In close vote, council says yes to bridge

By a 4-to-3 vote, City Council members committed funds over the next three years for restoration of the bridge at Foundation Park.

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48 Responses to “How do you feel about Mount Vernon spending $180,000 to refurbish a historic bridge for use in Foundation Park?”

  1. can't here ya

    Here’s another case of elected reps not doing what they should be doing.
    They just don’t get it, doing everything but what counts for the city.
    They can’t hear ya’s but then again the ones that voted for Obamma should be getting
    use to it by now. HAHAHA
    Hello anybody out there !

  2. Big Bill

    How about using the money to repair streets. Mt Vernon has some of the worst streets in the state………………Can I have some of whatever council members are drinking

  3. Tyler Fehrman

    Rebecca – I think you have a very valid point. What I am confused on, though, is whether or not they can use the money for anything but the bridge. From what the member I spoke with said, I don’t believe they can.

  4. Rebecca McCoy

    I think that there are other projects that the money should be spent on instead. Reparing a bridge is really outrageus because all the historcial value in this town is gone. Put the money into jobs or businessess that can create jobs.There also needs to be something done about all the abandoned buildings setting around.

  5. Tyler Fehrman

    I had a chance to speak with several council members last night and realized something very interesting.

    Instead of using taxpayer money for the bridge, Council voted to pursue government money that would have to be used specifically for the bridge, and not other projects. If they can’t get the funding, it won’t happen.

    Originally, there was a vote put forth to suspend the rules and give the final vote on the bridge immediately, but because they had just seen the particular piece of legislation for the first time that night, Council member Nancy Vail voted to give it more time (she was the lone vote here).

    Anyhow, it may not be the same waste of money a lot of us thought it was. It appears it is money that can only be used to finance the bridge project.

    When all is said and done, bridge or no bridge, I say we still need to lower city income taxes.

  6. AdamH

    I think the $180,000 should go toward spelling and grammar classes for about 90 % of you people, just my opinion !

  7. Rosemary

    Glad you enjoy the park “as is”, so why change it? Keep enjoying….

  8. Rosemary

    Yep, all of your mentioned skills will be needed on reconstruction. The problem is, most of these jobs will be out-sourced to out-of-town workers. Since so many jobs and industry has been lost in Mt. Vernon, is there anyone left to do the work on the bridge?

    Do you seriously think these workers will be spending money on rent and shopping at Krogers? They will go to their out-of-town homes at night for rest and meals. Perhaps they will spend $5 for lunch at Wendys.

    “Sorry for my extreme sarcasm – but in a time when we need people back to work, people aren’t seeing the big picture.” So, liberal, your quote is turned right back on you. Or, are YOU already lined up for a job on this project?

  9. hazeleyes

    I would like to add that Foundation Park is a Great place to take your children/grandchildren on a long walk, as there are nature trails(that’s what I call them). Many adults as well as children could use exercise , especially during this stressful economic time we are in. It doesn’t cost anything to take a walk. Oh by the way, I have not run into any dead bodies, and it is not a dirt hole. Very Beautiful! Great Fishing!

  10. Yup

    Another example of government wasting taxpayers’ money and their detachment from their constituents’ reality.

  11. Terry Maloney

    I would suggest that you look into the condition of roads and ACTIVE bridges, then research the various ‘grant’ procedures for the various and sundry items around you.
    And look into the tax base in the city- where is all this money coming from?
    No sarcasm at all- road and ACTIVE maintenance pays people’s wages, with the taxpayers’ money, and ALL the taxpayers gain.

  12. Terry Maloney

    It might have been Dave Bevington’s interview, come to think of it- I was only listening with one ear (that’s a joke, son- I’m deaf in the other ear!), and was busily mixing and baking chocolate chip cookies for good people, so I may have confused show with promo; at any rate, the interview DID take place, with the listed comments.

  13. lee

    Myself i believe we could use the money for better things.Such as restocking food pantries or providing an answer for the homeless here.Giving shelter for 3 days at a motel isnt enough,time for real people getting in there to help with a solution.Or if they put this bridge up then maybe the homeless can sleep there and with the cameras they are talking about they would be safe!

  14. a liberal

    i think people are missing the point here. City council will choose a company to repair the bridge, that company employs people to do work.(they employ engineers, welders, general contractors ect) those people who work will make money and then they can spend it on things like rent, food ect. that money spent at companies like krogers and wendys and lowes also have employees and they can spend money.

    i know this is a complex economic scheme put together by liberals to confuse conservatives but hopefully people can see past that to realize that sometimes you have to spend money to make money. And right now we need to spend money to put the middle class back to work.

    sorry for my extreme sarcasm – but in a time when we need people back to work, people arent seeing the big picture.

  15. Terry Maloney

    As an aside, I heard Mayor Mavis speaking on Adam Taylor’s “A.M. Knox County” program this morning, about the vandalism at “West Foundation”. It seems that someone threw a bench in the quarry… I mean, lake. Mr. Mavis spoke of security cameras for the area; whether this was a concept, or in place, I didn’t quite catch.
    How do you spend of taxpayers’ money for something that, apparently, isn’t even a safe place?

