Summoned to success by President Barack Obama, the Democratic-controlled Congress approved historic legislation Sunday night extending health care to tens of millions of uninsured Americans and cracking down on insurance company abuses, a climactic chapter in the century-long quest for near universal coverage.Read more…



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46 Responses to “Congress approves historic health care legislation”

  1. dick

    Interesting article in the WSJ about Obamacare Day One:

    If this is true, then the results of the boondoggle legislation will be even more devastating that expected. Let’s just hope that the public remembers in Nov all the bribes and payoffs and all the damage that this bill brings to the nation and what the real effect it will have on the productive members of society. What is scary is that close to 50% of the public do not pay income tax and even some of them get back money they never even paid into the coffers. When you consider that, then the cost to the productive public is going to be even worse than the CBO admitted to and that figure makes no sense at all. What Obama is counting on is that by delaying the start of the takings and even more the paying for this bill he can stay in office because it will not have really hit the public yet what the ramifications of what they wrought. When the public does find out what the true cost of this will be, then the anger will really come out.

  2. GL

    (Page 30, section 133) THERE WILL BE A GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE that DECIDES what treatments you will receive.
    The language of the bill indicates the panel shall RECOMMEND — not dictate — appropriate treatments and coverages.

    (Page 42) The Healthcare Commisioner will CHOOSE your Healthcare benifits for you.
    The committee will set standards not dictate benefits.

    (Page 50, section 152) Healthcare will be provided to ALL NON-U.S. Citizens, illegal or otherwise.
    This section has absolutely nothing to do with providing insurance coverage to non-citizens.

    I could go on and on refuting each of the above “Chilling” points. The fact of the matter is, these are just a few examples of how the bill has been mis-charactorized by those who do not care a whit about their fellow Americans. All they care about is Obama and the Democratic party failing at whatever they try to do. And I do not attribute tis to any group in general. BUT THERE ARE THOSE WHO CARE ABOUT NOTING ELSE EXCEPT THE FAILURE OF OBAMA, THE CONSEQUENCES BE DAMNED.

  3. excuse me

    and you think this is breaking news. this has been going on for years. it is the republican way.

  4. excuse me

    well if you consider fox news the only news organization that has “real news” and it isnt swayed to your beliefs you are not an educated person.

    Even my most conservative friends who agree with fox news and their take on the government do not believe fox is truthful all the time. they sway their opinion to the conservative right just like MSNBC is tilted to the left. if you understand that going into the their news program then you have to understand that they are not truthful in how they report the news.

    i am a liberal minded individual. but even as i watch msnbc, cnn and fox i have to understand that the reporting is not always accurate. the most accurate and unbiased new organization is PBS and NPR.

  5. g

    off base but legite.
    can we get the mayor and his cronies off the back of the taxi company.
    one week it runs. two weeks later they are not allowed.
    county needs their quota you know. i wanted to go uptown,
    w/ the wife, have a good meal and a fine wine.
    taxi us SAFELY home. but no. so we chose to stay home and not
    spend money at these locations. so for the mayors issues the
    community suffers. i’d have his ars in a columbus court to answer for my
    lost revenue(because we know the courts are biased here) if it were me.
    just my opinion

  6. Somebody

    This may be a little off topic.. My fiance works at a large insurance company.. Guess where most of their work is routed to.. OVERSEAS! Now thats our money we pay them not being circulated back into the American Society. Instead the circle of flow is being routed to Indonesia and other places in the middle east. Of course you dont know.. Thats because their customer support team is only stationed in America.. The whole fact of this is, companies like Verizon, AT&T, Direct TV.. ETC.. re-route alot of their work to these other places outside of the U.S. which save their Coporations buko bucks.. But in the long run it breaks the circle of flow in our states.. Due to the fact of people that could have those jobs living right here in the U.S. And its not like since they pay less for workers over there you see our prices being cut.. YEAH RIGHT.. Health premiums are still the same or higher..etc.. What we need to do is come together as a real Country should and be a REAL team.. We wouldnt have to worry about this bull about the face value of our dollar.. PERIOD..

