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9 Responses to “Does the new Arizona immigration law go too far, or are these measures needed in border states?”

  1. trrd

    No, it doesn’t go to far. We just need to get it inforded.

  2. bill

    two things.

    A) leave ohio,move to the southwest and actually deal with immigration. I live in the southwestern part of the country where we actually deal with immigration every day. this isnt a big issue in Knox county, never has been and never will. and until you actually leave this state you will understand what i mean.

    B) tom tancrado a former congressman from colorado who is also bat guano crazy, is against this legislation. He was the republican candidate for president whose sole issue was immigration. the man is nuts and he is against this legislation based on racial profiling. if you dont think this law will force the hands of the police to do a job they are ill equipted to handle than you are also off your rocker.

    Immigration is a federal issue. and yes arizona overstepped its authority to implement this law. the only good that will come out of this law is that it will force the hand of congress to put through comprehensive immigration laws.

    Ohio does not have an immigration problem. especially in knox county. are the immigrants getting through the border from licking or morrow county? are they taking jobs that you want? or are you just a racist?

  3. dick

    You are absolutely right. This does nothing but follow the federal law that the feds should be enforcing.

    The funny thing to me is that the Mexican government is enforcing this same law on those who try to sneak into Mexico. Those people are sent right back immediately, no questions asked.

    I have no problem with immigrants, so long as they are legal immigrants. In fact before I retired I had a staff that was completely legal immigrants and they were so happy to become citizens. It is the immigrants who are not legal that upset me. If you want to come here, do it legally and work to become a citizen. If you don’t wish to do that, then go back home and take you family with you.

  4. liberalism is a mental disorder

    First off this legislation is absolutely nothing new and absolutely dead on. This law infact does exactly what the federal government should be doing by existing ferderal law. Of course its not immigration reform. Is it supposed to be? If the federal government will not do their job who does the responsibility fall upon? The state! The state had to take action to protect its people. How is this segregation? If you are trying to say that mexican citizens will get sent back to mexico and americans stay in America well thats not segregation that is called borders. The fact is this law does not have a thing to do about immigration. It has all to do will illegal immigration dont confuse the two. America has a front door its about time we start making people use it. Please dont respond by using the terms profiling. Having seen the bill myself one sentence will debunk your pathetic argument.

  5. Ron

    Bill, like many that listen to the mainstream media, does not have the facts. He just follows the herd, un-informed. The law mirrors the current federal law, but now becomes inforcable by our local police. Oh yes, I live in Arizona. Oh that’s right, you were not around when they passed that law.

    It is not immigration reform and was never intended to be. Read the Law!

    You Bill, do not have to deal with over 500,000 imigrants that feel it is ok to break our laws. Kill our citizens, deal in human flesh, smugle drugs and ride the welfare wagon. Do you even know what comprehensive immigration reform is? The only disgrace is your lack of knowledge.

  6. John C. Davidson

    bill, I suppose I don’t have to show a patrolman any ID when stopped while driving errantly. How about random stops set up occasionally to look for drunk drivers. How about roadblocks set up after a serious robbery occurs? Are we required to show identification to purchase alchohol or tabacco? (

    Get real, man.

  7. bill

    funny. neither of you seem to be against what AZ is doing. which by the way is the most absurd piece of legislation that has ever been passed in my 30 years alive. this is a disgrace. it is not immigration reform, it is aimed at segregating a particular sect of our country.

    everytime our country has seen an economic boom there have been immigrants there to do the jobs that some people dont want. Irish, Italians ect…

    i think there should be comprehensive immigration reform, that goes for work visa’s, school visa’s, how people fly back into our country and more importantly the ports near our major cities.

  8. Alumni

    The open border has one purpose, cheap labor.
    The result: bankrupt state health care systems, alien dominated crime statistics and cheap strawberrys.

  9. JD

    To start off I would like to say that I dont have a problem with immigration or people wanting to immigrate into the US, that’s the foundation of our country. However, an open or unguarded border provides an invitation to criminals and drugs that we cannot afford. We must protect our borders (not only with Mexico) for the security of our nation. That doesn’t mean our borders should be closed, just protected against criminals.