MOUNT VERNON — According to some city officials, a new adult-oriented shop will probably not be opening on Public Square — or anywhere else in the city.



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15 Responses to “Questions arise over new business”

  1. kim

    they let the head shop in that is selling “spice” to our kids legally and it is killing them the police are aware and have done nothing google spice and see what its about that store should be shut down, please comment

  2. Erik J. Ware

    My girlfriend and I will be there on opening day to show our support. The Mayor is ignorant. I heard the owner has a lawyer and is gonna fight. Good for her! Most of the time, Mount Vernon gets it wrong!

  3. john

    This is ridiculious, who cares if it is an adult shop or not? If its not your cup of tea dont shop there! As if Mt. Vernon can afford to turn buisness away. Ill tell you what hurt small buisness in this town its called Wal-mart.. and you didnt have a problem letting them in did you.

  4. krby

    Are you kidding me??? i moved here a few years ago, and i work right around the corner from these shops, And all i can say is the city needs to quit being so nit-picky, many businesses are struggling right now, so why not try to spice things up a bit, good golly everybody, it is 2010!!!!! women wear jeans, and show some skin, our shorts and skirts aren’t halfway down our legs,,,,if we aren’t going downtown and spending our money in this store and putting back into the community, then we will continue to have home “girlie spot” parties, and buy things online to have shipped to our homes, or travel to Newark, Mansfield or surrounding areas, and give THEM our money!! just my .02 sorry if i rambled. Got me all fired up;)

  5. Doug Sargent

    I guess it is all a matter of opinion and perception. Or, who do you believe? If indeed the store is as this lady described then it is not within the definition that the mayor described. If this is the case, leave her alone and let her run her store as she sees fit as long as it is withing the zoning code. Don’t try an stretch the meaning to fit your personal moral code or that of someone elses.

  6. TN

    I’m shocked that people are offended by this…I’ve always found this community to be open to new and different things…

  7. nicky fawcett

    I agree, the business should open, whatever problems they are having, I hope they do get resolved, I would love to have a store like puff n stuff here in town and not have to drive miles and miles to go to a similar store. Good Luck

  8. Jacob

    So, I just took a walk past this place and saw that it shares the sidewalk with a tattoo parlor and a head shop. (Oh, pardon me, they sell TOBACCO pipes.) And it’s a girlie place that has the mayor all in a tizzy? Please.

  9. ws

    Oh, the 1970’s are coming hard to Tidy Mount Idy, aren’t they?

  10. Cathy

    Really, what does not having a building code have to do with keeping certain businesses out of town? It is zoning, nothing else. I see nothing wrong with this being allowed. It’s not like anyone will notice, downtown is so dead, so who cares?

  11. NwkEsq

    This is so silly. Clearly NOT an adult-oriented shop. These sorts of challenges to legitimate businesses have been found unconstitutional under the First Amendment before. If it’s tasteful, and it’s not an 18+ shop selling porn, I don’t see the problem. Mount Vernon should WANT more businesses, rather than empty storefronts.

    I hope her attorney drags the city through the mud on this.

  12. Manti

    I’d shop there, let it open! I’m sick of paying crazy shipping for the things they’d be selling, and I’d about guarantee that others in this town are as well.

  13. Jacob

    Let it open. Downtown needs businesses, and sales there will contribute to the city’s and county’s tax base. If the people of Mount Vernon decide that they want what this store has to offer, the store will thrive. If not, it will fail. The free market at work, right?