MOUNT VERNON — Problems stemming from truck traffic around Public Square and on East High Street has long been an issue discussed by Mount Vernon City Council. One idea for solving the problem has been around for at least five years, if not longer, and that is to reroute U.S. 36 off of High Street and onto Chestnut Street.



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5 Responses to “Is it time to reroute US 36?”

  1. mike wazauski

    The truckers dont make a 90 degree turn at Park, it’s more like a 45 degree turn and to take traffice from the front of a school and put it in the back sounds like typical polictical mumbo-jumbo. Something this towns is good at, lets make a mountain into another mountain just on the backside!!! Where do these crazy ideas and City Council members come from??? It is “Time for Change”, we didn’t get it right in Washington, so lets start at home… momo’s, got it right. Viva La-Revolution

  2. Unfortunate (hopefully temporary) resident

    Perhaps instead of “rerouting” this and “reclaiming” that, or installing cameras at the lousy parks in this town, or contemplating a 4th Dollar General, 4th McDonald’s, or 4th Subway within a town of a 2 mile radius, why not try doing something about the horrific conditions of the roads in this lame excuse for a town? I think it’s sick that, in a town where residents pay a city tax (no other of the array of towns or cities I have lived in required such), the roads are left, year after year, in such poor condition that it is not uncommon to damage a vehicle just driving on one of these joke roads. All of the roads are in horrible condition, compared to most cities, but the roads between Pleasant and Sugar, to provide an example, have not been maintenanced since I can remember (20 years?), despite being the worst roads I have ever seen anywhere, having areas where, when trying to cross, I come to a complete stop and slowly let off the brake, and STILL bottom out. Way to prioritize Mount Vernon, but I certainly wouldn’t expect anything more from such a backward town.

  3. momo

    No, route 36 should not be rerouted to chestnut street for a number of reasons:
    1. since the paving of chestnut, the traffic has already increased significantly on this street. it seeems that most of the local traffic already chooses to continue west on chestnut rather than make the turn to high st. the traffic light at the five point intersection also encourages local traffic to continue on chestnut since the through light goes to green before the left turn light. there are times when traffic is so backed up on chestnut going west that McKenzie st is grid-locked. Better to continue to divide the flow of traffic and keep the st route where it is.
    2. turn lanes already support the truck traffic to turn at park st and reach 36 west, which is also on high st. it would be difficult to get trucks from chestnut to high from chestnut st and also more difficult to have truck traffic connect to 13 and 3 from chestnut. high st and the square are wider to accomodate the trucks
    4. a recent article in the news indicated one of our county commissioners was nearly hit by a car trying to cross chestnut st from the parking lots on the north side of the street. there are several pedestrian crossing on this stretch of chestnut to serve the county offices and school. while i recognize that high st also has pedestrian crossings, there are no parking lots on the south side of high st for the amount of pedestrians that chestnut st accomodates.
    5. the best idea that’s ever been suggested for route 36 was to have it diverted as it reaches the city, say Upper Gilchrist road, and taken over to route 229, keeping it off of the busiest area in town….coshocton road

  4. JJ

    #1: we have plenty of one way streets…let’s not add any more.
    #2: I believe the city needs to figure out what the best “small town” goal it wants to accomplish… I would like to see them move towards a few goals that highlight the downtown district as the place to walk around. why not close in the square and main street and reroute traffic aorund it? Why not enlarge the square to be a green spot with a pavillion for small concerts / weddings and festivals?
    bring back the brick pavers around the square and main street so that walkers and bikers can enjoy.
    #3: City Council needs to redefine their alcohol definitions as to discourage possible bars thrown everywhere but encourage dining experiences (must have 75% food income??) and then more places will move in downtown to eat and enjoy.
    I could see downtown being a very pleasant – walkable place to just needs some creative research.