COLUMBUS — Legal maneuvering in matters concerning suspended Mount Vernon Middle School science teacher John Freshwater continue.



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12 Responses to “Oral hearing set for Freshwater civil suit”

  1. M Baker

    Central Ohio Resident,

    I’m terrible at creating links, but I’ll try. If my link doesn’t work, enter ‘Daubenmire vs. Robert Sommers’.

    I’m sorry, my link didn’t work so you’ll have to use the search window.

  2. Central OH resident

    M. Baker, could you please provide a link for this. My searches keep turning up the same document. Thanks!

  3. M Baker

    Central Ohio Resident, your link dosen’t take the reader to the case I believe you are refering to. I believe you are trying to guide the reader to Daubenmire’s appeal in the Ohio Supreme Ct., in Daubenmire vs. Robert Sommers II and ET AL. This is the same case that I read where Daubenmire tries to appeal an earlier ruling against him and again loses. What is particularly interesting, like you said, is the historical details it provides of Daubenmire actions while he was a coach of the football team at London High School. I agree with you that both the past actions of Daubenmire and Freshwater are very similar, and in particular how both of their actions caused a turmoil in their respective communities. The case also blows away Daubenmire boast he uses on his website that he beat the ACLU. Robert Sommers, in the appeals case mention above, I believe represented the ACLU and is the individual who brought legal action against London City Schools and Daubenmire.

    I hope others read this and realize the similarities between the two and where Freshwater is getting his advise.

  4. M Baker

    After reading the extensive history of David Daubenmire while he was coach at London City Schools, and how he deceived and faught with his vice principal and community over his religious beliefs and forcing his players to pray during school time, Freshwater it appears is obviously following his poor advice. Also, dispite what Daubenmire claims he won against the ACLU, he clearly didn’t. After reading Freshwater’s afffidavit submitted on July 13th, it appears Freshwater likes to call others liar, including the school board in his effort to cover his story. He is obviously hostel in his behavior both in person and in his affodavit, and I predict he’s going to lose big, just as Daubenmire did.

  5. Hieronymus Fortesque Lickspittle

    Never ending headache? I consider it good entertainment to watch Fresh-H20 brought to justice. And one of their laughable defenses is to say “other people did it so that makes it OK” sounds like something a five year old would come up with.

  6. my2centsworth

    If anything……. I think John Freshwater should be shelling out $300 for all the arguing, lying, abuse of school policies, teaching religion in school, & having his name, & face in the public too much.

    Now lets start with that!!

  7. david


    Are you serious? You don’t want to know how your tax dollars are being spent? If that’s the case can you send me $300 a month for next 5 years?

  8. my2centsworth

    Enough already!
    Mt vernon news should be ashamed to even publish anything about this “never ending headache”.

  9. Hieronymus Fortesque Lickspittle

    Being sued because he taught religion? Is that all? No… From the NCSE.

    In its complaint, the Doe family claimed that Freshwater had proselytized in class, displayed religious material (which was not for his personal use) in the classroom, attacked evolution and taught intelligent design, and branded students with a Tesla coil; James Doe had received a painful brand on his arm in the shape of a cross. The Does also claimed that Freshwater had led prayer sessions for a Christian student club, and had violated various other administrative policies. When the Does complained to the principal and district administration, the latter did not take action to correct Freshwater’s behavior or to prevent retaliation against their son. The Does’ suit charges the defendants with violating the Establishment Clause and their right to free speech.