MOUNT VERNON — City officials are beginning to look toward spring activities, including the Memorial Day Parade and beautifying the city’s parks.



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5 Responses to “City looks toward spring”

  1. sherrie

    If you have a business, then it’s pretty much your responsibility. It is not mandated, but if I owned a business, I would not look for the City to give me door-to-door service, but rather as an obligation and courtesy to others, then I would do it myself, hire someone, or just let it melt. My point is, this is a small town and complaining after weeks of snow and ice just seems like you are owed something. Give these people a break. I was in Columbus today, and let me tell you, the DIRTY snow is everywhere. I believe people around here are generally gracious and helpful, and it may not be the best idea to accuse the City of not having your sidewalks cleared right after what we have lived with. Why should my tax dollars pay to clean your sidewalk? As a business owner, you just do what you can to make the sidewalk passable. I just can’t get past the, “Dirty Snow,” as a means to anything! It just seems like you may have an issue with government, when it’s really not their job to remove your dirty snow.

  2. David

    I’ve lived two years in Russia, near Murmansk and I can tell you, this is nothing compared to the snows they get there. And the amazing thing about snow, is it’ll melt. Sure it’s slow, but it’s a guarantee.

  3. frenzygals

    Why is it that when business owners, landlords, and individuals attempt to make our city a better place by standing for something, we get labeled as “complainers” and people assume we haven’t done any work? Speaking up is not the same as complaining. We’ve been out clearing our sidewalks and as much parking as we can every time it snows. We’ve paid a service to remove snow when we could not. We spoke to city council members and various other city officials about snow removal two weeks ago. We appreciate the work that has been done, but we expect more for our tax dollars and our votes.
    We are not blind to the plight of the people in Haiti and Chile, and we have given what we could to those relief efforts. However, the “we have it pretty good” card is no excuse for accepting less from ourselves or our local government.

  4. sherrie

    Let’s give the actual workers who have plowed and plowed and plowed, some credit! It’s winter and with that comes snow, ice, dirty and all. I just don’t think complaining is the answer, plus if it bothers you so much, grab a shovel, a wheelbarrel, and go to town! I’d rather see the pot holes being a priority because the snow will melt. I guess it just bothers me that people complain about something that is so mundane. I’m sure the people of Chile and Haiti would switch places with you. Just putting things in perspective!

  5. frenzygals

    Maybe the city should look toward cleaning the giant mounds of snow out of downtown first. It’s a disgrace that it’s taken this long.