MOUNT VERNON — Area Development Foundation president Steve Waers met with the Knox County Commissioners on Monday afternoon to present recommendations on the annual extension of tax abatements for Knox County businesses.



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4 Responses to “Abatements extended for area employers”

  1. John C. Davidson

    As long as they’re not paying for it, the effort is worth good publicity this coming election. What else matters, really?

  2. Miriam St. Jean

    Tell ya what John – The ADF receives dues from the local businesses to work on his “retention” efforts – the city and county give this Waers dude $70K to expend efforts to try to attract employment opportunities to the County.

    If you look at the ADF tax filings, you’ll see that not one doggone dime of the county of city funding is expended on such an effort…………..Like I said, Compton would turn a horrible color of green if he know what Waers had done to his efforts; and how incompetent he truly is, even after Waers called him almost daily for what, a year, for “help” doing his job.

    What a waste of taxpayer dollars

    Politics as usual, I suppose – was a political appointment by the Board – the Mayor “likes him” – and they’re not going to admit they were wrong – at least not publicly

  3. John C. Davidson

    He’s making money, Miriam. That’s business. Mansfield had a developement group that lasted 30 years. Look at those results.

    If an area has a good atmosphere conducive for businesses to thrive, other busnesses will be automatically attracted to the area. The southern states learned that a long time ago.

    The more restrictions put on by government agencies makes it very difficult for employers to find workers willing to take opportunities presented when the government job can offer better benefits while not asking one to sweat once in awhile.

    By the way, Miriam, it is not the newspapers job to analyse what results they think this guy is producing. You did a good job of that whether everyone agrees or not. We shall see from further responses to your lead statement how concerned people are.. For that reason, this publication should be commended for giving us all an opportunity to express ourselves literally. You know where politicians put letters written to them!

  4. Miriam St Jean

    Mr. Waers – we all know that abatements and the retention of local businesses are part of your duties as Director of the Area Development Foundation. You mention that these abatements are also used to “lure” new businesses to our community.

    My question is (and this wasn’t covered in the article), how are you ensuring that businesses other than local are aware of these abatements? They’re not mind readers, you know. When, where and how are you ensuring that this information is sent to other prospective business owners? Do you have a package prepared to mail to selected business owners? Do you contact these prospective business owners by telephone? Do you have a comprehensive five-year plan set in place to show how you’re working to lure new employment opportunities to the County? (Please don’t mention the one you say you use – that comprehensive plan was drawn up by the Regional Planning Commission – another agency with another focus. Where is YOUR plan for the future.

    Your “job” entails not only “retention” but also the attempt to bring future employment opportunities to Knox County. I am aware that you say you send emails – but, sir, if I owned a company and received a boiler plate email from some upstart in some small community in Ohio who didn’t know the particulars of my business, I’d place it in the trash. I suspect others are doing the same.

    What businesses have you contacted personally? What businesses have you actually visited and tried to “sell” on our community.

    Please elaborate, rather than being part of a self-serving news article that only reinforces that you’re woefully inadequate in your job performance. Compton is probably turning green over your lack of ingenuity, and your inability to “get it right.”