Americans have come to detest Congress ever more deeply as it nears the end of a nasty fight over health care. But more than half still back President Barack Obama, a bright spot for a Democratic Party counting on its leader to help stave off expected losses in elections this fall. The latest Associated Press-GfK poll found that fewer people approve of Congress than at any point in Obama’s presidency. Support has dropped significantly since January to a dismal 22 percent as the health care debate has roiled Capitol Hill. Neither Republicans nor Democrats are safe; half of all people say they want to fire their congressman.



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6 Responses to “Support drops for President and Congress”

  1. Bill

    also.. if people were supposed to retain power. why have the electoral college? oh thats right because our government didnt trust the people.

  2. Bill

    sure. but facts are facts. and mis interpreting the truth is just.. wrong. To say that our country was founded on states rights over federal rights is well…a lie.

    the laws of the country havent changed. Perception has changed. People believe that the president has more power than he really has because the media perceives that to be true.

    We did not get civil rights because Iowa decided that blacks were equal. We got civil rights because of Pres. Johnson and the congress getting together to pass legislation.

    Local politics are just that, Local. Political parties dont matter as much at the local level. We tend to look at the body of work rather than political ideals. Local Politics do not change the national stage. unfortunetly the national stage is changing local politics.

    One of the greatest hypocracies in all of politics is that of abortion. and it goes both ways on this one. Liberals are pro choice and anit death penalty. where as conservatives are pro life and pro death penalty.

    i just started rambling. sorry

  3. John C. Davidson

    It’s all about interpretation and the slant that suits your needs, Bill.

  4. Bill

    Not sure where you got your civics lessons john c. but i think you need to read books written by all of our founding fathers. Not just the ones you agree with.

  5. John C. Davidson

    This country was structured to be governed from local, to state, federal. That way it ensured people retained power. Slowly, this trend has been reversed and now we find we are being dictated to from the secret caverns.

    In a notice from the White House regarding health care, I notice in the contact section, there are three classification to respond under: For it, against it and supporting the president. I already know where each catagory goes before sending in a response. A government agency waits for me to make a mistake and I will pay the price for speaking out. It is how things are in our society today.It is why people who do speak our generally do so anonymously.