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13 Responses to “Primary Results”

  1. Miriam St. Jean

    Mag stated

    “Continuing to argue this point with small minds would be a terrible waste of my time”

    Well, Mag, this “small mind” has become aware of two attempted suicides in the last 24 hours, where Moundbuilders was called in to assist……

    Tell me, Mag, what will “happen” to those desperate individuals such as above when there is no Moundbuilders to help support them?

    I know, I know…’re busy “taking a stand,” and these individuals aren’t on your priority list. Oh, and you don’t have time to discuss this further with “small minds” who believe these individuals need community support.

  2. way to lend a helping hand

    this is why the southwestern school districts are going under. the town doesnt support one another no matter what the political affiliation is.

    We need to get beyond “obama this” or “bush that” and do whats right for our fellow citizens. this shouldve been passed easily. Shame on all of you.

    taxes are apart of how our country works. plain and simple. please take a look at other countries tax rates and you will see that we are not over taxed.

  3. Mag

    Continuing to argue this point with small minds would be a terrible waste of my time, so the discussion stops here. I am currently taking care of a dear family member who is a member of my household and suffering from lymphoma, so do not preach to me about “short-sightedness” or “duty”. There is nothing wrong with my priorities. Where I come from family comes first.

  4. Lou

    I agree with Mag. This has to STOP somewhere. I’m not unsympathetic to the needs of others, but sympathy and need are not the issue when YOU DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY!!! Every time schools and other organizations need more money, who do they go to? The taxpayers! When I need more money because of rising costs, I can’t just go to my employer and inform them that I need more money and expect to get it. I have to adjust my budget and/or find other income sources and so should all these other organizations including the schools. How about looking into other sources of funding? You are all aware that property taxes are unconstitutional aren’t you? Those of you who have the extra money and want to contribute – why don’t you make a generous contribution – it is a tax right-off, and quit slamming those who don’t have the money – saying that they just don’t care and that they’ll by sorry. Maybe you guys will be sorry someday when you get taxed to the point you can’t afford to live! If you don’t have the money, IT DOES NOT mean you don’t care, it means you don’t have the money!!!! Start making the distinction!!

  5. Alumni


  6. Jacob

    Exactly right, Miriam. The short-sightedness of some people in this community astounds me.

  7. Miriam St. Jean

    The failure of the mental health levy will have far reaching repercussions. We’ll be lucky if Moundbuilders doesn’t completely close. It’s staff and services will certainly be drastically cut. They lost $1.9 million in state funding, and now the community has turned its back on them. I know people are strapped. What about your family, friends, neighbors who can’t afford insurance? Where will they go now? What will happen when someone acts out physically against others in the community because of their illness? There’ll be no one to call for support. No one to help. Those who suffer from such illnesses and act out because of them will be put in jail. The worst case scenario.

    Good job, Knox County. Protect your pocketbook. The hell with everyone else

  8. Jacob

    Well, I’m a property owner, and I voted in favor of this levy. We have a duty to take care of those in need in this community.

  9. Mag

    Anyone who is sorry that the Mental Health Levy did not pass must have an infinite source of income and not mind being taxed to death. As for the majority, people feel that they are being taxed into oblivion and it is good to finally see everyone making a stand. The tax payers and property owners are not an infinite source of wealth and income that can continually be tapped for more and more money.

  10. Jacob

    Perhaps they were thinking that it would not be “wise” to endorse a guy who threatened to bring a gun into a bank because he didn’t understand what it meant to co-sign a loan?

  11. N. G.

    Sorry to see the Mental Health Levy did not pass. There is going to be more of a need for these services (many of which people take for granted) and less and less funding to do it from state cuts.

  12. Nancy Goodman

    Knox County is going to be a sorry place to live since Bob Wise was defeated. He is certainly a dedicated Knox Countian and one who cares about this community. Where were the Knox County Republicans when endorsements were made for commissioner? What were they thinking?