Is nuclear the answer for energy needs?

It’s no secret energy use in the United States has risen, with Americans having a seemingly unending appetite for the cars, gadgets and appliances that help them get through their day. The increasing cost, environmentally and financially, of supplying this energy using fossil fuels is bringing the discussion of alternative energy sources to the forefront. Alternatives include wind, solar and nuclear.
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8 Responses to “How do you feel about using nuclear energy?”

  1. Fred S.

    The association of radioactivity with atomic bombs makes for a certain hysteria about nuclear energy that is not necessarily justified. Relative the the pollution associated with fossil fuels, especially coal-fired power plants, the nuclear waste issue seems a lot smaller. Done right, nuclear energy will reduce the cost of electricity and dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emission and environmental destruction (e.g. mountaintop removal coal mining). Just because we have fossil fuel reserves doesn’t mean it’s in our best interest to use them, especially in the long term. Climate change is real, and fossil fuels contribute to it.

  2. soapbox

    As long as its not mispronounced like Bush did, I’m all for it. Remember it’s nuclear not nucular.
    Seriously, I have concerns also about the nuclear waste. Where does it go and what dangers does it present?

  3. tim


    since you know your geography so well. When did N. and S. Dakota become the Northwest? Is nebraska now on the West Coast. Since well the Dakota’s are due north of Nebraska. i know that they are North and West of Ohio, but so is Minnesota.

    enough of me being a smarta$$

    We have known there is oil in North Dakota. the major issue is that most of the oil in that reserve is considered to be Canadian property. Since 2008 when they realized that there was more oil there than first estimated. they have been trying to figure out the best ways to drill and produce the oil.

    but as for your claim that there is oil in washington and idaho. i have found no evidence in a basic search of the internet. maybe you are mis informed or maybe i just cant find the information. but i cant seem to find any.

  4. Glen

    The liberals may think that the northwest is Alaska, but anyone that knows their geography knows that Idaho, Montana, Washington, North & South Dakota are the northwest. That is where there is more oil than anywhere else in the world.

  5. tim

    oh the liberal media talks all the time about the oil in the Alaskan Reserve. The problem is that the Right has no problem wasting our earths resources at the cost of future generations. Why not invest money into trying to find new renewable resources? I know people dont believe in wind or solar energy, but both work great in many parts of the country already without the effect that Nuclear or Oil have on our environment.

    Conservation isnt something that is talked about in ohio much. but maybe it should. Stop listening to glen beck, Bill O and Rush, and maybe you will see that there are actual scientists and economists that have thoughts on this issue that are not politcally based.

    and europe is having the same problem with nuclear waste that we are.

  6. Butch

    Nuclear energy would not even be a question if the environmentalists would let us drill for the over 2 Trillion barrels of oil in the northwest. That’s more than all the proven oil reserves of crude oil in the world today, reports The Denver Post. Once again we are letting a few control the rest of us. This is another thing that you won’t hear about from the liberal media.

  7. Ed

    Just as long as I don’t glow in the dark…full speed ahead with more.

  8. jb

    I’ve heard the French and the Swedes have been using it since 1947 w/o an incident….
    don’t know what they do with the Nuclear Waste.