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25 Responses to “How do you feel about school dress codes?”

  1. teacher?

    I hope you are not the one teaching my student. Did you look at your response? The punctuation is non existant. The children at the High School are just trying to get the best education possible. If you view them as chumps and sluts then you have no place in the school system.

  2. just parent

    I just have one word “PARENT” It is not the dress code it is the parenting, children go to school to “LEARN” They have already been in the home for at least 4 years before starting school that is where the foundation of learning begins. I feel parents give children everything they want these days and this is where it starts. You are not your childs friend you are the “PARENT” How do children get the crazy clothes and the “GANGSTA” wear and clothes that little girls and little women should not be seen in …… the “PARENT”. Parents, children do not control you, control the child and giving in to every whim and want just ruins them. If you really love your child you would do what is best for them and then the matter of clothes would not be an issue! And teachers could just stick to teaching instead of having to be surrogate parents to your spoiled uneducated in values children!

  3. msmom

    I have a high school student and am at the school very often. I notice what kids are wearing and how they act. Most of the kids are dressed exactly how they should be. I also have to say that in dealing with these kids they really have surprised me at how polite and willing to learn they are. How a child is dressed should not determine how well they can learn. The school has a dress code now, what is wrong with enforcing that? The impression that I have gotten from MOST of the teachers is that they really don’t want to be bothered. Even the principal has that “don’t bother me” attitude. Teachers were involved when I attended school and they cared about the kids in their class. That is what is wrong with the school today, not what the kids are wearing. Stop blaming them!

  4. woodyj

    and i thought it was obama that was trying to make this nation socialist

  5. utica

    I am leaning towards a dress code.. Schools have groups.. These groups express through clothing.. And I remember highschool which was not long ago.. Kids were made fun of and laughed at due to families not having the money to supply their children with good enough clothes.. Kids with holes in their shoes.. I see it as cruel that children bully on others. And these kids now.. I dont really like the whole thug. Ganster! Wha! lol.. Its stupid.. And thats all I see in children walking around.. I believe dress code will build a great foundation on peace on our schools.. Kids wont be able to tell who is rich and poor or middle class.. I say go for it! Oh and yes.. Some of these parents need to throw some laws down.. Last halloween I seen little 10 year old girls dressed like a slut! If that was my daughter.. I wouldnt be allowing it.. What order as this age came to? We need to become a more strict world with our children or their future will come and it will be a world of.. ” Yeah I dont care”

  6. The Patriarch

    I always get a good laugh when our School Board wants to tell us how to raise our children instead of doing what they should be doing, Teaching our children. Let’s give our kids an easier way to learn math so they don’t have to learn how to carry a number and give them picture books to learn how to read. Wonderful!!! Now I have a ten yer old that can’t do math and reads at a first grade level. So while i am teaching my kids in the evenings fixing your mistakes you can concentrate on what clothes they wear to school. Here is an idea….Let’s come up with a program where even if the child can’t quite understand everything he was taught that year you guys just let them slide on thru to the next grade that way no child is left behind, well, at least until they try to get into college or find decent work. Wonder why I am so hostile? Because of what i just read……Your telling us that you cannot teach our children unless they are dressed in a uniform. Or, is it that you won’t teach our children. Sounds more like a threat to me. Why don’t you keep collecting your taxpayer payroll and do what you are supposed to be doing, teaching our children. You call yourselves educators? You should be ashamed of yourselves. My teachers would have pddled you all and stood you nose first in a circle on the chalkboard if they could see what you have become today. Remember, our children have a RIGHT to an education! it’s not if you decide when it’s at your conveniance. Don’t worry about what they wear,as long as they are learning. That is your job isn’t it? Teaching? Because I am a bit cofused on that one. Is it teaching or career politician? Of course you could always start a couple gangs then it would be easier to enforce a uniform. Come on! Just one more version of West Side Story wouldn’t be so bad.

  7. Karen

    As a parent, I am for a dress code. A dress code for both teachers and students. We have become a country of “casual folks”, dressing down seems to be the trend. However, I believe that for adults as well as children if you dress appropriately and feel better about yourself, you perform better. If a dress code is in effect you won’t have the short-short, spaghetti strap issues with the girls and the boys would not have baggy, saggy pants. However, I think that it would be nice if five or six different styles were available that the kids could vote for. If they have a voice in choosing what they like, it would make all the difference in the world. Going to school is their “job”. Adults have to dress appropriately for their jobs and children could do the same. We need to set a higher standard and all work toward a common goal. Wearing a uniform does not take away individuality. It just helps prepare for the future. I surveyed my 15 year old son concerning the wearing of uniforms. He said he would wear them if he has too, it is just not an issue for him. His exact words were “what-ever”…. After reading all the responses it appears that some individuals want to drag other political issues into the wearing of uniforms. Good grief, it’s just a uniform and nothing more.

