MOUNT VERNON — "Somebody's trying to set me up," said John Freshwater during Friday's session of his contract termination hearing.



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12 Responses to “Freshwater: 'Somebody's trying to set me up'”

  1. Doug Sargent

    You have a point, I am used to criminal trials where judges, prosecutors etc. deny furtherance requests. I think though that in the interest of getting this thing done, someone should be stepping up and requiring reasons for these delays. Obviously if the school board is agreeing, they are going to happen. The board wants this thing to end right here in their back yard. I can guarantee you they do not want this to go to a next level. So, they will grant any delay request and take all the time they want. Meanwhile, you and I will pay for it. In addition to more cost, it provides openings such as this one, the alleged evidence tampering. If this pattern continues, one might begin to think Freshwater is playing the board.

  2. John Q. Public

    Money is not the issue here, the right to a fair trial is the issue. Nobody has ever been able to define the word “justice”. Courts’ are not about justice…but rather in protecting the economic powerhouse that makes this country run. Therefore, Freshwater will probably lose because of his Federal lawsuit against the school board, in which millions could be awarded to him. It’s sad that this is the true reality.

  3. knoxcat

    The board is not dragging its heels. Most of the postponements have come at the request of the Freshwater camp. It has been noted many times in these blogs that the hearing is at the request of Freshwater and it is his right under law. The board is required to hold the hearings and have no choice in the matter. I am sure the school board wishes this whole farce had been concluded many hundreds of days ago.

  4. DD

    Re : Doug Sargent
    Why do you blame the board for “dragging their feet”? “Now with allegations of evidence tampering” (by Freshwater) who is causing this to go on longer? The board has nothing to do with the length of this hearing. They made their decision 2 years ago.

  5. seriously

    @ alumni –
    your right the school district would rather spend money on a lawyer than on the children. yep they dont care about the children. they are just trying to fire someone who hurt a child and taught against science and taught his religion.

  6. Alumni

    The school district doesnt care how much it cost because its YOUR money.

  7. John C. Davidson

    There is a right way and a wrong way to join any group. You either accept they policies form by the group or you don’t. Follow their rules or form you’re own group if you are able to find enough people to believe as you do. Recently, I joined a club, made fun of myself, made people laugh, and made those running the place nervous. My attitude was rejected so I quit attenting the place for I didn’t fit in. We all want to be noticed, but to what extent?

  8. jason reddick

    mount vernon court are ajoke so are the judges o dont for get the cops! they have nothing better to do than dis credit someone who spent hafe of his life teaching our children . is this how you want to be remember?

  9. Jacob

    Why do fundamentalist Christians always have a persecution complex?

  10. Diana

    I don’t think anyone has to set up Mr Freshwater. He’s done that himself.

  11. Doug Sargent

    I would like to know why this hearing has taken so long. I am neither for or against the man, (Freshwater) but it seems to me that this has been drug on for a very long time and I think unnecessarily. Each time a session is called to order, it costs money. The only one who benefits from this are the lawyers. Certainly not the tax paying public. Major homicide trials, once started, do not take this long. Why is the board dragging their feet? Now, with allegations of evidence tampering it will be put on hold until this issue is resolved.

  12. jt

    no kidding??? probably half of mt vernon…….especially the ones that are sick of hearing about it. or the ones sick of coach dave standing next to you so he can get his face in the limelight. what a waste. and 93.7 fm announced the school board has already spent
    $533,000 on attorney fees so far. sorry, we have to raise your taxes to pay for this……..