MOUNT VERNON — For Christians around the world, Easter is the most celebrated time of year as it commemorates the life, death, and, most important, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The holy week leading up to Easter Day is the pinnacle of festivity; each day is filled with songs, prayers and fellowship for many churches in the community.



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14 Responses to “Easter commemorates death of Jesus”

  1. Miriam St Jean

    John, with respect – people of faith who are of the mindset of “someday, you’re going to get yours” towards all who don’t share their beliefs are annoying, to say the least – those who seem to relish the thought of those of other beliefs being punished in some horrendous ways are more than annoying……..they’re just plain nasty

    Sorry guy….that’s how I see it

  2. John C. Davidson

    I am amazed to find so many treating others beliefs in a manner usually reserved for politics. To even state that most inhabitants living on earth do not believe there is a supreme being is nothing more than an attempt to justify immorality. Certainly, throughout history, religions have created violense, but so has political regimes which are built upon the premise that there are no boundries in relationships between one another.

  3. Miriam St Jean

    Poor hazeleyes……… just can’t wrap your mind around the fact that there are many, many people in the world who believe differently than you do, and you seem to look forward to them potentially being “umished” for that fact. With relish.


  4. Jacob

    I’d argue that the majority of Mount Vernonites are Christian. I, myself, am not one, but most are. So, why is this story in the News? Shouldn’t the Christians around here know what Easter is all about? Wouldn’t it make more sense, if the News is going to print stories about the meanings of religious observances, to print stories about traditions observed by cultures other than that which is represented by the majority of its readership? Such a story would, after all, be “news” to the readers.

  5. Mr. Jimmy

    Duncan may be a bit too blunt and looking to stoke the ire of Christians but I have to admit that he’s 100% correct.

  6. Manti

    hazel, on the off chance I’m wrong and this world is some horrible joke inflicted on us by God, I will mock Him to his face and enjoy my time in Hell wholeheartedly.

  7. suzette

    This headline is soooo wrong. They should have written ‘Easter commemorates RESURRECTION of Jesus. That would be much more accurate.

  8. hazeleyes

    Well, for those of you who seem to think this is funny, when you finally meet your maker, somehow I don’t think you will be mocking him!

  9. Manti

    Hey Duncan, I resent that, I take time out of my busy heathen schedule to get candy!!

  10. Duncan

    …Meanwhile, atheists go on with their lives this weekend uninterrupted by silly and pointless superstitions and myths. It’s nice to have your Sundays free.