MOUNT VERNON — A frequent hot topic with regular attendees to Up for Discussion continued to talk about the federal government's ability to force residents of Ohio to purchase health care insurance.



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7 Responses to “Health care generates emotional discussion”

  1. John C. Davidson

    Well, Jacob, you’ve certainly enlightened us with you elitist attitude towards others. How outrageous can any one get with such dribble. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, but no, you are so far advanced mentally, we must all bow in your presence.

  2. CW

    I am a product of an unbias individualist perspective, thus having the ability to see beyong “red or blue” and ethnic creed and religious indoctrination and pigment shading, etc. Point being, this country was established upon systematic division. Throughout the eras that division has materialized into, what has fundamentally become a two-sided class division, where the less than 1% on top, who subsequently also controls main-stream information that to many percieve as “fact”, continues to orchestrate multi-faceted underlying division mechanisms (race, sex, religion, etc.) to divert the emphasis off of where the real problems we face as a nation lie. While we continue to point fingers at eachother, they (the elite minority with unrestricted control) continue to pocket the majority of the nation’s weath and continue to run off with our constitutionally granted rights. Because we continually fall for their created ploys, the middle-class has become a dying breed and the American Dream has become nothing but a fairy tale dream.

  3. Alumni

    Dear CW, Based on the opinions expressed in your sentences 1 through 4, I venture to say that you are a classic product of the revisionist public fool(school)system.

  4. CW

    I would find it incessantly comical how so many of these delusioned “patriots” are always so quick to throw the “that’s what makes this country great” mantra around, but, sadly, when the reality is that this type of delusion is what has caused this nation to tank, like so many before, I can’t seem to stomach the chuckle that such an ignorant repeated talking point statement would otherwise entail. Take your blinders off already people, this country has never been “great,” and now, we couldn’t be further from. The “greatness” of America sounded good in theory, triumphed by our unique constitution, but what made it a joke was that all of those professed freedoms and rights were only available to “all men created equally” if all of those men were, in fact, upper-class protestant caucasian men. The level of class, ethnic, racial, sexual, religious, etc. division that has ensued throughout the history of this country has kept the various segments of society divided and too busy quarreling to notice that the American Dream that we all sought, in common, was being hijacked by the top 1% of the wealth hierarchy. Too consumed with pointing fingers at eachother, we traded in our government contol “for the people, by the people,” and turned it over to one of corporatism, where the interests of the people are the least of concerns. If you are not outraged you are not paying attention.

  5. Alumni

    The national plan has already started to collapse. There is no money for all the pre-existing conditions citizens. Plenty of money is available though to finance the Union Oil pipeline in Afganistan(with U.S. troops). Oh the terror!, Oh the terror!,don’t you feel all that Taliban terror ?

  6. Jacob

    Sounds like the lunatics were out in force.

    Of course the Tea Party has racism at its core. They’re a bunch of old, white people who want “their” country back? And what was “their” country? Well, it was one in which they had a sense of entitlement related directly to their being the white, Christian majority. Now, there’s a black man at the helm, and they just can’t handle that.