COLUMBUS — Doug Mansfield, the attorney representing the Doe family in a civil suit against suspended Mount Vernon Middle School science teacher John Freshwater, claims Freshwater should face ultimate sanctions for not complying with court orders.



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13 Responses to “Freshwater sanctions possible”

  1. John C. Davidson

    I need a drink; Does anybody know where I might find some fresh water, my mouth is dry from screaming.

  2. RBH

    Sam is desperately trying to distract attention from the fact that Mansfield’s memorandum in opposition clearly shows that Freshwater lied under oath in the administrative hearing and Hamilton lied under oath (in an affidavit) to the federal judge in the civil suit due to start on July 26.

  3. comeon

    sam he did not quote the documents or discuss any settlement talks. Which is what the gag order states. He is NOT in violation. Maybe you should take some classes in law.

  4. Sam Stickle

    @ David

    You seem to misunderstand the scope of the gag order.

    Judge Frost stated in an order dated 7-1-10: “Plaintiffs’ Motion to File Under Seal An Exhibit Containing Documents Subject to a Gag Order is GRANTED. Plaintiffs will manually file the exhibit with the Clerk.”

    Mansfield included his summary of the contents of the documents in a publicly available memorandum.

  5. David

    Mr. Stickle, is generalizing the gag order. The attorney’s quotes and statement doesn’t violate the gag order which reads:

    “Accordingly, the parties are hereby ORDERED to not disclose or to permit others to disclose any of the confidential settlement negotiations that have been or will be exchanged in this action.”

    Attorney Mansfield isn’t in violation of any settlement discussions. You should keep the muckraking on your own blog and stop posting all over the internet your inaccurate article. You’re not a legal expert and you should seek advice before stating a lawyer is in violation.

    If you’re going to be a professional blogger don’t be cavalier with other people and their profession.

  6. Miriam St. Jean

    Freshwater and his attorney are “toast” as far as the federal lawsuit goes. Good grief, the handwriting is on the wall in big, bold print.

    The only question in my mind is when criminal charges will be brought for perjury and obstruction against both, and when the Ohio Supreme Court Disciplinary Council will be called upon to take action against Hamilton.


    “Lying for Jesus”

    What a crock.

  7. M Baker

    I made a mistake, it should have read “Accountablity in the Media” The rest of my comment stands.

  8. M Baker

    What is the website “Accountability of the Media”? The media is only accountable to thier readers, noone else. If you don’t like what they say, find another source.

  9. Sam Stickle

    @ V Fitzgerald and comeon

    Mansfield included his summary, in a publicly available memorandum, of documents subject to a gag order.

  10. my2centsworth

    I think we should ALL be tarred & feathered for reading anything about the Freshwater case. This nut was fired & deserved it! Thats all I’m going to say because I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with this case!

    Gotta go beat my face in for reading about John Freshwater.

  11. comeon

    Sam Stickle- I disagree with you. After reading the two gag orders in place, both say that no one can talk about settelment discussions. It does not say they can’t talk about the case, only that no one can talk about what settelments have been discussed. I would assume a billing record would be important in settelment discussions to determine how much has been billed.
    I did not read anywhere where the attorney Mr Mansfield released that information.

  12. V Fitzgerald

    Sam….I think your comment is a stretch. The court filings (motions, etc) by either attorney/attorneys are public record. I’m not sure how you are seeing that as violation of the gag order. I’d be interested in an explanation though.

  13. Sam Stickle

    Interestingly, in trying to prove his point, attorney Douglas Mansfield released information covered by a federal gag order.

    In the gag order, judge Frost wrote, “Any violation will meet serious consequences, including monetary sanctions and other sanctions up to and including the most severe this Court can impose.”

    (See my article, “Attorney Violates Federal Gag Order.”)

  14. M Baker

    Freshwater is being put into a bind for concealing evidence which speaks a lot about his honesty. Time and time again evidence and testimony has revealed his indignation for the process and his dishonesty which in itself should be grounds for termination. His religious beliefs or materials including his bible, don’t belong in the public classroom. If he felt these were that inportant to him, he should have sought out a private school that allows teaching religion in the classroom and stayed out of the public schools which the courts and Constitution has clearly stated religion is not appropriate in public schools. By trying to enforce his beliefs on others, he has violated a basic principle of the separation of church and state and has no business being a public school teacher. He has cost our community dearly trying to forward his beliefs in our schools and the school board had every right to fire him. It is just too bad he doesn’t recognize his failure as a teacher.