MOUNT VERNON — An 82-year-old Mount Vernon man said he had two uninvited men enter his home last Saturday under similar circumstances as a Howard woman, reported earlier this week by the News.



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10 Responses to “Linoleum caper hits MV”

  1. k.a.

    to brian, you are to comment on the story,not my opinion,you have given yourself away,you wrote[ we do not pick and choose which calls to respond to] You are a sheriff or police officer,i am not stupid, just never heard of people stealing Linoleum.

  2. Brian

    Law Enforcement has a duty and obligation to the community its entrusted to protect. All calls are to be taken seriously regardless if it sounds fishy or not. We do not pick and choose which calls to respond too or just ignore them. If something like this happened to your mom or dad would it still be fishy?

  3. my2centsworth

    Its time like this,… makes you want to have a 100 lb. doberman asleep in the corner.
    See how fast he jumps to his feet, & shows those intruders what the rules are!

    A Kirby sweeper salesman argued w/ me two weeks ago when I told him I wasnt interested. I wouldnt let him go through his sales pitch, because (as I said) I’M NOT INTERESTED!
    He said…” I want to clean your carpet to show you how well it works”. Dont you want your carpets cleaned? When I wouldn’t let him, then he got angry!

    He got so mad I thought he was going to jerk my door open, & come in.
    So I can imagine how scared those older people felt.

  4. katrina holley

    sounds kind of fishy,are you people sure that this guy might be dreaming?, this is very hard to believe,i have never heard of any thieves like this,very strange, maybe that’s why the sheriff’s dept. didn’t respond to the Howard lady.

  5. jt

    this is a very old routine. “come closer and feel the texture” they say.
    next thing you know you are wrapped in it.tight enough not to get to the pocket knife
    in your back pocket and your assailants are robbing you of your peace of mind.
    and to top it off……they are in their fifties.
    a nieghbor may be surprized with two teen, twenty or thirty year olds but not two guys in their fifties. just be careful and never get backed into a corner.

  6. Paul McElhaney

    Arm yourselves folks. The bad guys are apparently getting bolder. Castle Doctrine law says you have to believe you are threatened before pulling the trigger, or at least you have to convince a jury. Simply showing a weapon will scare them off.
    This is just the start of what is to come in the future for rural homes.
    I’ve believed for years that Thugs will eventually come out of the city for “Easy Pickings”.
    Law enforcement officers can’t protect you. It is up to you to protect yourselves.
    Stay armed and safe.

  7. JPE

    Why are people in Ohio such candy asses? Keep a loaded gun & use it if necessary. Don’t give me the ‘take the law into your own hands’ nonsense. The law is in your hands and if your sheriff won’t or can’t enforce it then you have the right / duty to do so yourselves. These jerks understand what the metal-on-metal sound of a pump action is. They and their cheap flooring will leave PDQ.

  8. John C. Davidson

    Call in your tips, maybe someone will act in a manner we elected them too. I repeat; maybe.

  9. Bill Miller

    Keep your doors locked, folks! And don’t open them for strangers. You can talk to them through the door.

  10. Jo

    At least the Mount Vernon Police, unlike the Sheriff’s Department, responded when called. Come on MV News, follow up with the Sheriff and find out why his people blew off the Howard lady. It leaves us in the rural communities concerned we won’t get a response or help when we need it.