  8. TheTiesBind

    Seems to me there has been no problem in the past few years pertaining to the district report card. I must agree that obviously as one can see with their own eyes, that yes. Apparently there has been a decline in the way the ‘High School’ students dress. Let’s examine who may be accountable for this for a moment. Certainly if you step back and look at society as a whole the answers come leaping out at you. What we are experiencing, is the degeneration of an entire society. It’s everywhere you look. Turn the television on at night and it will only take a matter of a few minutes to relise that commercialized marketing stategies are laced with sexual appeal and enticement. Politics is laden with infidelity scandal. Some, (not all), music standards are riddled with inuindo. In the 60’s, a homosexual was treated for mental disorders. Now, a commonly accepted preference along with same sex marriage becoming moreso. And to boot, we now allow children to be adopted into the circumstance? In my opinion, a general acceptance of such things, is the beginning of the end of the succesful moral social structures that the foundations of the world was built upon, and accountability remains on the shoulders of society as a whole in my opinion…..

  9. red dragon hawk

    limit class sizes !! 15-1 student teacher ratio will increase student and teacher performance , lead to better discipline in the classroom, and allow the teacher to spend more time with each student on a one too one level that these kids need. it will also eliminate the need for silly uniforms!!

  10. Ann

    I think dress codes are vital-the kids of this generation need more structure and boundaries because they are out of control, and parents are too. Nobody takes responsibility for watching and controlling their children! I say CODE THEM ALL!!

  11. shocked

    im not sure what to say. i am honestly suprised that so many people are against a dress code for students. as a 30 year old history teacher from mtv who now teaches in c-bus. i would love for our school district to be considering such an action. I am as liberal as they come, and i am all for “freedom of expression”. but lets remember a couple of things. These are children. most are under the age of 18 when they leave high school. so arent we as responsible adults supposed to look out for the welfare of these children.

    as a teacher i want an environment in my classroom where i dont have to worry about the clothes my students are wearing. If a dress code was instituted this would free up the teachers from dealing with unnecessary distractions and actually get back to teaching. many schools throughout the country have instituted dress codes or uniforms with great success. Most school districts will find a cheap supplier of uniforms for families with needs.

    if you want your child to have freedom of expression and dress like a chump or slut. she or he can do so, but just not in my classroom. People speak about higher standards for our kids. most remember being told to “dress for success”. everytime we had a soccer game, we wore shirt and ties to school. for those who have fault for the school district trying to make a better environment for kids to learn, obviously have not spent any time in a school for a long time.

    thank you mt vernon board for being progressive on this issue

  12. J. Smith

    Public schools should not impose uniforms on our kids. If I wanted my kids to wear uniforms, I’d send them to a private school.
    Why do we have fine arts? Freedom of expression? We want our kids to be well rounded INDIVIDUALS !
    Do you really think uniforms will be the answer to less ‘distractions’ ? The kids will simply find other ways to express themselves. Crazy makeup and hairstyles? Tattoos? Body piercings? Drugs, alcohol, sex…
    What do kids usually do when too much authority is imposed? Rebel? Imposing uniforms and taking away individual rights is in itself a huge distraction.
    I am sad , disappointed, and disgusted that we are even considering school uniforms. Most parents ‘edit’ their kids clothes and care about how they represent themselves. There will always be those who choose to rebel. In the real world we have to learn to DEAL with those who won’t conform, we teach our kids that life isn’t fair, circumstances aren’t the same for everyone. Being different should be accepted and encouraged. ‘We need uniforms’ to teach them how to dress in the real world as adults? Really?
    If the administration can’t be bothered to enforce the existing dress code for the few who can’t or won’t follow it, that’s scary. And if we as parents can’t or won’t be bothered with supervising (parenting) how our children dress for school, that’s scary too and very sad. Most of us are intelligent enough to parent our kids and make sure they are dressed appropriately. Don’t impose harsh restrictions on all of us, because of an ignorant few. What’s next? Are you going to tell me that my kids have to be vegetarians? Are you going to tell me what religion to follow?

  13. Rosemary Oswalt

    OOPS! Thought the first comment go thru so wrote a second. Sorry. I did check a couple of web sites on uniform costs. They’re available very reasonably…shirts under $10, pants under $15. Interesting.

  14. Not for the Dress code

    The school board commented that there were 200 violations of the dress code. How many students were involved in these violations? Should we be making policy changes based on a minimal amount of students violating the dress code? Let’s punish everyone for the sake of a few? Why isn’t the current dress code being enforced? Are we to believe that students will follow a new dress code simply because it involves business dress? Instead of the administration being concerned with how the students are dressing, perhaps they should be concerned with improving the standing of the school with regards to our district “report card.” I don’t feel the school district should ask for additional funding or a change in policy until the parents see an improvement in the “report card.”

