MOUNT VERNON — While city officials look into allegations of fraud and theft by a city employee, the News has confirmed a water/wastewater employee lost $2,671 in overtime compensation in 2008. Safety-Service Director Dave Glass would not confirm if it is the same employee in both situations.



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10 Responses to “City examines employee's actions”

  1. miriam st. jean

    Momo said “the grand jury did‚Ķmaybe they know something you don‚Äôt?”

    Nope. That’s not it. Chances are, however, that there’s quite a bit you might not be aware of, given your position on this mess.

    No matter. The ball’s finally rolling, and some (hopefully all) of the truth is finally, or will be finally, out there. The voters/taxpayers have a right to know. Time to stop the coverups at City Hall.

  2. MoMo

    “In a controversy the instant we feel anger we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun striving for ourselves”………..yes free speech is wonderful but the most meaningful speech is calm and
    rational, not clouded with anger or hidden agenda ……. not some self-righteuos witch hunt……..and not riddeled with rumor

    our justice system seems to be hard at work here when the grand jury…people just like you and me …..decide NOT to indict this person……….the city administration did not make that decision………the grand jury did…maybe they know something you don’t?

  3. John C. Davidson

    How can a ‘ghost writer’ sue you. “It” makes a comment without substance which seems to be a bit threatening. It’s okay to stretch out the Freshwater debacle, but protecting obvious misconduct amongst an elitist group in city hall is another matter entirely. Their jobs are at stake and the unemployment line remains quite long.

  4. miriam st. jean

    momo – with respect – baloney

    the complaints about this “city employee” have been going on for years, and have been ignored for years…..

    as far as the grand jury “not having enough evidence?” that’s not the rumor “I” heard – but I won’t repeat what “I” heard because it’s just that, a rumor – as was your statement –

    as far as “beware of slanderous statements?” give me a break – besides the heat is falling on an administration that allowed this garbage to continue for YEARS – as many employees have already stated, both to that administration and in police reports

    If you don’t like my “interpretation” (based upon reading police reports, speaking with witnesses, etc) –

    sue me

    it’s been done before

    free speech is a wonderful thing

  5. momo

    Many folks seem to be interpreting a lot of this the way they want to….do they have their own hidden agenda perhaps?? The article stated that the State Auditor’s report indicated the contract was “unclear” regarding the way OT is paid, but the SSD “interpreted” it was “inappropriate” and reached back into 2008 to apply this interpretation while saying he still needed to “clarify” things with the union…, you “interpret” a rule and apply it retroactively?

    this person’s name has been redacted for a reason……the grand jury did not have enough evidence to move forward……this witch hunt needs to take a step back with the torches and be wary of slanderous statements……

  6. Miriam St. Jean

    Allegations have been flying through city hall for years – the administration has been ignoring them for years – finally a State Audit reveals that the “allegations” were true – however, that was a YEAR AGO. The city administration continued to turn a blind eye, even in light of that State Audit.

    About time the shenanigans up at city hall finally have been put in media print so that the voting public is now aware of how this City is run. Can’t wait to see the Mayor and Glass try to spin their way out of this one.

  7. Trisha

    This I feel is an honest and factual article that was very well done but lacks additional information that should be included. These allegations did not just come to light as indicated by Dave Glass. City employee’s have been well aware of this situation and allegations for close to 6 years or more. So, let’s clear the smoke screen and take care of this problem. Ask the public how they feel about paying a City employee an estimated $108.00 in overtime callout money for 15 to 20 minutes of work. And ask the public why the City Auditor, Supervisor and the Safety Service director didn’t raise a red flag over paying this exhorbitant amount and refused to address this issue time after time after time…..when it had been brought to their attention. Ask the public how many times they think a City Employee (who is being paid by their tax dollars) should be allowed to steal and still retain their job. Mr. Glass should have acted on each allegation immediately..Why would a City with a book of work rules not be able to immediately prosecute and fire any employee who would lie and steal at this magnitude? We are waiting for what ???????????????

  8. Jacob

    Sorry, but that’s an irrational approach. Some officials are good, and some officials are bad. You need to seek information about which officials are doing good things and which are not. Ask questions. Make phone calls. Attend public meetings. And, then, vote accordingly. It’s your duty as a citizen. If you just swing your arms and hit anybody in your path, you are going to do more harm than good–you stand a very real chance of voting out the good people and replacing them with the bad. In the end, you’ll only hurt yourself. Don’t be irrational, and don’t be a low-information voter.

  9. Howard

    This is business as usual for any government entity. They constanly cry poor mouth, while things like this are ingnored. Not one person can do anything, because they all have their fingers in the pie. Talk about people in glass houses not throwing rocks. It is time to vote anyone out of office when ever possible. I plan to push the out button for any incumbent. If the public only knew what goes on behind closed doors, we’d probably all be heading to city hall with torches in hand! lol

  10. LDR

    Wow!!! But they need to cut back on services. Because of unions no one can be fired now. So anything goes.