  7. dick

    And a lot of the Attorneys general who are filling the suit are filing it at the direction of their state legislatures. They are not doing it on their own. The states will have to pick up the big costs of this boondoggle if it ever goes into effect because of the Medicaid requirements. They will also have to deal with the insurance companies because the states are the ones who regulate the insurance companies even after this mess was passed. So what we have is a federal government who determines on their own what to require in the way of insurance and they will tell the states who then have to levy this against the insurance companies because the insurance companies cannot sell across state lines. And you are complaining about the fact that republican attorneys general are filing suit? There are 39 out of 50 states that will file suit either alone or as a class action. That means that so far only 11 states and the people who enforce the laws in those states are supporting this bill – and that include Ohio in the first suit.

    You may not be happy with Zack Space but you should not be surprised. He was luckily one of the ones that San Fran Nan permitted to oppose the bill because she realized he was in a district that really was up in arms over it. Just check the comments here and count how many are in favor and how many not. Strange that Zack Space was all in favor of the bill right up until just a couple of days before the vote. Then he voted against it. Guess maybe the calls to his various offices might have something to do with that. You can bet it was not done out of his strong beliefs. It was done for strictly political reasons. The man does not have an ethical bone in his body – or is that head.

  8. dick

    Actually the approval rating for the house and senate are hovering around 12%. Approval for Sen Reid is around 8% and for San Fran Nan is about 12%.

    The president’s rating is a lot higher but still less than 50% and sinking as we speak. The strong approval is running about 20%. When you check the independents the approval of Obama is around 25% and that is the one that will decide the next election, the independent voters. The Dems are losing them hand over fist.

  9. hazeleyes

    Ahh honey I am not a lost soul! lol You should be sorry!

  10. John C. Davidson

    Because you claim your opinions are not biased, yet others are. How do you know Fox is biased? What’s you credibility to make such a statement, sir. Have you even thought to read Dr. Thomas Sowells articles.

    Quash, above lists quite a few excerps from the health bill. I suppose those aren’t facts. Stop making political comments of liuttle substance and I won’t have to debate you.

  11. a real american

    Stupid comments like these are exactly how americans got into this situation. First off get your facts straight Dole’s plan gave the STATES the power to address costs of medicare and medicaid. That is called STATES RIGHTS incase your interested. The constitution is your friend try reading it sometime clearly you never have. Also Dole wanted to put in place medical savings programs. The biggest difference was there was NO MANDATE forcing the people of the United States into anything. The nerve to call Bob Dole a Reagan Republican truly shows your lack of the truth. I wont say your ignorant because to quote a great man “it isnt that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so much that isnt so.”( Reagan) Bob Dole also voted to increase taxes 14 times in less than ten years. Oh and lets not count Dole’s flip floping on the act for america bill( a massive tax cut bill). Lets call a spade a spade Dole was a moderate no where near a conservative and in a way worse than a liberal. Your whole comment about Republicans having control for 6 years is pretty funny I actually got a laugh out of it I have to thank you for that. If you really want to get into who had control the longest lets talk about the this. From the 76th Congress (1939-41) through to the 96th Congress (1979-81,) the Democrats had majority control of both Chambers, less in the 80th (1947-49) and the 83rd (1953-55) Congresses when Republican majorities were slight. This shows plainly 42 years running of near total majority control of Congress by the Democratic Party and you want to talk about six years. It took us at least 80 years to get this far off path and it will take us at least that long to get it back on path. If America keeps going the wrong way it will only take that much longer to get it back. You also say that the Republicans didnt want to help with the bill. They offered plenty of Free market solutions and amendments they even drew up thier own bill all of which were struck down. Soon after the dems started doing damn near everthing under locked doors ( that means the Republicans couldnt get in to say anything at all. Incase you didnt understand and judging by your comments you didnt) Finally you say this and this is worse than everything else you said.”Do you want an elected official who may do something that is unpopular but they believe it is in the best interest of the country? or do you want someone who does nothing?” I peronally want them to do exactly what they are supposed to do. They are Representatives that means they represent us the very people who vote them in nothing more or less. If the majority of their people say no then they should vote no. My advice to you is to know your history before using that name and lay off the MSLSD (msnbc for the slower libs out there)

  12. Jacob

    John, Fox News is a biased, non-fact-based source of infotainment.

    Why are you stalking me on here? Respond to some other people for a change.

  13. Jacob

    Well, John, all of the attorneys general filing suit against the legislation are Republican. I suppose I could have ripped the Democratic and Republican attorneys general filing suit, but then I would have been wildly inaccurate in my criticisms.

    As to your complaint about my argument, well … I trust you didn’t read the second paragraph to my post above, which mentioned no political parties. And I also notice that you didn’t comment on my point that Bob Dole (a Republican) proposed health insurance regulation similar to that which was signed into law last week. And I also assume you don’t realize that I am very unhappy with our Democratic representative, Zack Space, despite his partisan affiliation.

