Is it time to reroute US 36?

By Cheryl S. Splain
May 21, 2010 · 10:55 am

Problems stemming from truck traffic around Public Square and on East High Street has long been an issue discussed by Mount Vernon City Council. One idea for solving the problem has been around for at least five years, if not longer, and that is to reroute U.S. 36 off of High Street and onto Chestnut Street.

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12 Responses to “How do you feel about rerouting U.S. 36 from High Street to Chestnut Street?”

  1. John Q. Public

    Why don’t we take all the old bridges and instead of sticking them in city parks put them over the city for the trucks. I mean, why don’t we just do the sensible thing and create a by-pass around the city. Traffic is already too congested on Chestnut, by the Courthouse along with the school. High St. is much wider than Chestnut St. and less traveled. We would have to take street parking off Chestnut in order for the trucks to turn the corner and get by oncoming traffic.

  2. me

    Well I hope that they do something that will cut down on some of the coshocton ave conjestion. Right now it is like columbus in mount vernon. Especially down by Kroger area. It gets backed up from light to light.

  3. mike wazauski

    I had already left a comment and so did momo, why were ours left out??? But why bother. Those on City Council having such ifininate wisdom and forsight will make the right decision…lol. Couldn’t keepa straight face on the one. Where do these people on C.C. come from?? I haven’t heard a good idea from them in ages. They said, in Washinton “it’s time for a Change”. Lets start at home and go from there….

  4. butcherboy

    Every one has a good idea but it will take two years to decided to do something.It has been looked at put a outerbelt around the town but to much money. Then we are going to put Sandusky street straight though across the river to hook up with 13 south. That would work to but 13 north still the only way north for trucks and if sundusky hill is blocked then that stops. Just go a head with the outerbelt and solve all the traffic problems, for SR13, SR36 SR229 and make easy access to all Mt Vernon.

  5. Rosemary

    I love your sense of humor. Either you are (were) a semi driver or know their plight. They are lucky to find a place to park to get a meal, ergo. “brown bagger” handle. On the serious side, I have been stranded in foul weather twice in my life…the only people who helped were truckers and they didn’t expect anything in return except to make sure I was safe!

  6. Helpful Guy

    There are more trucks “missing” the turn onto Coshocton Avenue going east and getting trapped on East High Street lately. A business loop around Mount Vernon seems so logical, but money will remain the issue for a long, long time.

  7. mr. bob

    theres nothing in town to stop for ……they are allready going to mess up coshron rd more so why not mess up chestnut st. to ….its about as dume as running 13 down sundusky st. LETS BUILD A OUTER BELT AROUND THIS DEAD TOWN AND GET IT OVER WITH………why not up grade eadgewood to coshton this could handle south bond traffic to mt.vernon av.this would help more than anything i heard sofar …..lets get real for a change

  8. Diana

    They should do it, but make Chestnut Street a one way street. Yes, you still have the problem of trucks coming in the other way, turning onto Park St, then onto High, but then it becomes only 1/2 the problem that it is now.

  9. John C. Davidson

    Rosemary, they were hoping truck drivers would stop off and buy some antigues while passing through.

  10. Rosemary

    It’s about time something is done with RT 36 and RT 13 traffic thru downtown area! You try driving a semi, containing goods you all buy, thru inconsiderate traffic and short turns! Re-routing can’t come soon enough for these drivers, whose job is thankless most of the time.