  16. pony

    I think spending money to reburbish the bridge is a waste. As far as your comment about Foundation Park being a dirty hole in the ground, apparently, you haven’t been there recently. It is a really nice place to take the family and fish and have a picnic or go for a walk. I guess your yard is immaculate and enjoying the city park is below you.

  17. Tyler Fehrman

    Interesting to see that Council had a split vote over the bridge – I’d like to know the reasons each member gave in support or opposition to the bridge. On its face, it doesn’t look like the kind of thing we should be spending money on in the current economic climate.

    I say we leave the bridge until we can afford it, and we lower taxes in Mount Vernon.

  18. Rosemary

    Apparently you are one who uses the bike path. The paths were installed in a bit of a better financial period. And, you’ll probably be one of the first to scream “repaint” when the kids climb the bridge to write graffiti on it. These old bridges are an attraction for all sorts of people for reasons good and bad.

    This is not the time to spend money on a white elephant that will cost thousands to maintain and insure. The number of people using this area is minimal compared to other areas in need of repair or bathrooms. The city is acting like the CEOs who got this nation into more poverty: “hey, here’s money, let’s blow it on something extravagant!”

  19. KR

    Build a new restroom at Riverside park for the softball players. They are having to us a portable outhouse. That would work for them and the familys that come to see them play. The one in the outfield area is boarded up and is no use to anybody.

  20. Jacob

    Sigh. The can’t-do spirit of some people around here is really depressing. (As is the illiteracy of some of these posts.)

  21. hazeleyes

    I think that the money should be spent for more important things for our community. Foundation Park is a beautiful Park, for those who love to walk, fish, be around nature. But come on, be realistic, now is not the time to refurbish a bridge! We are seeing a all time high in crime, and that needs to be addressed! Lets hire some new , Younger, officers to help with this investigation, of the crimes .

  22. JQP

    Personally, I’m all for it, because very soon we will all be living under it if they don’t stop wasting our tax dollars, and I don’t want to get hit by bolt… of lightning that is. Ha!

  23. bill

    i say no way! as bad as times are now? thats just crazy. when times are bad you buy 1 loaf of bread instead of two..sounds like they want to buy the whole bread truck.. take it to ross brothers!!! lets see lay off employees… very expensive bridge???
    maybe the people with the high grass will get fined and thats what will help pay for it.. watch out mount vernon i bet the city will be citing people for everything to pay for that rusty old thing!

  24. jojo

    RU you serious, foundation park is a waste of time and tax money, not to mention the dead bodies that have been found over there. No one in there right mind would take their children to that dirty hole in the ground!

  25. w. kidd

    Maybe if they have that kind of extra money, it’s time to lower our city income tax!

  26. John Q. Public

    Thanks David for your response to my comments. I was having some fun, and you were able to point-out the flaws in my argument. I always try to point-out different aspects to a argument, and I must say… your comments to my comments made me laugh because your right! Keep on and go strong. Hope to hear from you in the future.

  27. Archee

    its a waste of money,,, and dont forget the maintance that will need to be done on it, and just who is going to paint it? inspect it thats more money spent on it.
    I say call Ross Brothers Salvage and scrap it out

  28. Pam

    More families frequent Riverside Park and the restrooms there are in pretty sad shape for such a busy city park. You can’t even wash your hands. I can’t believe all the money being poured into Foundation park which is out of reach for most area youth. I was disgusted last year when they built a new restroom faciltiy at F.P. If you have $180,000 to spend at a park a new restroom facility at Riverside park is more of a need. I can’t believe some of the ideas that come up! By the way, Gay Street is much nicer now that it is paved and not bricked. Common sense stuff…?

  29. Zach Tuggle

    Though I do not consider the Council’s decision to be a wise one because of the current economic climate, I do not believe I am in a position to publicly ridicule its decision. The members were clearly torn, and much consideration went into the vote. On the bright side, a 400 percent return on an investment over three years is pretty good.

    We must all pick our battles wisely, and this battle has already been waged. Enjoy the bridge once it has been completed, if the grant even goes through. Until then, allow us to actively engage our officials with conversation concerning upcoming decisions we know they must make.

  30. david

    @John Q Public.

    Are you serious? You’re worried about the ONE in a HALF A MILLION chance of an iron bridge getting struck by lightning with people under it? And if that chance were to occur, you’d stay out of the park because of a ONE in a HALF MILLION chance.

    City Council is committed to giving the city a legacy of Foundation Park. Part of that legacy is our history. This bridge is a part of the history of Knox County. Foundation Park if and when it is complete will be much like the Coshocton Lake Park. If you’ve not been there, I would suggest a day trip to Roscoe Village and walk through the park that is adjacent. It’s a sprawling complex.

    As for wanting to put money into a Baseball park development? Are you serious? With as many diamonds in this town already established, building 8 more will not serve any kind of long purpose to the community for a sport that lasts three months. Not to mention, but in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s kids could play baseball in the street. Now there are all these ball parks built and not one is being used.

