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9 Responses to “What are you doing for the Fourth of July?”

  1. my2centsworth

    To “outraged”…….The firm belief of nullifying, or the taking of a political situation on the horizon of a firm political situation is flabbergasting.
    Due to suspense of a people ON a people seeing the wars, & condition oversees the condition.
    Its the pertinant condition of us everyday common folks that stand back & say “what did he just say”……… & try to wonder why people like to make others think their a “big- shot”, with words & words, on top of words.

    Sometimes by disallowing the everyday common justices or in other words….”the everyday common justices”.
    It just aint right! Uh….. I mean….”it just isnt right!”
    So as my way of showing how common, & average, & trustworthy, & loveable, & sincere, & well liked I can always want to be…… I will be flying my flag right side up.
    At least to the inner, far side, 4 LBS. of the linear movement to a calibrated inch. on the 43050 zip code, if it is still on a 740 area code. Not to be called out if war would ever break out. (oh my,,a poet & didnt know it) But Im sure you can understand, because of your intelligence of the retarded pertinent questions.
    I will end my evaluation with the words of……. blah, blah, blah. Not to be confused with….. blah, blah, blah

  2. Outraged American

    I believe we should be mourning, rather than celebrating. Anyone who pays any attention (few and far between) knows that this country is no longer a true democracy, our constitution (and protected freedoms)is becoming nullified, and we, as citizens, have become scarily ignorant and complacent to the travesties in government. Our govt, via BP, has eradicated the 1st amendment, disallowing freedom of press to adequately film the reality in the Gulf. Our media, owned by corporate stakeholders, skews the news and the numbers of every pertinent issue, on a daily basis, and we, if we even bother to inform ourselves at all, buy the bulk of their propaganda and rhetoric, hook, line, and sinker. I am neither Dem, nor Repub, as they are both the same puppets with different mascots. My flag will be flying upside down, as to signify A NATION IN DISTRESS!

  3. Karen

    Working!!!!!!! But I’m off work Monday & Tuesday, when everyone else is back to work!! Yeah!

  4. g

    jacob: don’t you mean ” ay ”
    that’s what the canuks say right?

  5. squirrely

    Having family over for picnic—then a boat ride to watch the fireworks this evening!

  6. Diana

    Hanging out in apple valley with my wonderful family after work for the fireworks