. Miriam St. Jean

    What’s really, really scary is that I looked at the poll on the front page, and right now 30% would cast their vote for Daubenmire…………….I’d always suspected there were quite few far right wing whack jobs in the county; those suspicions have now been confirmed.


  17. ALUMNI

    Zack Space, the Lois Capps of Ohio. Hey Zack, Ohioans are waiting for the jobs. Where are the jobs Zack? Oh I forgot !——– Hope ? Change ? LOL

  18. Jacob

    Wow, what a crew. I’d actually prefer that “Coach” Dave’s cross hat be the nominee. Cross Hat ’12!!

  19. John C. Davidson

    I hope the Republicans can fine a suitable candidate to oppose Zack. He has been a puppet of elitist programs that have catered to big government, while we continue to lose jobs in the private sector.