MOUNT VERNON — A Danville woman will serve a four-year prison term for her role in the death of Angela R. Heldenbrand, 41, on Nov. 14, 2009.



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6 Responses to “Woman gets prison for death of friend”

  1. MVParent

    What does the victim’s alcohol level have to do with Sapp’s crime? Heldenbrand was not the one who got behind the steering wheel that night drunk. Sapp killed someone due to her own choices and she must pay for those choices. Is she paying a high enough price? No. Not even close.

  2. my2centsworth

    I just want to say to you “I’m so sorry” for all the pain you & your children are going through.The death of a loved one is the most terrible thing a person can ever suffer!
    And anytime children are involved in tragedies it makes it even worse, because the living parent wants to ease their suffering, but cant.

    People should be careful about voicing their viewpoint on things sometimes, because they forget about the children who are left behind, loving & missing their mother.
    My sympathy goes out to your family.


    Well thats all good and fine but, Vicki is still alive and Angela is NOT! And Angela WAS NOT DRIVING THE CAR,VICKI WAS ! so how much Angela drank has no point in this now does it? Angela was NOT ON trial was she?And you say your a friend of both sides ? Is this why you didn’t put your name on this? A true friend wouldn’t have gotten in her car DRUNK and take that chance. Even after Vicki was asked if she was ok to drive ! And as far as the blood alcohol content of Angela’s, Hers was less then vicki’s! So with that said, If Angela was driving she would still be ALIVE! And as Far as Vicki being a cold blooded killer ? That was never said in the report, nor in court! I was there in court, I know what was said and so does Angela’s daughters and family.

  4. Michael Heldenbrand

    The head line on this should NOT read woman gets prison for death of friend. A TRUE friend wouldn’t have gotten behind the wheel in that condition. Our daughters will live the rest of there lives with out there mother. with out the chance to ever have a mother to talk to, to share memories of there child hood or the things young girls need there mother to talk too. Angela will also never get to see her grand kids, or be there when our daughters get married. IS THIS FAIR? NO! Since Angela was killed, this woman has been out free walking the streets of Danville, in the same town that our kids attend school. It is very hard for them to understand how this woman can be out of jail and there MOTHER IS GONE FOREVER! There are days that I have to hold our daughters when they are crying uncontrollably wanting their mother. Is this FAIR to our children for their suffering? It is to the point that our children are going through counseling to help them deal with the loss of there mother. Where is the justice in that ? And to only get 4 years for killing a person. She gets out in 4 years. Angela will never get to come back home to her loved ones. They will never get to see her smile again. Is this justice? Again i say NO. Is this all a life is worth ? And to sit in court and see the reaction as Vicki was FORCED TO SAY SHE WAS SORRY was gut wrenching. And to see my daughters reaction was very hard. Vicki showed ABSOLUTELY NO REMORSE for what she had done. That tells you that Angela wasn’t truely her friend. Vicki never shed one tear ! And for her telling the judge that her car had malfunctioned . The car was not at fault, it was the Vicki who was at FAULT no one else. And is 4 years and $10,000 dollars all a life is worth? Vicki may loose her license for the rest of her life but Vicki is still here. But Angela is GONE FOR EVER! Gone from her kid’s, her parents, her brothers, and sisters and all of those who REALLY WHERE HER TRUE FRIENDS. Even after 4 years,Vicki will get out and still have her life to live. Again i say where is the justice in that !

  5. friend of both sides of family

    If the artical was to state facts, then by repeating Ms. Sapp’s blood alcohol results then Mrs.Heldenbrands results should have been also. The artical appears that Ms. Sapp was the only one under the influence. Ms. Sapp is not a cold blooded killer this was an unfortunate result of badly mad choices by all the ADULTS involved not just one person in the car. Sympathies are extended to the Heldenbrand family, but our feelings go out to the Sapp family as well.