    And, no, I’m not running for office. Who am I? I’m a person who posts under a pseudonym at this website, much like most of the other people who post here. Why don’t you ask them who they are, as well?

  14. excuse me

    Fox news is the only news station that tells the truth????? are you serious?????

    you are a lost soul. im sorry.

  15. hazeleyes

    Fox News is the ONLY NEWS STATION THAT TELLS THE TRUTH!!!! I suggest you get your VISION BACK!

  16. John C. Davidson

    Damn the Republicans is always the main theme of your rhetoric, Jacob. Not an ounce of sustanence to your argument. Are you running for office? Who are you? Do you even know?

  17. hazeleyes

    The sorry truth is this: The government is spending money they don’t even have! The dollar is not worth the paper it is printed on! the healthcare reform is a act of terror for the AMERICAN PEOPLE! I did not vote for that joker! He is a liar! Just you wait and see!

  18. dick

    No they are not. They are stiil in the reconciliation bill. The only one cut was that one for Sen Nelson of Kansas and it was replaced with the billion plus to build the hospital. The one in Louisiana is still there as is the one for Florida and the one for Vermont and the rest of them as well.

    Now how are you going to make sure the bucks are still there in 2014. You are taking bucks from the productive workers starting almost right away and then 4 years later you start implementing some of the pieces. Do you seriously think that the administration is going to keep its hands off that money and ensure that it is used only for healthcare and health insurance? In what world do you think congress will let a buck sit there unspent. After all SSA and Medicare were supposed to be locked boxes and used only for that one purpose. LBJ dumped them into the general fund and now we have this huge unfunded bill coming due. You think Congress will leave the money there? As I said, in you dreams!

    Wait until you see what the Senate does to that reconciliation bill. They can change that one – and you can bet they will. Wonder if Stupak will still get his airports now. That was the real price to get his vote. Guess Obama found out what his price was and paid it. 3/4 billion for private airports in his district bought his vote and he worked on the rest of the people who had some principles initiatlly to get them to vote in support. If they hadn’t the bill would have lost 220 against vs 212 for.

  19. a Real American

    Remember this is very similar to what Bob Dole wanted done in the 1990’s. For you who consider yourself “reagan republicans”, Dole is a true Reagan Republican.

    if you want to be pissed that the Democrats passed this bill. Fine. But remember this. the republicans had control of the Presidency, the house and the Senate and never got this legislation done. they were in control for 6 years. The democrats have had everything for just over a year. Dont be pissed at the democrats for doing something. If you are going to elect Republicans make sure they are worth a damn.

    The Approval rating for the house and the senate was hovering about 30%, mainly because people said they didnt get anything accomplished. Well now they are accomplished something.

    Remember bi-partisanship only works when the minority actually helps out. Both parties need to work on that. the bill could have been better had the republicans joined the debate instead of trying to stop it at all costs. now they have nothing to show for it in the bill.

    Do you want an elected official who may do something that is unpopular but they believe it is in the best interest of the country? or do you want someone who does nothing? Republicans right now are known for doing nothing.

  20. Cindy

    Why are so many people surprised that the Health Care Bill passed? We have been paying for health care through our payroll taxes for as long as I can remember. It’s called FICA. Medicare/Medicade::::But I don’t have the benefit of using that health care because I am not old enough, yet!!!! I also pay a percent of my health care through my employeer. So yes, I believe if you make a $100,000 a year you should be required to have healath insurance. Should the governement have the right to require us to buy health insurance? Let me ask this. How many Americans cheered when Ohio passed the smoking ban: how many cheered when Ohio passed the seat belt law? The child restraint law? etc. Federal Abortation Regulations!! We as Americans have permitted our government to passed laws to protect us against ourselves because we don’t alway makes the best decisions. At this point, all I know about the Health Care Bill is what I have heard on the news: WHICH I AM SURE IS NOT TOTALLY ACCURATE OR HONEST: Best of health to all.

