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8 Responses to “What’s on your mind?”

  1. Pat

    APPLE VALLEY ASSESSMENTS…..Anyone who lives in AV needs to look at the budget that was approved for 2010—IT DOES NOT BALANCE! I have worked in the accounting field for years and any budget that I have worked on has to balance. If your budget doesn’t balance….does your checkbook?
    It seems that the overall problem starts at the top when you have inexperienced individuals running an organization. One individual is paid a very nice salary and has no one to answer to. Has anyone ever checked into what the top paid administrative staff does during the day? Have you ever tried to find them in AV during the day? What do they really do and who do they answer to?
    The plan presented to the AV residents when building new administrative offices was that the Fitness Center was going to be moved to the “barn”. Now we have the new Offices, the Fitness Center never moved, then they took away the attendant and people feel unsafe going to the Fitness Center after dark without anyone there, now we are going to have to pay $40.00 extra a year to use the Fitness Center. Is the plan that is on the table now to make so many people mad that no one buys the $40.00 cards, and then they use the excuse to close it. And yes, the use of the Fitness Center is figured in our assessments, as the indoor pool, outdoor pool, beaches.
    Where is the money going? Really—all we want are the facts–black & white! If the budget doesn’t balance, do we want those individuals taking care of the finances?

  2. John C. Davidson

    I lived there for a while. Cleaned up garbage and trash. When I tried to burn out some stumps, a neighbor called 911 on me. It didn’t pay to make the lot look nice. Too many people complaining about each other. You have to get permission to cut a tree down if you can believe that.

  3. Squirrely

    Mike: We’ve been looking at homes in Apple Valley . . . . maybe we should stop and reconsider. It sounds like there are many issues there! An additional problem is—-what else is going to change down-the-road! Thank you for your comments!

  4. Mike

    I’m an Apple Valley resident that has finally been pushed to ask some questions about where does the assessment fee’s go! The association is now changed the policy on the use of the fitness center to $40 per member (not house hold) and guest would still only be charged $1. With that you’ll have to get another id tag, this one having a magnetic strip where as the regualar id tag doesn’t… so ineffect a house hold could have at least 4 id cards. So is the indoor pool next on the “lets charge our property owners more to use the facility” block. WHERE DOES OUR ASSESSMENTS GO! We pay a water bill for County Water/Wastewater and the roads other than Apple Valley Drive are township roads so that should be handled by the township, so I don’t think our assessments cover those things… they charge to use the fitness center, they charge for the fish fry dinners they have on occassion… so where does our assessments go! There are no speed limit signs on the side road either and I feel there should be and a patrol car should drive thru from time to time or something because there are children who ride bikes and play in the communitee and peole seem to drive way too fast on those roads… let alone on Apple Valley Drive. So who’s pockets are getting lined with money??????? with some 6500 lots sold out there and current assessments being $188 that puts the money coming into the association at around $1.2 mil… a lot of doe for still being charge to use facilities that should be free and why some people moved there.

  5. John C. Davidson

    Ann, we’ll just let the government handle things for us and fill the courtroom and chastize law enforcement while parents search for an excuse in a tavern or in bed with a bottle of sedatives..

  6. Ann

    As we all know there has been much controversy over the use of cell phones and/or texting while driving. We are all human and want to get as many things done and out of the way so we have “more free time”.
    Is our wants and desires worth the life of another innocent person or persons? How many accidents have been caused by someone on their cell phone? Does it not make you shiver when you see a very young person talking on their cell phone or texting while driving? Do they consider the costs? No. Because most of us live with the attitude, “I can handle this”, “It won’t happen to me”, “I am great at texting and can do it and keep my eyes on the road”. Can you handle it? Are you that good? I don’t think any of us can answer that honestly and not realize that it puts anyone on the road in a dangerous situation.
    Are you willing to end your life in order to “make that call”? “send that message”? If your life is not as important as being on your cell phone, keep using it and drive. Also remember–it may not “take your physical life”, but it can take your life if you spend the rest of it behind bars for manslaughter? murder? And, what about the guilt you will live with? What if your parent, wife, girlfriend, child, or even best friend are taken from you because of “someone else” on a cell phone? Oh, that is different. They should not have been using it because they could not handle it. I don’t think so.
    My opinion is “my opinion”: No one is “good enough” to talk on their cell / text on their cell and drive. Sorry about your ego.

  7. Jeff

    Maybe now that TRW Automotive is shutting down somebody else could buy the property and start hiring again!