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13 Responses to “How do you feel about LeBron James signing with the Miami Heat?”

  1. Duh Bob

    Dont you have better things to worry about than getting on the mount vernon news website and making stupid remarks about the topic of discussion???? These people are just answering the question there bob. I think lebron made the wrong choice but i also agree that he is a choke artist, all the cavs need is another solid player and they will be a solid team, there are some really great players with that organization that dont get much publicity and now they will since lebron is gone.

  2. Diana

    It is a team. One person will not make that much difference. They never won the seven years he played, maybe they will now!!

  3. jh

    Business is business i think he should have been up frront with the cavs and saying i am going to the heat.instead of waiting yo the last moment. i think both parties were childish in there remarks!

  4. CW

    I agree with Jesse Jackson, regarding Gilbert’s “spoiled little rich kick entitlement temper tantrum” when he did not get his way. Seeing his true colors makes me ask why anyone would stay and play for him if they had the option not to. Gilbert’s abrupt about face, Lebron is the best, while he was playing for his team, but as soon as he made the decision not to he is suddenly the scum of the Earth, and Gilbert vows to “discredit, disrupt, and destroy” him. Sounds like Gilbert might want to invest in some bi-polar medication. Lebron is an adult, therefore having the right to make his own personal decisions that affect his life and his career. I commend him for that, and seeing Gilbert’s reaction, commend him for sticking it out as long as he did. In the words of the great Reverend Jesse Jackson, Gilbert’s harsh comments about Lebron James “personify a slave master mentality.”

  5. CW

    Agreed, who in their right mind wouldn’t rather live and play in Miami than Ohio, for many obvious reasons.

  6. CW

    Could of fooled me considering people in this town, oblivious to any real-world issues. Sad indeed. The people here have been asleep for the past half century.

  7. Squirrely

    I don’t think it’s really a matter of whether he signed anywhere else or not—it was the methods he used to promote himself and he didn’t give the Cavs proper notice so they could pick up someone else before they signed with other teams. Personally, I am sick of hearing LeBron this and LeBron that—and I am looking forward to watching the other good Cavs players get some publicity. I think LeBron shot himself in the foot—but time will tell!

  8. phil

    overpaid good but not good in the long run. childish behavior on both parts.there is someone better look at another choker TIGER to.the sport goes on with out them everyday.

  9. Joe

    They are better off. He is a choke artist when it comes to the big game.

  10. Debbie Henthorn

    LeBron James’ ego got in the way of business.

    Yes, Gilbert was a bit childish in his response, but James’ public spectacle on ESPN to tell Cleveland to kiss his butt was childish as well. James had no intention of staying in Cleveland and let the publicity games continue.

    He is taking less money to play in Miami with his friends than he would make in Cleveland. He wants to win a ring and doesn’t have the confidence in Gilbert, et al, to bring the talent to Cleveland. That makes this a business (championships) decision.

  11. bob welker

    does any 1 really care we have a lot more important things to worry about in this world

  12. Greg

    Gilbert should be ashamed of himself. What is he 3 years old. I hope the great players pass him by. James was the only way to win a CHAMPIONSHIP RING. We will never get a ring now. Best of wishes to King James. Long may he reign.