GAMBIER — A celebration of Earth Day was held Sunday at the Kenyon Athletic Center. The event was sponsored by Kenyon College, along with Knox Community Hospital, the Knox County Board of Health and the Knox County Parks District.



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16 Responses to “Knox County celebrates Earth Day with festival”

  1. Knoxcat

    you guys just can’t let go of the fact that a democrat has been duly elected president and that he, unlike most past presidents is, uh, skinny. What you say is absurd. The case is not before the supreme court and his legal name is Barack hussein Obama. People like you are the true traitors to this country because you spread absurd lies in order to subvert the democratic process that is one of our cherished freedoms. some one has to say this. You will not accept the results of a fair and honest election and want to overturn the will of the people. I know you will come up with some bizarre answer to this but most people do not accept this absurdity.

  2. Alumni

    Knoxcat, The presidency is now occupied by the non-president (Case is now before the U S Supreme Court in closed door session—-Hmmmmmmm, wonder why?) whose true name is Barry Soetoro.

  3. Alumni

    Bill, Please direct our attention to any specific words whatsoever in my messages that I am against conservation and / or that I have expressed hatred toward anything.

  4. John C. Davidson

    Anytime politicians profit from these programs, I suspect corrupt intent. You only see the good so I suspect you’re either narrow minded or invested in some crazy scheme at the expense of my freedom to exhale.

  5. bill

    @ Alumni

    So you are against conservation. Why? conservation saves you money. It keeps parks clean, Your drinking water clean, and less chemicals in any food you may end up eating.

    I dont understand this hatred of a day that helps us keep our earth cleaner. Are there people and companies that are trying to make money off of the “green” movement. I sure hope so. If companies are trying to make money that means they are creating jobs, and spending money which as President Reagan would call it “trickle down economics”. The green movement will never go away. and is not and should never be apart of one political party.

    The green movement is one that we all should take great pride in helping our communities strive to be cleaner and more efficient for our children. Imagine if school districts saved 100 grand a year on electircal bills, they could buy new books, hire more teachers. Or they could even lower property taxes. Imagine if businesses were able to create more energy efficient factories, they could hire more employees to make more products.

    the pros of the green movement are endless. the cons of stopping the green movement are devastating.

  6. Alumni

    David, There is not enough room on this page to cite the internet URL’S. If anyone can disprove any claim that I have made, I will print a public apology and retraction.

  7. David


    If you think I was insulting your intelligence, you are wrong in that assessment. I was asking for some reference links, if you’re going to make claims without any kind of proof then it doesn’t stick with me.

    I can type in a lot of things in a search engine but it won’t make the connections for me. You’ve posted some off the wall stuff without any kind of citation. If you’re going to say some things that are disparaging, have the common courtesy to back your case up with credible resources.

  8. Alumni

    David, Search engines are packed full of the information. Did you notice how I was able to talk to you without hurling insults ?

  9. David


    Can you back up your claims with any web links or are you just throwing every spaghetti noodle conspiracy against the wall to see if something can stick?

  10. Alumni

    I forgot to mention the R-12 refridgerant lie. Oh my, green house gases! Wrong! Dupont’s patent on R-12 was running out over 20 years ago. So Dupont poured millions into the Green Movement (Sierra Club, etc.) to enable Dupont to obtain a patent monopoly on their new R-134. Ever wonder why the Rockefeller family Standard Oil Co. has pour millions into the Sierra Club?

  11. Alumni

    Read on folks.
    The entire cap and tax charade was concocted by Al Gore and Enron to shut down energy competition from clean coal which big oil doesn’t control. It was then picked up by Goldman, JP Morgan, General Electric, etc.. etc.. as a mechanism to loot the public and suppress competition through derivative markets and government contracts to be handed out to GE / Westinghouse for green science and technology projects. GE knows they can’t keep the war going on forever and I think they see the green movement as a way to transition out of war profiteering while still keeping their bottom line fat with government loot.

  12. miriam st. jean

    So, Alumni, you use an event that promotes conservation (and I know of no one who would argue that conservation is a “bad” thing) to attack Kenyon?

    Well, never mind……..this IS Knox County – sometimes I forget that there are those who despise liberal educations and the colleges that promote them

    Carry on.

  13. GL

    Even though CFLs contain a small amount of mercury ( approx. 4 milligrams) that could ultimately end up in the environment, that amount is significantly less than the amount of mercury avoided as a result of the energy savings. recycling does not require driving to California or anything like that. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. But then i guess some people would rather just do as they please because it is more convenient for them than to take some time to take care of this earth that we have only one of. I call that selfish and/or lazy.

  14. Knoxcat

    Alumni, Are you sure you aren’t confusing Earth Day with the Healthcare reform, Democrats and the Obama presidency???

  15. Alumni

    Oh boy! Those mercury laden energy efficient light bulbs are just wonerful are they not?
    Now folks, pay close attention to this picture. Buy these bulb. And when they burn out, hop in your car and drive to the nearest haz mat drop off, leave the bulbs, get back in your car and drive home. (remember, energy efficient, right?) Now let’s see. Who picks up the tab to dispose of this toxic waste?
    A. Kenyon College
    B. Bulb distributor
    C. Consummer

  16. Alumni

    Earth Day is another political farse put on by the gloalists. And Kenyon, as usual, promotes the big lie. I encourage all to research, as I did, the real purpose behind this hoax—-the confiscation of private property. Notice how Kenyon never allows lectures with opposing views.