MOUNT VERNON — The Mount Vernon school board is taking steps to place a funding issue on the November ballot. Residents in the school district will vote on a $2.5 million operating levy, the first "new" money requested for the general fund since 1996.



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6 Responses to “MV schools to place issue on Nov. ballot”

  1. ex school employee

    having worked for a school system for 10 years……I have seen so much waste…….NEW SCHOOL……NOW NEW TAXES….sorry you dont get my vote………

  2. food for thought

    I understand peoples frustrations with “new taxes”, but what i dont understand is punishing those who have nothing to do with the problem. The children of the community are not the ones responsible for the so called financial mess the school district it in. so why are you punishing them by not agreeing that they should have a top level education.

    If the levy does not pass there are ripple effects that most of you dont see. Maybe the district will cut busing like they did back in the 90’s. or they will make sports pay to play. maybe they will cut teachers salaries or cut some teachers positions all together.

    while mtv may be a good school district now, if it can not pass a levy mtv school district will not be able to compete with other schools not only on a sports field but also in the classroom. and if we have a failing school system, then what company will want to bring new jobs here.

    I am extremely angry that the school board will have had to spend almost a million dollars on the trail of J. Freshwater. But it was his right to a hearing and he will get what is coming to him. the school board can not deny freshwater his rights.

    but if you think that the board is doing a poor job, then vote them out. but dont vote no on taxes that will have no impact on how they live. no on these taxes only hurt the children.

  3. Alumni

    And my answer is simple and long. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  4. Janet

    We will be voting no, there is no way we can afford it. I lost my job, and my husband has had his hours cut at his job. We have to feed our kids and keep a roof over their heads. I don’t think AEP and Columbia Gas will let us slide on our bills if we tell them we don’t have the money because we voted for the levy!!!

  5. tom zinne

    I see that the MTV News has corrected their statement of no new tax since 1996 by included the phrase “the first ‚Äúnew‚Äù money requested for the general fund since 1996.”

    Still would they need this levy if they had not transferred $8,000,000.00 from the rainy day fund to build the country club school?

    Also I find it quite interesting that on the news website on the same day this article is printed there is a big announcement of the John Doe lawsuit being settled with Freshwater.

    Freshwater has no bearing on this situation? How much money did they waste here regardless of how you feel about that particular situation.

    The school board and the administration has made too many mistakes and now they are asking me to and everyone else to pay for them.

    My answer is simple and short.


    The School board needs to live within its means, the amount of money wasted by the board on non-educational issues is money that could have gone to the children’s actual education.

    No!!!! no to new taxes!!!!

  6. MVParent

    More taxes. Great. If Mt Vernon had the economy to support this, I’d vote “yes”. We have a great school district (we moved here from elsewhere in the county where the schools were not so great). But can we, the taxpayers, afford to pay more? No. Most of us cannot… the amount of deliquent taxes cited in the article is proof of that.