  21. a real american

    This bill is total trash. Lady liberty took one on the chin this round. The best we can hope for is to survive until November. The lowest poll i could find had most americans disapproving of this bill by 56% the highest was 76% either way our elected officials went against their people voting for this mess. When that happeneds it is called tyranny plain and simple. Yes obama got 53% of the popular vote but he did so by hiding his true nature and beliefs. I want people to think about other programs that the government runs. Try social security , medicare , medicaid, even the post office all of which ARE FLAT BROKE!!!! What makes people think this one will be any better? Lets see if this rings a bell we as tax payers pay into social security until we reach retirement age then we are supposed to get the entitlement. Which everyone agrees the money is gone we are borrowing to pay this out allready. Now we HAVE to pay into this for four years before it fully takes effect. If you think the money will be waiting you are fooling yourself and need to get a check up. This bill is nothing more than a gateway bill for a single payer healthcare system and thats as socialistic and it gets. To argue that single payer is not socialistic is like arguing that shrek isnt green. Now lets take a look at it in numbers there are roughly 300 million americans in the country. 30 million dont have health insurance thats 10% of the population and part of that 10% can afford the insurance but just dont want it but that WAS THEIR RIGHT!!!! I consider myself a conservative-republican. There must be a huge difference between a person like me and a regular republican . Conservatives have a name for republicans who go along with bills like this, we call them RINO’s (republican in name only) and they are the reason the republicans got off track. For everyone who loves this great country just keep telling yourselfs eight more months.

  22. Greg Ashcraft

    Ok fokes if this was such a good thing why did they exclude themselfs?
    for thouse of us that have good inshurance it will be taxed like income up to 40%
    on top of the incress to pay crasy plan. It is my resposabilty to provide health care for my familey
    not yours
    we need less goverment in our lifes not more what wrong with you people

  23. Susie

    The only people who fear this “government take over” is the insurance industry and the Republicans who pockets the insurance industry lined. What is wrong with a bill that reads that the insurance companies may no longer jack up premiums, suddenly drop you when you’re sick, or deny coverage because of what they deem to be a pre-exisiting condition? If you have insurance, the government is coming after you to take it away. This is a insurance consumer bill of rights, why can’t/won’t yu see that. I think most of the complaints come from people who are insured, but what will happen to you when/if you lose your coverage for some reason?
    As for John Boehner, he can run his mouth all he wants. I am a Republican, and he DOES NOT speak for me! I am very happy this bill passed, it’s about time.

  24. John C. Davidson

    Ignore the truth by indoctrination seems to be your answer to conflicting viewpoints every time, Jacob. Just follow one theme without questioning it, is that your idea of democracy. Shall we just listen to one voice, not decide for ourselves which voice rings true.

  25. Jacob

    Turn off Fox News. It will make you feel better. Maybe then you’ll get your vision back.

  26. bob

    Concerned Resident –
    I am not sure where you were educated. But i would ask for a refund. and make sure the information you provide is correct. first – yes canada has a stock market. Second – it was easy to find on google. (i know its a tough website to find) third – Get your facts straight

  27. Jacob

    Hey, dick–the “payoffs and bribes” of which you speak are overturned in the reconciliation bill that was passed immediately after the first bill was passed. So, if you don’t like those provisions, lobby senators Brown and Voinovich to vote YES on the reconciliation measure.

  28. Jacob

    This bill is more moderate than the health reform proposed by Richard Nixon, and it is very similar to health reform proposed by conservatives like Bob Dole. But all I hear from the right wing is that this is “socialist,” a “government takeover,” and other hysterical nonsense.

    If a market-based health care system is what you want, then, congratulations, you have been given a piece of legislation that adds quite a bit of balance to a market-based health care system. For-profit health providers will still be going strong with this law. All health insurance will be provided by private companies with this law. Health insurance companies will be restrained in some of their practices with this law, giving consumers more power, but these restraints will be balanced by lots of new people who will be getting health insurance coverage, through both private and public money.

    It’s a good start. And if a bunch of Republican attorneys general want to sue to stop the individual mandate, then let them. Because, see, if the individual mandate is overturned, the rest of the law will remain intact. But without the individual mandate, risk pools will shrink, and private insurance companies will find it much harder to abide by the reforms in this law while still turning a profit. If the private insurance companies can’t provide a product, government will have no choice but to provide a publicly run health insurer, or to extend Medicare to all. So, remember, the necessary outcome of Republican attorneys general prevailing in their quest to get the individual mandate declared unconstitutional will be a single-payer health insurance system. And I’m not going to complain about that.

  29. woodyj

    go to a military hospital while serving in the military. theres a good model for government run health care. a model that should be accepted in my opinion

  30. Quash_Constitutional_Injustices

    A few hair raising facts about the bill:

    (Page 22) MANDATES the Government WILL audit books of ALL EMPLOYERS who self insure.

