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22 Responses to “Do you think business owners should be fined if a patron is caught smoking? Why?”

  1. John C. Davidson

    Excuse him, he doesn’t realize you need to sleep every night and scratch your head earlier in the evening.

  2. John Q. Public

    Mr. Morrison, who are you, and what is your job, if in fact you work at the newspaper?

  3. Joshua Morrison

    What response was deleted? The last response we got was last night at 11:05p.m. We’ve not deleted any responses today.

  4. John Q. Public

    Dear Mount Vernon News, please stop deleting my responses just because you don’t agree with my point of view. This happens all the time, and there was no curse words. What? Are you people in the newspaper now against the 1st Amendment for freedom of speech? Or is only what you want to report?

  5. John C. Davidson

    Excellent, Diana. We’ve got too many busy bodies in our neighborhood that complain about anything just to get attention. Then, we get politicians jumping at the chance to get some publicity.

  6. PL

    Q, by that rationale bars should not have to check ID’s to see if the person is of legal age to drink. Because this puts the inforcement of the legal drinking age onto the burden of the owners, which is really a state inforcement police action.

  7. Diana

    NO and NO. The Government should never be allowed to tell a business owner that smoking is not allowed. The owner could post a sign stating that smokers are welcomed, and if non-smokers did not want to come into the business, thats the businessowners lose, but the owner needs to make that decision, not the government.

    Smokers, health care, next will be gun control…..

  8. John Q. Public

    No, because this puts the inforcement of the non-smoking ban onto the burden of the owners, which is really a state inforcement police action. We are not talking aboout illegal drugs in this matter, only whom should enforce the law. If the owners of the business’ can be found liable, then they also should be allowed to… under state law, to impose a fine of their own, just like the cities are doing with private corporations whom install stop light cameras in order to get 50% of the fines inposes. Should we also send out a private posse that could collect 50% for every violation? I suppose most people do not seem to see or care about the possible conconquences that this requirement leads to. Should we all be required to inform the all powerful state of a misdemeaner, under threat of a fine being imposed upon us? You tell me.

  9. John C. Davidson

    What a hypocrit you are, next you’ll want to bring back prohibition.

  10. PL

    and yes, fine the business owners. There are too many bars who let patrons smoke still. If someone is at your establishment who is smoking, kick them out. If they dont leave, that is tresspassing and they will be arrested. Sure fine the individuals too. Fines won’t be assesed if the owners are being pro-active, but they need to be if they are turning a blind eye.

  11. PL

    @ mary, smoking may go hand in hand with drinking, but so does hard drugs. So is it up to the bar to let the patrons snort cocaine off the bar? The smoking ban passed by a majority vote! It was the people NOT the government who stripped your rights to smoke in public. It was the people not the government who gave me the right to be in a public building, and not have to endure cigarette smoke. THANK YOU VOTERS, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  12. Uncle Sam

    Not if the owner has made a resonable attempt to warn/stop/remove the offender.

  13. donald smith

    i am not a smoke,r but they are just like any body else they have ( rights too ) it is just one more right they are trying to take away from us. WHATS NEXT?

  14. mary

    I do not think the establishment should be fined I think the individual should be. It is they who are breaking the law. If the establishment goes out of its way to make a nice smoking area outside there should be no smoking inside. I have always agreed that no smoking in restaurants is a good thing. But, it oversteps when it comes to a bar. Drinking and smoking go hand in hand in most cases. I believe it should be up to the bar to choose smoke or not. who are we to tell them they lose business because people do not want to stand outside in the snow or cold to smoke. again, restaurants no smoking bars..big deal let em you dont have to patronize that bar.

  15. Joe

    I couldn`t agree with you more John C. It`s not going to surprise me in the least when we see the first legal case of a smoker getting charged with assault by blowing smoke into anothers face either.
    How does an elephant bleed to death? One drop at a time. The same is so with our civil rights and freedoms.

  16. eds

    The law itself smacks of ,”Nazism”, the “anonymous” persons informing on others, be it true or not. As an “assumed” free country I though we had the right to know who are accusers are???? The state of Ohio has violated the US Constitution, whose rights will disappear next? Think about it!

  17. Gloria Stevens

    I think a business owner is responsible for everything that goes on in his establishment, if it is a preventable problem, if its a law, and that law is being broken, its his responsibility to put a stop to it, no question, break a law, be punished, if the owner doesn’t remove the problem then he becomes part of the broken law, the problem is affecting the rest of the customers he is responsible for, if he can be sued for an accident, why not smoke inhalation?

  18. John C. Davidson

    If you can’t tax ’em, fine ’em. It’s a lot easier to get money out of a landord or proprietor than it is to make the individual responsible for their actions. It also makes it easy for the government to pit one against the other and make it profitable. The use of anonymous tips has proven very effective, but is it really legal or just a form of harassment so prevelant in socialised forms of rule. Years ago, we all condemned communism for pitting neighbor against neighbor. Some government agencie’s enforcement policies remind me of former Gestapo tactics.

  19. hazeleyes

    I do not feel it is the business owner’s responsibility to babysit every patron that comes into his or her establishment. I do feel that if the individual who gets caught smoking should be banned from the establishment or fined or both so long as the law in is intact.