  15. woodyj

    so just double parent’s costs for clothes? one set for school and one for at home? Also, how does this prepare them for success when the truth is over 50% will be common (?) laborers. Am i not a success because of how I dress? Is this the way we want our kids and grandkids judging the success of their own lives? This is truly turning into a big arrogant joke

  16. Cary

    I have a child in the Mount Vernon School District and I have to say that Im surprised what students are wearing. Im not for or against a dress code. What I am against is the dress code they are thinking of passing. Its going to be way to difficult to find such clothes in retail stores in Mt. Vernon and people will have to go out of town and to be honest I think it will still be tough to find the kind of clothes they want the kids to wear. If they want to have a dress code either enforce the dress code they have or keep it simple! I dont think jeans have to be removed from the the school. I think jeans are very acceptable in a school setting. As far as shirts go why don’t the school come up with a summer and winter shirt with a school logo and sell to the parents for a realistic price? Buying school clothes is tough enough without having to shop all over the place and multiple cities.

  17. Rosemary Oswalt

    I would like to know the cost of uniforms vs. the grunge clothes kids wear nowadays. Bet the uniforms are less since fewer uniforms would be needed than the numerous expensive clothes kids want to wear to school. Wear the grunge after school. It’s pretty obvious there are fewer kids dressed decently no matter where they are going. It’s really nice to see a young man or girl with neat clothes covering their body!

  18. Rosemary Oswalt

    I would like to know the cost of uniforms vs. the expensive clothes the kids think they need to wear to school. They can wear their grunge after school hours. Besides, you wouldn’t have to have 20+ changes of clothes with uniforms. 1 or 2 outfits would suffice. Learn how to launder by hand in the sink and hang to dry so a clean uniform is always ready. (If you launder in the kitchen sink it’s a sure way to keep the dishes done!) It’s survival with some decency, which I haven’t seen much of on kids lately.


    My child has attended both private school and public school. She was happier in the private school wearing uniforms because she did not have to worry about what the kids would think of her clothes. Inregards to the the cost of uniforms there are good second hand stores where you can get the uniforms for half the cost.

  20. YT Cline

    Rules are rules. If you are not going to inforce rules then drop them from the books. I always thought that as educators we (all of us…parents included) were to educate and to help these knowledge thirsty children (K-12) to prepare for “LIFE”. This will also includes the proper attire.

  21. miriam st. jean

    There’s already a dress code on the books – the teachers and administrators should enforce it – if they don’t or can’t – fire them and find teachers and administrators who are wiling to do their jobs

    To all the parents who favor a uniform dress code?

    Make sure your children are dressed appropriately when they leave your house – stop expecting the schools to do your parenting for you.

    I can’t believe this is even being considered.

  22. supporter

    I think I could make the argument that the vast majority of teachers do set a good example and do dress professionally. I do think that it is important for teachers to set a good example but I also think that it is unfair to somehow put the responsibility of what parents allow their children to wear to school on the shoulders of the teachers. I understand that it takes a village to raise a child but I know that I feel personally responsible for what my children walk out of the house in. I am not at all willing to put any of that responsibility on the teachers whose job is to teach them…NOT parent them.

    I have tried to educate myself on the pros and cons of having a dress code and I have also talked with parents who have kids in public schools that enforce a dress code. Every one of the parents that I talked to said they didn’t like the idea until it was put into practice. They were all very positive about the change. I would support it.

  23. John Q. Public

    As long as it does not cost the parents money to supply the uniforms, it’s okay with me. However, I still have a healthy distrust of any local, state or federal mandate requiring anybody to wear any type of pre-determined uniform. Remember the kids dressed as Hitler youths? Well, that said, maybe it’s a good idea if it does not cost the poorer families cash money for these uniforms, and helps the kids to feel like that are all one part of the same school.

  24. louise collins

    My comment is why now? When my children attended school, I never seen such rude aggressive kids. Kids now days have no concept of how to treat other people it all starts from birth at home. I think the teachers should have a dress code and I think the children should have a dress code. If parents can’t get a grip on how there child leaves the home dressed then maybe having a dress code will say we all are important persons no matter how we dress, look etc. Spend more time on homework and getting along then the most expensive clothes, gadgets etc out there.And beyond dress code keep drugs out of the schools and the school parking lots and pay attention to all the children some feel so depressedthat they want to take there life because some rude kid was so mean to them. Not every kid has a parent to go home to and say how bad it was at school today. Believe me I know.My children survived but I have some stories. My granddaughter is still trying to get thru this I listen to her stories. She doesn’t want the dress code and I know why she puts so much into how she looks it scares me, her grades are bad she is nervous every day. Wish you could get more helpers for the teachers because I know the teachers try they have to teach, be supportive be everything because parents just aren’t there for the children.I have watched this for years it makes me sad.Thank-you.

  25. Dug

    Dress codes at schools have been forgotten. It has gotten to the point of wear what you want. My oldest daughter graduated in 2008. When I went to pick her up at school, I saw sleeveless shirts, short skirts, short shorts, and flip-flop shoes. I know that you want to be relaxed while attending school, but we need to use some common sense. I know times have changed, but it is time that we make rules and enforce them. I do not believe in uniforms, but the students need to be covered up while in school. The first thing that needs to happen is the teachers need to set an example. I see teachers wearing sandles, shorts, and jeans. Are the teachers suppose to be setting an example for the kids? When I attended school, in the 70’s, the male teachers wore ties and the female teachers wore dresses or dress pants. Maybe we should give the teachers a dress code to show an example for their students.