    (Page 29, lines 4-16) There will be Health Care Rationing. $5,000 per individual, $10,000 per family.

    (Page 30, section 133) THERE WILL BE A GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE that DECIDES what treatments you will receive.

    (Page 42) The Healthcare Commisioner will CHOOSE your Healthcare benifits for you.

    (Page 50, section 152) Healthcare will be provided to ALL NON-U.S. Citizens, illegal or otherwise.

    (Page 58) The Government will have REAL TIME access to YOUR FINANCES. (You don’t see this as an invasion of privacy?) and a National ID card will be issued.

    (Page 59, lines 21-24) The Government will have DIRECT ACCESS to YOUR bank accounts for elective funds transfers.

    (Page 65, section 164) This is a payoff subsidized plan for retirees and their’ families in unions and COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS (Like ACORN)

    (Page 72, lines 8-14) The Government is creating a Healthcare exchange to bring PRIVATE Healthcare plans under GOVERNMENT CONTROL.

    (Page 84, section 203) Govenment MANDATES all benifit packages for private healthcare plans in the exchange.

    (Page 85, line 7) AARP Members Healthcare WILL BE RATIONED!

    (Page 126, lines 22-25) Employers MUST PAY for Healthcare for PART TIME employee’s and their’ FAMILIES.

    (Page 127, lines 1-16) The Government can mandate HOW MUCH money Doctors can make.

    (Page 167) ANY individual who does NOT have an ACCEPTABLE Healthcare coverage according to the Government will be taxed 2.5%.

    (Page 170, lines 1-3) Any Non-Resident Alien is EXEMPT from individual taxes.

    (Page 195) Officers AND EMPLOYEES of the Healthcare Administration WILL have access to ALL Americans PERSONAL AND FINANCIAL Records.

    (Page 203, lines 14-15) The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as a tax.

    (Page 239, lines 14-24) Government will reduce physician services for Medicaid.

    (Page 272, section 1145) Regarding the treatment of certain cancer hospitals….cancer patients, welcome to rationing.

    Page 354, section 1177) Government will RESTRICT enrollment of special needs.

  31. John C. Davidson

    Take a bus ride to Columbus like the Veterans are required to do to get health care. That experience might give you a different perspetive on government health care, sir. Check with all the local nursing homes that even want to take in VA patients.

  32. GL

    Concerned resident: FYI Canada DOES have a stock market. You may have been confused because of its name. It is called The Canadian Stock market and it is in Toronto. So I don’t think you can blame its non-existance on socialized medicine. To my knowledge the Obama Healthcare act does not do away with with any of the American stock markets and the insurance companies will still have money to invest. The insurance companies should be happy with the bill because it will mean more customers. The hospitals are also happy because it will mean more patients with insurance. President Obama had health reform as part of his campaign platform and I don’t think the nearly 53% (popular vote) of those who voted for him thought he was just joshing us. It’s one of the reasons I voted for him. We need it and we have it.

  33. Concerned Resident

    For those of you FOR the Bill, you obviously have zero understanding of free-market capitalism and zero understanding of how Insurance Companies really make money. They invest our premiums into the stock market. Hey, did you ever notice that Canada doesnt have a stock market? There’s a reason for that: socialized medicine. I find it hilarious that that ‘you people’ want to live in the states for all its freedoms and benefits, yet you are turning it into a country you would NOT consider living in. Central Europe anyone? Financial collapse is imminent now. You bleeding heart leftists never base any decision on facts or fiscal policy but on pure emotion. Now you will rot in financial hell with the rest of us capitalist pigs!

  34. Glen

    When you play the blame game on Republicans for the collapse of the financial system you must remember that it all started with the community reinvestment act of the Clinton Administration. The act supported the idea that all people were ENTITLED to own their own home and lending rules were bent under Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to put people in homes they could not afford. When the Republicans warned Democrat Barny Frank and his committee that the loans were bad he dismissed the warning and told them he did not want to hear about it. So the worthless paper found its way to the market and caused the financial crisis. Now we are saying that all people are ENTITLED to health care. The next financial crisis is on the way.

  35. dick

    Just hope we can get some people in there with common sense and get this d*mned thing repealed before it actually kicks in. The administration has told so many lies on this one that it is unbelievable. I

    t is going to save money. In your dreams.

