MOUNT VERNON — The Standardized Dress Committee is taking a "proactive" stance on student attire with a new dress code it proposed to the Mount Vernon Board of Education Monday night.



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13 Responses to “MV school board considers student dress code”

  1. Jane Smith

    hey i just wanted to say that i agree w/ Jacob and uuuuuggggghhhhh/disgusted, whereas everyone else, you guys are not considering the fact that uniform clothes DO cost a lot, and parents for the most part don’t have the extra cash and some might not be able to “save the money” because they’ve got bills to pay. and also, all they’re doing is covering up the underlying people, please think about these things and maybe tell me where you found the proof that says uniforms will help at all significantly AND why ur so convinced that kids need to dress professionally. they’re not getting paid, so let the kids enjoy freedom while they still have it.
    oh and p.s. i know mrs. lambert and i can’t agree with her more.

  2. Janet G. Smith

    But did you ever think of how much this will cost you. Not only will you have to buy clothes for school, you will also need to purchase clothes for out of school. This is outrageous. If a teacher or adult is looking at my child’s attire and thinking it is inappropriate, I would consider that sexual harassment. The majourity of the students follow the dress code well. A year ago, all of this clothing was acceptable and no one complained. No wonder the students are breaking the rules, because the school just made these rules. This dress code is not even in the student handbook. Students dress to look good and feel good about themselves, if we’re just going to put them in matching outfits they will lose their sense of creativity and originality. I think this uniform business is absurd and a waste of time and effort.

  3. Jordan Butler

    ugggggggghhhh, really? You can’t be serious? At some point, the student has to assume the responsibility to want to learn. I graduated from Mt. Vernon and guess what, I can spell. I moved 7 states away, became a teacher (God knows how that happened) and education is the same every where you go…students who don’t care, parents that are lazy, and people in high places making way to much money to be nothing more than a brain trust. Stop complaining and babbling like an idiot. I don’t agree with uniforms either, but I am not about to bash the system for it. There is an easier solution, though. Zip ties make a great weapon against baggy pants and baggy t-shirts with the schools logo makes a great weapon against skimpy clothes. Once a girl in a mini skirt and spaghetti strap has to to wear a mens XXl t-shirt around school all day, she will think twice next time she is picking out an outfit. When homeboy has to zip tie the belt loops of his XXXL jeans and looks like a clown, he won’t forget his belt.

  4. 2 cents worth

    to uuugggggghhhh……
    i ugree. who cares whut are kids ware, thay nede two lern two rede & rite two spel wurds two & yuse punktuashun marks did yoo go two mt vernun scooo? bet yooo did!

  5. tim

    for those of you against school dress codes consider this: Schools are meant for higher learning, not for “who looks the coolest”. and yes MTV schools are trying to better the students. This will allow for the teachers to spend time teaching not preaching about clothing. And since most parents dont actually do any parenting, schools have become a place where parenting occurs. whether you like it or not.

    Schools are only trying to regulate what students where while they are in classes. not at night or the weekends. while i am all for free speech, i am also for higher learning. Having kids wear uniforms can not only resolve problems before they arrise for teachers, it also gives kids the relief not to worry about having to be “cool” while they are in school. the social ramification are amazing in a setting like this.

  6. Claudia

    I worked at the high school, I saw the skimpy clothes the girls & the baggy low hanging pants the boys like to wear. High school is supposed to prepare students for the real world. Employers want to hire decent people who know how to dress for work! There is nothing wrong with the school wanting kids to come to school to learn, not to put on a fashion show. If you don’t want your kids to wear these “uniforms”, to help improve their learning enviroment, they will spend the rest of their lives wearing another kind of uniform, and asking “Do you want fries with that?”

  7. ugggggggghhh/disgusted

    yes unfortunaly yes i did class of 2003 i moved 2 states away and the school my kids go to are 10 times better

  8. Jacob

    Well, he kind of proves the point that Mount Vernon should worry more about educational standards than dress …

  9. John C. Davidson

    From what you’ve scripted, am I to assume you graduated from there?

  10. John C. Davidson

    Good point, Jacob. Schools should be worried about teaching, not parenting.

  11. ugggggggghhh/disgusted

    school isnt even worth waring a uniform for the sports teams suck the education suck BIG TIME!!! instend of them worrying about what the kids are waring maybe they otta be worried about the kids education mt.vernon schools are sooo frreaking behind but insteand of worring about the education of the children there worried about what there waring oh that makes a hole lot of since

  12. Rosemary Oswalt

    Mrs. Lambert is a teacher? Instead of complaining about spending $300 on your son’s clothing, consider a clothing fund and start saving for the required attire. There have been a lot of news magazine shows covering this topic (i.e. 60 minutes) and the concensus is the students have a higher grade average, better attention span, overall better attendance, and less behavioral problems.

    Check your clothing receipts.You probably spend a lot more than the $300 for school clothes. The year-long expenditures might shock you when you total them. An observance I’ve made in recent years is that so many male youth don’t have at least one decent outfit consisting of well-fitting pants and nice solid color shirt, instead they have sloppy cargo pants and no solid color T. A pair of nice leather shoes costs less than the $100-200 sports shoes kids demand nowadays. Think about where you are shopping when you pull out the plastic. Practice “Dress for Success” and you’ll be ready for that job interview, awards ceremony, etc. Yes, I’m older, but I miss seeing boys and girls dressing “decent”, and “decent” look worked for us when we entered college and employment.

  13. Jacob

    What a pile of crap. The kids will have the rest of their lives to be shoe-horned into uncomfortable, frumpy clothes. Let them enjoy their youth wearing what they want.

    Besides, the school district marches the kids every day into an ugly, poorly designed, soul-killing school. It looks like it was designed by some machine in the Soviet Union. Why not let the kids live a little, since they have to spend their days in such a horrible place?