    You can say all you want about the money, but there were meetings and public hearings on this issue and no one showed up. Now that the bill is do, people are complaining.

    Decisions get made by the people who show up. We can see already who took the time.

  31. John Q. Public

    Besides the cost, I have a serious question as to the safety of the people in the park if a sudden thunderstorm should appear. Would this huge chunk of metal create a lighting rod that may possibly kill people? How much money will it cost Mt. Vernon for insurance against such an occurance in libility, or if somebody decides to hide under the bridge to avoid the rain, then gets hit by lighting? How much money will this project really cost? Myself, I would avoid the park for these reasons.

  32. Oscar

    This is a waste of money! Why doesn’t the city spend the money on other parks. Its unfortunate that Mt, Vernon Youth Baseball and Softball Organizations dump a ton of money to the local parks while the city provides very little financial assistance to upgrade these parks. So they decide to spend tax dollars on a bridge that the youth of this community will barley use. $18,000 of upgrades on the sports fields would have went a long way to improve these fields. Its sad when you drive the State of Ohio and see the facilities youth sports have, but hey we can be proud that we have a bridge at Foundation Park.

  33. Sara

    I think they should use that money on the bridge next to Barb’s Country Diner because the trucks from United Precast are destroying it. When you’re parked on the bridge alongside a truck the bridge sways back and forth and it’s very scary.

  34. Sandy Tanner says:

    I think they need to use that money to fix these crazy roads in town.Hamtramick needs it very bad and the rest of thses roads.Why spend so much money on a bridge thats just not going to be used wisely,with all the puck kids that are running around loose and no parents watching them,they will find a way to tear it up and there goes the money.Fix the roads,so we dont have to keep fixing our cars,it crazy.

  35. BOB


  36. Terry Maloney

    As an adjoining Township Trustee, who is appalled at the difficulty in obtaining “grant money” for Township road work, upon which vehicles, bicycles, farm equipment AND people travel, and who is disgusted by the casual comment “it’s grant money” and “it came from a completely different fund” from those who engage is “Bridge To Nowhere” projects, I am completely against such spending.
    Where is the City’s side of the money coming from? It’s ALL TAX MONEY.
    Remember: A “Grant” equals two “Jacksons” and a “Hamilton”.
    P.S.- We DO pay “City taxes.”

  37. Jacob

    I am pleased to see the city and the mayor try to turn Foundation Park into a complex with many different pieces. The bridge will make more sense when it is connected with the rest of the trail system, including a pedestrian bridge over the Kokosing River. When the park is finished and landscaped, the bridge will seem a natural part of the landscape, and the people of Mount Vernon will love it. It’s just that, in the abstract, when the project is talked about as a small piece of the whole, it seems a little weird.

    … Anything that improves pathways for pedestrians and bicyclists should be embraced by the city. We spend so much time working on roadways so that any idiot in an SUV can barrel down the street without hitting the curb that we turn the city into an unappealing place. Who wants to live in the middle of a highway?

  38. Nancy

    This will definitely be remembered if they cite the need to raise city income taxes.

  39. Rosemary

    If the city faces a lay-off due to financial issues, then the affected employees should be given the opportunity to work on the bridge project as well as other funded projects so they may still receive a paycheck. Is that proposal comprehendable to the mayor and council?

    If someone offers me $80 to buy something and I don’t know if I’ll have the $20 to put with it, then I WAIT to save $20 and and perhaps a new offer later. These federal funds are offered all the time but politicians freak out like it’s a one time offer and bite on them! Foundation Park is NOT the foundation that needs to be taken care of.

  40. dave

    probably not the time with the economy like it is unless they hire some people needing work to do the work.

  41. buckdawg7

    I think the dollars would be more useful if spent on refurbishing or investing in a new little league complex. The baseball played in Mount Vernon is top notch but the facilities are not. They are an embarrassment. Instead of trying to leave your own personal legacy how about thinking of the future of Mount Vernon and all the revenue that could be brought to the city with a new complex through tournaments that could be held here. Ask the people!!!!!!

  42. Thomas Rice

    A ridiculous waste of money.With all the pressing needs of the city of Mt.Vernon,do we want to spend $180,000 on a bridge to nowhere.Sell it for scrap metal.!

  43. mike wazauski

    Are you kidding??? Sounds like a bridge to no where… Another waste of tax payers money, especially in the financial situation the country is in now. Might as well vote themselves a raise too……

  44. ghostrider

    Why not they can just raise our taxs and we’ll pay for it. The bridge was’nt good enogh now it is?

  45. red dragon hawk

    while i agree that this is an important improvement project….leedy lane is an obligation …..i hear fingers snapping

  46. John Q. Public

    I’m preety sure that under our current financial situation we could better use this money for more other important matters facing our city. However, it’s all about bringing the federal pork home to Mt. Vernon instead of some other city getting this money for their own projects. If the money is out there to get I suppose we should grab it for ourselves. I know this seems crazy, but this is the way things work. I hope the bridge turns out to be a improvement to our park.