    They claim it will cut the deficit but they don’t mention that taxes will be withheld for 4 years before it even kicks in. Given the way Zero is spending, just how much of that money will still be available when it is needed in 4 years. Bueller?? Bet the answer is none. The Dems will see a buck there and immediately find a place to spend it. Who cares if it was withheld to be used for healthcare.

    You will be able to keep your current health plan. How about when the feds tell the insurance companies what all the plans have to include. There goes your rates as you will have to take a plan you really don’t need. There also goes your HSA that you use for catastrophic needs. That will be dropped ASAP. And if you dare to try to keep your current plan, then the IRS will have access to your bank accounts to take the fines they put on you for daring not to take their insurance requirements.

    BTW when are we going to be told what all the payoffs and bribes were. We already know about Nebraska, Florida, Connecticut. Stupak got almost a billion bucks to upgrade private airports in his district – right before he suddenly decided that Zero and his executive order (bet that one never gets written) was enough for him. Nebraska got another bribe as well. The feds are going to invest a billion dollars plus in a new hospital there that was never requested and Sen Nelson shut up again after that one. Wonder what other bribes there were.

    This whole thing will be a disaster. Just last week they announced that the FBI had been attempting to implement a new IT project for 10 years and it was not working. I have a friend who is a consultant at SSA and Medicare and they don’t even know what information they have on file and how accurate it is. He checked the transaction files for the past 3 years and there were literally millions of errors there. And you want this same crew to control your health care? Good luck.

  36. HLGuy

    I am so mad, I can hardly see straight. The reps totally disregarded what we the people said. They will pay in November. I will do my best to see to it.

  37. Bob

    i am so happy that the democrats finally passed this landmark legislation. for those that are against this bill – shame on you. while you may not agree with all of the bill, there are alot of great things that will help us save money not only in our pockets but also reduce the deficit.

    For those of you who are angry at the democrats for “pushing” through this legislation. think about this. Republicans were in control of the house, senate and the presidency from 2000-2006. and got no major legislation passed. they couldnt tackle social security, health care, infrastructure or the major collapse of our financial system. so why should we trust the republicans? when they couldnt get anything done. you may not like what the democrats are doing, but atleast they are doing something.

  38. GL

    That people you don’t agree with are traitors is a bigger disservice to our liberty that any healthcare bill might be. Perhaps they are wrong or right but Democrats are not in office to deliberately ruin the country. perhaps you are the traitor for subverting my right to disagree.

  39. John C. Davidson

    It was bad enough for me to pay for my health care, but even worse for me to pay for the expenses incurred by our government representatives. At least, I didn’t have to take a pill, though.

  40. Justin

    Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Well in my pursuit of happiness, I have chosen to live a healthy lifestyle. I eat well, exercise daily and rarely ever get sick. If I break a bone or need medication I pay for it out of pocket. So why should the government have the authority to tell me I need to foot the bill for people who are lazy and don’t take care of themselves? I strongly believe it is each individuals responsibility to be healthy and active or reap the consequences. To those who are physically unable, that is what social security and medicare are there for.

  41. Manti

    Can’t wait til this all kicks in and I can afford to get my joints looked at/fixed and be sterilized finally. Must be patient. >.-

    And why should huge companies be profiting off people’s illnesses? Some of the charges are just outrageous, even for simple things like latex gloves and alcohol prep pads. There’s making reasonable money and then there’s just making ridiculous profits for the sake of making profits. I mean, do you really want your life weighed against the money it will cost to save you?

  42. GL

    I find it hard to believe the gov’t can do worse than the private sector

  43. GW

    Let’s vote all of those traitors out of Congress at first chance.

  44. JJ

    Amazing….that our government goes from one extreme to the total opposite side of the scale!!!
    I do not think most people (working class) will argue that the healthcare system was broken and wallstreet profits were running the health insurance business for even I (small business owner) am contemplating canceling my insurance for my deductible is $7000 and the premium is $376 a month…that is $11,000 out of my pocket per year if I needed it!!!!
    So the government sees a weakness and takes control (like the banks and businesses to big to fail) instead of taking healthcare out of a profitable arena???

    oh well….. the economy sucks, the government sucks, and I cannot wait until what is next…..things come in 3’s!!!

  45. John

    Well, were screwed now for sure! Might as well head for Texas so I’ll already be there when they leave the Union. Every company will be run straight into the ground by the government and then ultimately run by the government. Might as well go post on